Mindfulness For Teens Workbook


Become A Mindful Teen In 20 Days

Mindfulness is the most powerful tool teens can learn! This workbook, Mindfulness For Teens, has 20 days of mindfulness lessons to teach you to feel confident, release anxiety, and be self aware. Each lesson includes a combination of mini-meditations, journaling, visualizations, and mindfulness exercises that I have used and perfected to teach teens how to be mindful in fun ways. Get the workbook now for only $5!


Cultivate Mindfulness, Self-Confidence, And Awesomeness as a Teen

I learned from my years of traveling as a teen that mindfulness is NOT just yoga, meditating, and journaling.

“Mindfulness is simply an awareness for everything happening internally and externally in the present so we can start living with intention.”

This means that mindfulness can be anything we do that we bring this mindset to!

In this workbook, my goal is to give teens, boys and girls alike, 20 days of fun mindfulness lessons that will help you feel confident, release your anxiety, and become self aware!

🧘🏽‍♀️Mini Meditations
🖌Journal Prompts
🌞Mindfulness Exercises
💛Playful Activities
🎨Coloring Pages
🎉And More!

Some of the fun exercises include dance parties, painting, workouts (so fun right?), crafts, and more!

In other words, my homies, this workbook is FIRE🔥

And it’s only $4.44!

Get the workbook now to become the fullest expression of yourself, feel confident, and become be unaffected by bad vibes!


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