The Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities


Dance parties, painting, push-ups, and more…

In the Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities, I’m not telling you 100 different ways to meditate and do yoga. This workbook shows you how mindfulness activities can be anything!

This workbook is for the people who like to have fun, be creative, challenge themselves, and lead inspiring lives. This workbook brings you 30 days of outside-the-box mindfulness activities that will make you feel present, express your creativity, be courageous, embrace your inner child, become self-aware, and have fun.

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– Isabelle Robledo

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Mindfulness isn’t just mediation and yoga…

it’s simply the state of mind we have while doing things where we pay attention to our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and surroundings so we can be more present and notice when we have negative thoughts going unnoticed. This means anything can be a mindfulness activity!

This workbook has 30 mindfulness activities that are creative, fun, and accessible for you to do every day.


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