61 Affirmations for Self-Worth

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self worth affirmations

Create Divine self-worth from within with these powerful self-worth affirmations. With these self-worth affirmations, you’ll be able to cultivate a sense that you are powerful, worthy, and enough.

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Self Esteem Vs Self Worth

There is often a misconception that self-esteem and self-worth are the same thing. While those two things do play a role in one another, they are very different.

In my opinion, talking about self-esteem is a layer outside of self-worth. And low self-esteem is often a reactionary result of low self-worth.

Also note, that you can have high self-esteem and low self-worth. This is because self-esteem is all about identity and your physical existence. You may have status at work or be a star athlete and generally, people may consider you a confident person but you could still battle low self-worth.

Self Worth Affirmations
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What’s Self-Worth?

While self-esteem is about how confident we feel, self-worth is about how important we feel. It’s about feeling valuable as a soul and as a person. Not just for what we can do and what we look like.

Certain types in the Enneagram may struggle with this more than others but everyone still battles the feeling of, “I am not enough.”

Self-worth is about feeling worthy and ENOUGH.

Why Does Self-Worth Matter?

Self-worth matters for many different reasons!

On a simplistic level, low self-worth can lead to generally depressing thoughts, which is a natural human experience not just a medical condition.

When you feel low self-worth, you will typically lose your sense of joy and pleasure in life in general.

Without Self-worth, we also cannot cultivate bravery.

Self worth allows us to embrace a willingness to give things a shot because we know we are valuable and worthy EVEN IF WE FAIL.

On the other hand, when self-worth is low, we don’t feel like we can handle the idea of failing.

Creating self-worth is also about unleashing your sense of individuality. When we are in tune with our self-worth, we feel valuable for who we are even if we are rejected by some people. This opens you up to better friendships and relationships.

Without self-worth, we will struggle to show up as our true selves. We will hide our true nature to fit in and be accepted.

Self-worth is the base on which we build all of our dreams and desires and without it, we can’t pursue those things bravely.

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Why Self-Worth Affirmations Are Important

Cultivating self-worth is not always an easy thing to do.

Creating Divine Self Worth from within takes a lot of mindfulness but there are easy ways to get started. The first is with self-worth affirmations.

Self-worth affirmations may seem silly, but our minds learn through repetition.

Our beliefs and our realities are shaped by our dominant thought patterns.

Through the dedicated, routine practice of self-worth affirmations, we can override our old negative self-worth beliefs about ourselves and turn them into positive ones.

How to Use These Self-Worth Affirmations

Self-worth affirmations only work if you make them work. You have to take conscious action to repeat these affirmations throughout your day.

When you notice yourself thinking negative things about yourself, shift your mind and start repeating positive self-worth affirmations in your mind.

If you’re serious about stepping into your divine self-worth, activate all senses.

Use my Self Worth Affirmation video on YouTube to listen to these when you go to bed or wake up in the mornings. Place these affirmations on sticky notes and repeat them out loud when you see them, but make sure you declare them boldly and with full belief.

61 Self Worth Affirmations

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am powerful.
  3. I am capable.
  4. I am creative.
  5. I am enough.
  6. I am completely whole just as I am.
  7. I love all aspects of myself.
  8. I love my darkness and my light.
  9. I love who I am becoming every single day.
  10. I am valuable and important.
  11. There is no need for me to change myself for others.
  12. People love me the way that I am.
  13. I am worthy of love.
  14. I am worthy of happiness.
  15. I am worthy of success.
  16. I am worthy of connection.
  17. I am worthy of wealth.
  18. I am worthy of limitless abundance.
  19. I am deserving of my desires and in alignment with my highest self, these desires flow toward me with ease.
  20. I deserve love and abundance.
  21. I am empowered to pursue my dreams.
  22. The world wants me to achieve my dreams.
  23. My dreams are valid, important, and spectacular.
  24. I am capable of accomplishing my biggest dreams.
  25. I am good enough.
  26. I am attractive enough.
  27. I am smart enough.
  28. I am kind enough.
  29. I am successful enough.
  30. I am already enough.
  31. I am unique and special.
  32. I am full of amazing individual qualities.
  33. I am the only me there is in this world.
  34. I am the person that I seek.
  35. I like the unique combination that makes me who I am.
  36. I am valued for my work, my time, and my attention.
  37. I love my physical appearance.
  38. My body is strong and beautiful.
  39. I am not attached to my appearance.
  40. I am grateful for it and I release my attachment to it.
  41. I love myself.
  42. I believe in myself.
  43. I’m so grateful to be alive.
  44. I belong in this life.
  45. My life is a beautiful experience.
  46. I can be myself without judgment or fear.
  47. I am perfect exactly as I am.
  48. I don’t fear what others think of me.
  49. I am admired for who I am.
  50. People want to hear what I have to say.
  51. My thoughts matter.
  52. Others are inspired by my authentic self. 
  53. Love is all around me.
  54. I feel great love for myself and it radiates into the people around me.
  55. I don’t have to earn love, it is all around me. 
  56. I am abundant joy.
  57. I am so grateful for my breath, my body, and my spirit.
  58. My life is full of pleasure and satisfaction.
  59. I am already enough.
  60. I AM.

I hope these self-worth affirmations help you step into your divine sense of worthiness!

Remember, that it’s okay to have days where you don’t feel worthy, that’s normal. Ultimate self-worth comes the you realize that and flow with your emotions.

When you feel negative thoughts that you aren’t enough, think like a warrior and practice non-resistance. Release, let go, and surrender to the thoughts that come up. Eventually, it will pass, and you will feel one with your emotions.

Get journal prompts to clear feelings of unworthiness in the free Highest Self Journaling Challenge.

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