Third Eye Chakra Healing: Signs It’s Blocked & How To Open It

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Third Eye Chakra: Healing & Ways to Heal

Our third eye chakra is our hub for intuition, wisdom, vision, and discernment. By healing our third eye chakra, we can see our future, make decisions with our 6th sense, use wisdom to see the truth, and most importantly, connect with our purpose and soul’s mission. Here’s our guide to third eye chakra healing including signs and symptoms your third eye chakra is blocked and how to open it.

What’s The Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra, or Ajna, is the home of our intuition, vision, and purpose. It has anciently been known as “the seat of the soul,” due to the importance of intuition.

Located at the forehead, the third eye is considered one of the Spirit chakras, alongside the throat chakra and crown chakra.

The third eye chakra is our gateway to the higher realms and allows us to decode and interpret higher frequencies that are not perceivable to our other 5 senses.

The third eye rules all things unseen, mystical, and meaningful. It rules our future self, our vision, our intention, our purpose, and our soul’s calling.

The Third Eye Chakra Influences:

  • Your intuition
  • Your purpose
  • The ability to have vision
  • Your ability to maintain focus
  • The ability to see future possibilities
  • Your ability to imagine your best self
  • A sense of meaning in your life
  • Your ability to fulfill your soul’s mission
Third Eye Chakra Influences

When The Third Eye Chakra is Blocked

Anytime a chakra is blocked it can cause massive effects on our mental and physical health. Keep in mind that an overactive chakra can cause these symptoms as well.

Third eye chakra imbalances can look like brain fog, chronic headaches or migraines, feeling lost in life, difficulty seeing the future, lack of goals or future intentions, difficulty manifesting, feeling victim to the past, sinus pain, blurry vision, or an inability to take in multiple stimuli through the eyes, hormone issues often causing insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and more.

4 Aspects of Third Eye Chakra Balance

 There are 4 key aspects of a balanced third eye chakra.

  1. Intention
  2. Intuition + Wisdom
  3. Purpose
  4. Discernment

As the “seat of the soul,” balancing your third eye chakra will bring you back in tune with the very essence of your soul and all of its profound functions within your life. You’ll be able to use intuition to receive guidance on your purpose and mission. You’ll also be able to become intentional with each action in your life, giving you the ability to face conflicts or decisions with more clarity.

In balance, you will also be able to create a vision for your future so you are not a victim to the past and potentially even re-align with your inborn soul’s mission.

Aspects of Third Eye Chakra Balance
Key aspects of a balanced third eye chakra

1 | Intention + Vision

When your Third Eye Chakra is open and balanced, it provides you with the important ability to have a vision and an intention. These seemingly virtuous themes are centrally important for us to experience happiness, growth, and emotional liberation.

Without intention, we become reactive and without vision we tend to settle.

Vision is what gives us a healthy desire for the future. Without a future pursuit, we become caught up in instant gratification which is not truly fulfilling. We have to be able to imagine a positive vision for the future to be motivated to aspire for it.

Intention creates a foundation from which we can make the right decisions, find solutions to conflicts, and understand what we’re trying to accomplish within small tasks and the grand scheme of our lives.

One of my favorite examples showing the importance of intention is a conflict in a relationship. When we conflict with someone else, we often don’t know what the right thing to say or do is. To know what steps need to be taken to reach a result, you have to know the result you want…which is intention. Do you want to continue this relationship? How often do you want to see this person? What do you want your interaction with this person to entail?

With intention, we can figure out whatever steps need to be taken to reach the result.

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2 | Intuition + Wisdom

An open Third Eye chakra provides us with intuition. Intuition holds the secret to our deepest fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Intuition is the hidden 6th sense that allows us to “sense” into the remaining 99% of existing frequencies that we can’t perceive with the other 5 senses. It’s here we experience a connection to the Divine, spirit, or higher wisdom. This provides us with intuitive answers we may struggle to answer on our own and also becomes a channel for us to understand our karma and soul mission.

When the Third Eye chakra is open, we can observe ourselves from a 3rd-person standpoint, outside our bodies. This provides us with the opportunity to answer our questions and make decisions from what our “higher selves” or future selves would tell us to do.

Third Eye Chakra Healing Quote
“Intuition is seeing with the soul” ~ Dean Koontz

3 | Purpose + Mission

One of the most incredible aspects of an open Third Eye chakra is how meaningful our lives start to feel. The Third Eye rules our purpose and our mission. Coinciding with the power of vision, the purpose is all about having a future goal whose reward outweighs present comfort.

More importantly, when you heal your Third Eye chakra and begin to pursue purpose consistently, at some point you will begin to awaken your soul purpose. Soul purpose is channeled down with intuition and you will begin to see your soul’s karmic mission that you are here to fulfill.

When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you will feel detached from a great sense of meaning in your life which may leave you feeling stuck in the rat race mentality— when you get that new house, car, raise, then you’ll be happy.

4 | Discernment

Discernment is what gives us the ability to…in essence, see through the BS. This applies to our personal lives and the collective. With a blocked third eye, it’s very easy for us to get caught up in our reality and our perception. We see things about how they interact with our world–what happened to us in our day, how things affect us, our schedules, routines, relationships, etc.

With an open third eye, discernment gives us the ability to see things for what they are, knowing our small place in the world

How Do I Know If I Have A Third Eye Chakra Blockage?

The third eye chakra is one of the most underactive chakras people have across America.

I think at some point in everyone’s life, we’ve all felt that our lives aren’t meaningful and we don’t matter. (I know I have.) Even more commonly, I think all of us have at some point struggled with the question of where we want to see ourselves in 5 years.

