Mindfulness For Kids Workbook (Print)


Teaching kids a new way of seeing themselves.

Using journal prompts, mini-meditations, painting, crafting, and dancing. This workbook teaches kids 20 lessons on mindfulness that will make them feel more self-confident, fearlessly expressive + communicative, grateful, motivated to work hard, and, overall, happier in their everyday life.

This workbook is perfect for ages 8-14 to be done self-guided and ages 7 and under to be done with the help of a parent.

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What if the mindfulness practices we learned now as adults could have been taught to us when we were younger?

Imagine having spent as much time learning mindfulness as we spent learning history in school. How much happier would we have been if we had learned to understand ourselves sooner?

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the discovery of the Self. It’s about becoming aware of what happens in our minds—our truest desires and our biggest fears. By teaching kids about the tool of mindfulness, we can help kids become aware of their strengths, struggles, and core desires so they can achieve their happiest lives in the future.

This is more than just journal prompts…

In this workbook, I’ll be teaching your child 20 valuable mindfulness lessons through creative exercises like painting, drawing, crafting, and dancing. These mindfulness exercises and journaling activities will help your kids find a sense of peace, be better communicators, and empower them to be self-accountable to their own happiness.

The best part is, it’s all delivered in a fun and light-hearted way.

This workbook will give kids a new way of looking at themselves to feel more confident, passionate, expressive, loving, hard-working, and happier in their everyday life.

It will teach kids to:

  • Understand themselves
  • See that they have a unique skillset
  • Be motivated to share their gifts with the worlds
  • Chase their passions
  • Exercise and laugh often
  • Be honest and open up to others.

Get the workbook now and teach kids mindfulness!
– Isabelle Robledo

In addition, you can sign up for the guided course whose curriculum corresponds to this workbook. This course includes guided meditations, yoga flows, and visualization activities to help mindfulness practices sink in for your kids. This course is not required to go along with this workbook but can supplement the lessons.

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