5 Types of People Who Do Personality Tests

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There may be nine types but there are only 5 kinds of people when it comes to using personality typing systems like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs. Find out which kind of person you are when it comes to personality tests!

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Person 1. Zodiac Zoey

This is the person who thinks they’re self-aware but in reality, they’re not. Zodiac Zoey is obsessed with new personality typing systems and wraps her entire personality around them.

Common phrases heard from Zodiac Zoey are…

“whoops! I just spilled my coffee, my Mars Taurus is so strong sometimes like, 😜

or “Sorry I’m being emotional, I’m just such an INFP 🤪 

Zodiac Zoey also doesn’t understand herself, she thinks she does because she knows her astrology, numerology, MBTI, enneagram, and more, but she’s running from authenticity. 

So she never lives life confidently and empowered, can’t form super deep relationships, and her career isn’t fulfilling because she doesn’t truly understand herself.

(I was a bit of a Zodiac Zoey for a long time.)

Person 2. Mistype Megan

This is the person who does the test, mistypes themselves, and never realizes they’ve mistyped. They think they tested right!

 It’s not Mistype Megan’s fault, she’s just been taught to act like someone she is not. Mistype Megan sees themselves as more mysterious or aggressive than she is.

Mistype Megan mistypes in the first place because they are looking at the behaviors of each type too much and not the core desires of each type. 

Common phrases heard from Mistype Megan are…

“I just feel like my type is so true to my nature.” 

or “Oh, I am certain I’m this type. I am just so [insert characteristic.]”

So Mistype Megan lives out of alignment with what she wants. She feels a bit frustrated with her spouse, in her job, or around her friends because she hasn’t aligned with what she needs to be happy.  

She also ends up not applying her personality type to everyday life because the wisdom doesn’t apply.

Common Mistype Megans are the people who test as Enneagram 8s when they are 6s or 1 (which are very common mistypes) and those who think they are MBTI INFJs when they are xSxJ types.

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Person 3. Tried & Failed Tim

This is the person who might mistype and eventually find their true type only to feel lost because they don’t know how to apply it.

Tried & Failed Tim reads about his type and he feels a bit offended by what he reads thinking “Well gee, that’s a bit harsh.” He accepts that what they are saying is his nature he just doesn’t know how it could help him with his life. 

Common phrases heard from Tried & Failed Tim are…

“I think it’s accurate but what do I do with it?” 

or “I guess I’m destined to struggle with [insert problem]. because I’m [insert type]”

Tried & Failed Tim has some confidence issues too, he sees more of the bad things about his personality than the good because he doesn’t see how it is a tool for his growth. 

So Tried & Failed Tim feels lost and confused about life like he can’t quite get the hang of things because he never understood his personality type and how to play to his strengths.   

Person 4. Self-Hate Sarah

This is the person who finds their true type but only sees the bad parts about their type and so they live in a state of self-hate or insecurity.

Self-Hate Sarah does the test and immediately just sees all of her flaws. She is too kind, too soft, too compassionate, too chill, too easygoing, too emotional, too competitive, too perfectionistic, the list goes on. 

Common phrases heard from Self-Hate Sarah are…

“why am I such a [insert type]” 

or “yep, I know. I’m a [insert type] that’s why you hate me.]

 Self-Hate Sarah misses the days when she could just be the person she was without guilt or shame.  And deep down, she wants to help understand her personality, she just doesn’t know where to start. 

So Self-Hate Sarah just goes about her life feeling burnt out because she is burdened with self-hate and insecurity. She wishes she were someone different while also wanting to be who she truly is.

Person 5.  Aligned Alex

And finally, this is the person who does the work. They mistype but persist and, eventually, find their true type using their self-awareness. 

Aligned Alex takes action and structures his life around his type. He heals his type’s wounds that have been holding him back, he practices mindfulness every day to stay aware, he regularly does self-care activities for his type, and he certainly doesn’t use his type as a limitation to stay in his comfort zone 

Common phrases heard from Aligned Alex are…

“yeah I know I’m such a [insert type] but I’ll work on being in my growth” 

or “as a [insert type], it really bothers me when you do [blank] can you help me out on this one?”

Aligned Alex has strong self-love, a healthy lifestyle, great communication and understanding with his loved ones, and a thriving career because he knows who he is and did the work it takes to confidently embody his personality.

Do You Want To Be Aligned Alex?

I think you can be. And people often make the journey to self-awareness hard, painful, and terrifying. But it’s not that bad. I’ve been on the journey (and always will be) but just as a hike or a workout doesn’t seem that hard once it is done, the same goes for understanding yourself. 

It’s not a hard process that will leave you feeling awful, it’s an exciting, fun, and empowering one that just takes dedication.

And I know that you are capable of doing it because you are a living breathing human being with a desire to be happy, and that’s all you need. 

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