Kids Mindfulness Pack


This pack makes mindfulness fun and simple for kids. Buy this kids mindfulness pack and you’ll receive the Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids, this workbook shows kids how to create a mantra that is tailored to what they need in a fun and simple way. You’ll also get the One-Day Family Mindfulness Bundle where I take you through one day of mindfulness with your kids! And finally, you’ll get the confidence & creativity mantra coloring booklet with 30 unique designs and including the very best mantras to cultivate one’s own confidence and creativity.  Get the bundle now and start raising mindful kids!


Imagine if you had the self-awareness you do now when you were 10 years old!

It is absolutely essential to teach mindfulness to your kids. The average person learns to be mindful WAY too late in life

By teaching kids mindfulness, we can help kids…

– become aware of their strengths
– overcome struggles
– and follow their desires so they can achieve their happiest lives in the future!

This pack makes mindfulness fun and simple for kids.

Using creative activities, this pack will give your kids a new way of looking at themselves to feel more confident, calm, self-aware, patient, and determined in everyday life.

Trust me, you’re not going to find a bundle like this anywhere else.

What’s Inside…

Buy this kids mindfulness pack and you’ll recieve the following workbooks.

Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids

A child’s brain is like a sponge. It will take in any information it is presented with. While this is an amazing thing, it also makes it easy for kids to believe negative things about themselves!

This is where mantras come in! Mantras are what help us undo those negative beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts instead! For a mantra to work though, you have to create a mantra that rings true to them and applies to what they truly need. 

This workbook shows kids how to create a mantra that is tailored to what they need in a fun and simple way. Making it easy for your kids to remind themselves of how awesome they are, feel confident, be brave, and embrace who they are.

Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities

In the Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities, I’m not telling you 100 different ways to meditate and do yoga. This workbook shows you how mindfulness activities can be anything!

This workbook is for the families who like to have fun, be creative, challenge themselves, and lead inspiring lives. This workbook brings you 30 days of outside-the-box mindfulness activities that will make you feel present, express your creativity, be courageous, embrace your inner child, become self-aware, and have fun.

Confidence & Creativity Mantra Coloring Booklet


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