20 Day Mindfulness For Kids Workbook (Download)


Get 20 Days Of Mindfulness Lessons For Your Kids

This workbook has 20 expertly crafted mindfulness lessons that will teach your kids how to understand their emotions, be expressive, communicate truthfully, feel self-confident, and OWN their creativity.

This book is more than journal prompts and meditation. I teach mindfulness in a fun, creative, and SIMPLE way with exercises including painting, crafts, dancing, building, moving, and more to make kids feel engaged while they learn. Buy Mindfulness For Kids now!


WARNING: Allowing kids to read this book may result in them becoming emotionally self-aware, confident, communicative, boldly creative, and more…

Imagine if the mindfulness practices we learned now as adults could have been taught to is when we were younger? What if we had spent as much time learning to be mindful kids as we spent learning history is school?
This book has 20 expertly crafted mindfulness lessons that I designed to teach kids what mindfulness is and how they can be more mindful every day!
There’s so much more than journal prompts inside. It’s not boring like a school workbook. It’s fun and creative and simple to understand!

This book presents important mindfulness concepts in a fun, creative, and SIMPLE way with exercises including painting, crafts, dancing, building, moving, and more.

I made this workbook hands free so that busy parents can teach their kids mindfulness even if they don’t have the time

This workbook will teach your child to…

  • Discover their unique self-expression
  • Know their strengths
  • Be motivated
  • Share their creativity with the world
  • Move their bodies
  • Laugh often
  • Not take themselves too seriously
  • Be honest & practice vulnerability
  • Have gratitude for ALL things in their life

The best time to start teaching kids to be mindful is now. Let’s not wait any longer to give kids the most powerful tool we can offer, mindfulness.

This 20day workbook includes features:

  • Gratitude journaling so your child is more grateful for everything you provide for them
  • Intentional Eating lesson so your child eats what you put on the dinner table (picky eaters, anyone?)
  • Acts of Selfless Service so you child goes out of their way to be kind to others
  • Creative activities so they can share their inner gifts with the world
  • Joyful dancing activities so your child is feels confident in their own skin
  • ​​Self Expression Templates to help them communicate clearly with you
  • Chakra Healing Techniques so your child can understand themselves better
  • Your Favorite Fictional Character, a lesson in teaching your child how to be brave and strong by seeing themself as a hero
  • Anger Release Activities so your child has less meltdowns
  • Embracing Fear journaling so your child can better cope with scary moments


Let’s give kids the curriculum they need to live happy, peaceful, and free!

– Isabelle Robledo


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