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Book a basic birth chart reading with Isabelle to understand dip your toe into how the stars have created your personality. Option 2: book a Self-Revolution reading to understand your Birth Chart, Enneagram, and Numerology Life Path so that you can have a comprehensive look at who you are and move forward on the path to self-understanding. Or order the 8 week astrology program to overcome a specific struggle or achieve a certain desire.


Option 1: Basic Call

Ask away! Get any astrology questions answered in this 1/2 hour call. If you find more questions surfacing, keep chatting with Isabelle at a $1/minute rate

Option 2: Self-Revolution Call

In this one-on-one coaching call, Isabelle will assess your Astrological Birth Chart, Enneagram, and Numerology Life Path so that you can have a comprehensive look at who you are and move forward on the path to self-understanding. This call is 1 hour.

What People Have To Say About These Readings:

Isabelle was able to not only bring immense knowledge and understanding of enneagram, natal chart and birth charts to the table but she was also able to pass that knowledge on to me in a way that was comprehensive and easy to understand. I look forward to working with her more in the future” – Sarah Floyd, Mother & Traveler

“Isabelle draws upon astrology, enneagram and numerology to help shed light on the opportunities and challenges that are likely to be showing up in a very customized way – She is delightful and skilled- a perfect birthday present to get yourself or someone you love.”Kimberly Carter Gamble, Producer, Director and Co-Writer of Thrive and Thrive II

Option 3: 8-Week Astro-Enneagram Coaching

The goal of this program is NOT so you can recite the placement of every planet in your chart. IT IS to solve a specific struggle you’re having and/or attain your desire using astrology and the Enneagram

If you struggle with any of the following…
– career fulfillment
– relationship fulfillment
– family dynamics
– scarcity
– repeating old patterns
– making time for yourself
– practicing mindfulness
– feeling swept away by life

& you want any of the following…
– find the right career
– harmonize relationships
– overcome family struggles
– break your patterns
– manifest abundance
– to make time for yourself
– feel present
– take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health

This program is for you! And it’s priced for you too!


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Basic call (1/2-hour call for newbies), Self-revolution call (1.5-hour in-depth call assessing enneagram, astrology, and numerology), 8 Week Astro-Coaching

1 review for Book A Birth Chart Reading With Isabelle

  1. Brad Ash (verified owner)

    I booked the self-revolution call with Isabelle and was very happy with the call. She made me feel comfortable from the start, answered all my questions, and provided clarity.

    The main take away I got from the video call is a better understanding of who I am at my core and not guessing. I can move forward in my awakening journey with a better understanding and incorporate what I learned into my journey.

    I’ll be moving ahead with the 8 week coaching session!

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