What is Soul Purpose & How To Embody It

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What is Soul Puropse
Why it's time for you to be the hero of your story

What is a soul’s purpose? Your soul purpose is a fulfilling and self-liberating version of purpose. When you live your soul’s purpose, you’re aligned with your soul calling. You know you are to fulfill a mission of becoming the truest expression of your Divine self.

We all want to live a life purpose. We want our lives to feel meaningful and we want to feel valued for who we are on this Earth. But is purpose itself the answer to that? There’s a big difference between purpose and soul purpose. In this blog, I’m explaining the difference and showing you how you can create a life of soul-powered fulfillment.

What’s The Difference Between Purpose & Soul Purpose

Purpose and soul purpose are two very different things. Both are beneficial, but one is immensely more meaningful, powerful, and fulfilling.

The core difference between purpose and soul purpose is that the latter fulfills your soul’s mission here on earth and challenges who you are, not just what you do.

What is Purpose?

A purpose is any aim or goal. And purpose is still powerful, something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Anytime you take on a purpose, you will become a happier person because, without it, you will feel lost and aimless.

The only problem is, that we can easily create a “purpose” that perpetuates our self-limitations or encourages our programming.

A purpose could be to start another business. This business is going to be, in your mind, an expanded, greater version of another business you have. Let’s say someone who ran a property management company, decided to start a home renovation company as well. This purpose and aim is based on your gifts and talents that brought you success in the past and now you’re trying to pursue a challenge.

Though it is great to expand and constantly push your comfort zone (that is the benefit of purpose), the problem is, that you haven’t asked if this is the purpose that is aligned with your soul so your motivation to do it may be simply for success, money, or validation.

Why You Want Soul Purpose
Here’s why you want soul purpose…

Again, purpose is still a great stepping stone in life. When you have a purpose, it can help you stop becoming such a victim to your past which is where most of us live our present.

So many of us would be vastly more fulfilled with any intention, goal, or aim rather than feeling constantly lost and confused, anxious, or depressed, with no center point.

Purpose Without Soul Is High Performance

To put it simply, Purpose is not Soul Purpose. You are challenging what you do, rather than who you are.

Soul Purpose forces you to question yourself and see yourself in a whole new light while Purpose pushes your edge in the material world. 

Soul Purpose is more than Purpose

Purpose alone then becomes path becomes a path of high performance. There is nothing wrong with this path, after all, I did design a program to help you tap into your peak performance in only 30 days.

The key is knowing when high performance serves you or not.

It’s so easy in our “rat race society” to simply keep chasing down “more” and “better.”

When you have purpose, aims, and intention, it’s always important to ask yourself…

  • Is this serving my joy?
  • Is this helping me build the life of my dreams?
  • When I reach the finish line of this trajectory, will I be happy?

What is Soul Purpose?

Soul purpose is a deeply fulfilling and self-liberating version of purpose.

Soul purpose is unique combination of your gifts, talents, karma, and true Self that you are here to FULLY embody and express through life itself.

Specifically speaking, your Soul Purpose is the meeting point between:

  • Your skill set, gifts, talents
  • Your soul coding, karma, and life path
  • What people relate to, need most, or problem that needs solving
  • Your story, core wounds, and programming
  • A passion and zest for life
What is Soul Purpose
Find the meeting point and your life will always feel magical

The example I used earlier of a purpose where you decide to start another business can be easily transformed into a soul purpose…

If you had a business do well in the past, you probably know what your gifts and talents are. Your business may already provide clarity around what people need— successful businesses are usually built around creating solutions and creating something that adds value to people’s lives.

But to transform that business into a soul purpose, that entrepreneur needs to know what their story & soul coding is.

For example:

  • Is this a person who has come from a childhood where they have always had a lot of money? Were they raised to fear not having enough money?
  • Is this person coming from a background where they’ve never believed that their creative talents could ever allow them to make a living?
  • Could this person be someone who has always been motivated by the guilt that they need to make their parents proud?

In all three of these examples, expanding a new business that was similar to the last one would not align with that person’s sole purpose.

On top of that, we each have soul coding.

In your soul coding everyone is gifted with something that they are great at but easily becomes overused. This represents the polar opposite to our life path, our karmic journey, our soul purpose.

Adding on to my earlier example, maybe that same business owner, is overusing the thing they are good at, such as organizational skills, achievement, or leadership, while meanwhile, their soul is craving the feeling of being nurtured without having to work to prove themself

What is my purpose
Your purpose is not what’s easiest…

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The Benefits Of Living Your Soul Purpose

One of my favorite quotes about purpose is that of Jordan Peterson who once said…

“The purpose of life, as far as I can tell… is to find a mode of being that’s so meaningful that the fact that life is suffering is no longer relevant.”

Jordan Peterson

To me, it sounds like he is essentially saying that the purpose of life is to live with a purpose.

Purpose without soul will still serve you, but your soul’s purpose will LEAD YOU. It will effortlessly pull you you along as you follow the path of your higher self.

When you live a life of purpose, you’ll feel and become:

  • Intentional about your day
  • Clarity around your goals and tasks
  • Grounded in your plans and will remove uncertainty
  • Easily be able to maintain and sustain focus

But when you live your soul’s purpose, you’ll experience all of the above PLUS you’ll feel:

  • Valued because this mission is unique to you and only you
  • Excited that you’re contributing your gifts and talents to the world
  • Relaxed because precisely the amount of money you need flows to you with ease when you’re aligned with your soul’s mission
  • Fulfilled because your mission has led you to you to your dream life—career, relationship, and daily routines
  • Proud of yourself for constantly overcoming limitations that you once thought was impossible
  • Life is magical because everything always happens in perfect divine timing to make your life feel like you are a hero in a story
Benefits of living your Purpose

But How Do I Find My Soul’s Purpose?

Living in your Soul’s Purpose is easily the most powerful journey you will make in your life, but by now you’re probably wondering: Where do I even start?

Because your Soul Purpose is not one specific thing it can often leave us feeling just as lost and overwhelmed as we felt in the first place. That’s why I always say that all heroes have guides.

Every hero always has a guide or mentor to light the way.

This is why I created a solution for you to receive high-level guidance for your hero’s journey from anywhere in the world!

Everyone I’ve ever known who is living in their soul purpose, embodying their gifts and karma, has had a mentor in their life. I could never have discovered how to live my soul purpose without my mentor, my mom, who is a transformation empowerment coach and chakra healer.

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Your purpose is not what’s easiest…
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Why it’s time for you to be the hero of your story
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Here’s why you want soul purpose…
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Why it’s time for you to be the hero of your story
What is Soul Purpose
Find the meeting point and your life will always feel magical

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