Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids Workbook


Teaching kids to create a specialized mantra in a fun and easy way!

Don’t postpone your child’s confidence any longer and get this workbook now!

This workbook makes it easy for your kids to remind themselves of how awesome they are, feel totally confident, be brave, and embrace uniqueness.


Cultivate confidence, calm, and creativity in kids…

As kids, our brains are like sponges. It will take in any information it is presented with. While this is an amazing thing, it also makes it easy for kids to believe negative things about themselves!

This is where mantras come in! Mantras are what help us undo those negative beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts instead!

For a mantra to work though, you have to create a mantra that rings true to them and applies to what they truly need. 

This workbook shows kids how to create a mantra that is tailored to what they need in a fun and simple way.

Power every cell of their body with confidence, courage, self-love, creativity, stability, and joy an buy the workbook now.

✨ Keep it mindful✨
– Isabelle Robledo


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