Top 20 Self-Love Affirmations For Kids

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Self Love Affirmations For Kids

What is a self-love affirmation in the first place? Affirmations are extremely important to teach kids self-love. In this blog, I’m sharing the top self-love affirmation for kids! These self-love affirmations will help your kids feel confident, empowered, expressive, and grounded in themselves!

What Is A Good Self-Love Affirmation for Kids?

Also known as a mantra, a self-love affirmation is a phrase that you repeatedly say or memorize that can help kids affirm any belief!

If you want to help your child cultivate self-love and feel more happy, empowered, expressive, joyful, beautiful, or brave, a self-love affirmation will train your child’s brain to believe any positive thing about themselves!

Affirmations Teach Kids Self-Love!
Affirmations will help your child’s self-love skyrocket!

How Do Affirmations Teach Kids Self-Love?

When we are kids, we don’t have many insecurities but this is the time when our self-limiting beliefs are formed. The earlier we start practicing self-love with kids, the better!

That is where affirmations are super helpful! Affirmations will help them engrain those positive beliefs into their subconscious about themselves and feel confident in who they are!

Self Love Affirmations For Kids
Self-love affirmations are NEEDED for kids!

Here is the one problem that comes up though. For self-love affirmations to work for kids, we have to find an affirmation that rings true to them and applies to what they truly need.

Kids don’t want to repeat “I am confident in my unique-ness” if they are already confident in their unique-ness!

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Here are the best self-love affirmations for kids!!!

Top 20 Self-Love Affirmations For Kids

Top Self-Love Affirmations For Kids Worthiness
Let’s remind kids of their worthiness!

“I am enough” 

A powerful mantra for a child’s self-love! This self-love affirmation will shift kids’ mindset from waiting for someone to validate their worthiness to cultivating a sense of self-worth inside of them.

“I deserve to be happy”

Remind your kids that they deserve to be happy and have a happy attitude with this self-love affirmation for kids! 

Self Love Affirmations For Kids
Save This Pin!

“I see my awesomeness and appreciate it” 

At some point, all kids feel like they aren’t that cool and we lose our spark. Use this self-love mantra to help them come back to their awesomeness!

“I love every part of who I am”

Hang this self-love mantra up for your kids to affirm that they are amazing and that they should love every part of themselves.

Top Self-Love Affirmations For Kids
They are so loved!!!

“I am loved” 

I love this self-love affirmation for its simplicity. This self-love affirmation simply states that I am loved for my existence. “I am loved” and I always will be.

“I will be kind to myself today”

This is a perfect self-love mantra to start the day for kids who are hard on themselves or feel like they have to be perfect. (Ahem, enneagram type 1 + 3 kids, I see you. Check out our enneagram blogs here to learn more.)

“I listen to what I need” 

A great self-love affirmation for cultivating your kid’s self-awareness and self-love. I use this one a lot even now! 

Top Self-Love Affirmations For Kids
Dream big, kids!

“I push myself to chase my dreams”

Keep this mantra by their bed to remind them when they wake up and go to sleep that they have the strength to follow any dreams they have. 

“I release any thoughts that don’t serve me” 

For the overthinking children out there! Have your child memorize this mantra to help them relax when they get swept away by their thoughts so they can practice self-love.

“I shine like the sun and bring warmth to all who are around me” 

This positive affirmation of kids’ self-love encourages happiness and is super beneficial! I find this one to be a favorite amongst my students.

Self Love Affirmations For Kids

“Inside and out, I am beautiful”

Self-love affirmation for kids should have them practice seeing their beauty. This affirmation will do just that!

“I am grateful for all that my mind, body, and spirit, allow me to do”

It’s so important for them to be grateful for themselves!!

Top Self-Love Affirmations For Kids
Kids need to rest just as much as adults need to

“I will make myself happy today”

A lot of kids think happiness is something that only happens to them when it’s something they choose. This self-love affirmation will remind kids to choose happiness.

“I allow myself to rest “

Kids sometimes don’t realize the amount of unnecessary stress they are giving themselves! This self-love affirmation restores kid’s ability to allow themselves to rest!

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“I live life as the best version of myself. Not trying to be someone else”

This self-love affirmation is great for a kid’s self-love! Encourage them to be the unique individual they are!

“I am an endless river of love”

This mantra is a favorite of my students. This is a mantra that inspires kids to be the unconditionally loving people they are at the core.

There you have it! Read this list of self-love affirmations out to your child and see which one they like best.

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Where Should I Put My Child’s Self-Love Affirmation?

You want to put their mantra somewhere they will see it often or where they will need their mantra the most. Some common places are to write it on a sticky note and stick it to a mirror, in their school binder, on a bookmark, or a coloring that hangs up in their room!

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What is your kiddo’s favorite self-love affirmation? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading.

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