Admittedly, very few of us feel that our lives fulfill our purpose or mission. Only a select few have a vision of where they want to see themselves. Generally speaking, most of us are very out of tune with our 6th sense of intuition, let alone are we even taught that we have it.

Here are some of the most common ways we can tell if we have a throat chakra blockage.

  • We feel a lack of purpose, significance, or meaning in our lives
  • It’s hard for us to balance logic and emotions when making decisions or communicating
  • We feel a lack of creative thoughts
  • We feel disconnected from an energetic world AKA we feel that the material world is all-consuming and limited to only the 5 senses
  • Hormonal imbalances can be a problem

Don’t feel bad if your third eye chakra is closed! For the most part, we were all brought up in a way that we were never taught to consider these aspects of our life: purpose, vision, intuition, etc. Even if your Third Eye feels blocked, there are some easy ways you can begin to open it.

9 Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

1. Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

I cannot stress enough the importance of Pineal Gland health when it comes to opening your Third Eye chakra. Your chakras are each directly correlated to a gland in your endocrine system. Each chakra functions only as well as its gland does.

For the Third Eye chakra, the Pineal Gland is the ruler. Unfortunately, there are a lot of environmental and health toxins we are regularly exposed to daily that literally “freeze” AKA calcify our pineal gland.

Here are 3 ways to decalcify your pineal gland…

Remove Fluoride

Excessive fluoride exposure can freeze the pineal gland. Be sure to use a good filter like Berkey Water Filters to remove toxins like fluoride.

Detox with Herbs

You can start to decalcify the Pineal Gland by adding in the right superfoods and herbs like Chaga, turmeric, raw cacao, oil of oregano, wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella.

One of my favorite supplements for Third Eye detoxing is MUDWTR.

Fix Your Diet

You can’t add good foods and keep eating the wrong things and expect to heal your Third Eye Chakra. The Pineal Gland has a direct link to our gut health via the Vagus Nerve. That means our Pineal Gland health directly correlates to our gut health….that means if we eat junk food all the time, our third eye will feel like junk.

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid all seed oils, processed sugar, and minimal alcohol. Aside from that, follow the general guideline that as long as the ingredients come from a Mother or a seed in the earth, it’s okay to eat.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

One of the fastest ways to quickly bring energy into the third eye chakra is by practicing Alternate Nostril Breathing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make a fist with your right hand. Now extend your thumb, ring, and pinkie finger. Like making a shaka gesture plus the ring finger.
  • In a relaxed seated position, close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale.
  • At the top of the breath, keep your right nostril close and now use your ring finger to seal off your left nostril.
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Now release your right thumb and exhale out your right nostril for 5 seconds.
  • Seal off both nostrils again and hold the exhale for 5 seconds.
  • Now, in a boomerang pattern, release the right thumb and take a 5-second inhale through the right nostril.
  • Seal both nostrils and hold at the top for 5.
  • Release the ring finger and exhale out the left nostril for 5 seconds.
  • Hold at the bottom for 5.
  • Great, you did it! Now aim to repeat the cycle 10 times around.

3. Dream Day Visualization

The Third Eye is all about vision. To cultivate vision, we have to practice visualization. Put on some meditative music get into a relaxed position try to close your eyes and imagine what your dream day to look like.

Be realistic (no flying on unicorns).

Imagine where you want to wake up, who you want to wake up with, ad what you want to spend your day doing.

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4. Get into Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brainwaves are 1 of the 5 brainwaves we experience and this is where intuition occurs. To get into Alpha brainwaves, we have to be in a relaxed, creative state.

Alpha most often occurs during relaxed movement/exercise like yoga or running for some. Another way you can get into Alpha is by doing something creative like art, drawing, writing, dancing, or even sports (without comparison).

The problem is…most of us are chemically addicted to stress.

Watch the playlist below to discover tips on how to get out of stress and into Alpha brainwaves:

5. Listen to Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a great way to promote Alpha brainwaves too. Binaural beats are a type of music listened to on headphones where two different frequencies are delivered to each ear.

Your mind finds the difference between the two frequencies and begins to entrain your whole brain to the product frequency. So if the left ear is 20hz and the right ear is 28hz, your brain notices 8hz as the difference which is the spectrum of Alpha waves.

You can find binaural beats for free on YouTube or Spotify.

6. Find Your Life Path

When you open your third eye chakra, you begin to feel purpose in your life…but it goes both ways. When you find your purpose, it opens up your third eye chakra.

One of the easiest ways to tap into your purpose is to discover your life path number.

Your life path number shows you the path to your purpose with clarity and wisdom.

This number heavily influences the karma and obstacles that will be present in this life but it will also show you the path that will provide abundance, liberation, fulfillment, and purpose.

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7. Surround Yourself with Crystals

Crystals are known to be containers for different frequencies. Some crystals resonate and stimulate the Third Eye chakra.

Some of the most effective crystals for opening the Third Eye chakra are Sodalite, Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, and Fluorite.

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8. Eat Chocolate

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is! Chocolate is full of compounds that support healthy hormones and brain function. The only thing is, that the chocolate needs to be well-sourced and pure so it doesn’t block your pineal gland.

We love delicious, artisan Nibble Chocolate to open the third eye chakra!

9. Be The Hero of Your Story

Observing ourselves as heroes of our own lives is the fastest way to tap into a sense of mission and purpose. Your hero’s journey begins by first knowing your story. By dissecting our past and understanding where we came from.

By looking at your past, you can begin to identify your core limitations and obstacles that re-occur in your life. Once you recognize your limitations, you create wisdom. And when you begin to overcome those limitations, you’re living with purpose.

Being the hero of your story cultivates wisdom and purpose which are both surefire ways to open your third eye chakra.

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12. Hit It From All Angles

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Third Eye Chakra: Healing & Ways to Heal

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