The Closer Connections Bundle


Form a closer connection with your kids and yourself!

In the closer connections bundle, we share everything you need to form a closer relationship with your kids! This bundle includes a masterclass to the enneagram, a self love activation for families, an effective mindful parenting training, an enneagram workbook for kids, a family mindfulness activity workbook, a mantra coloring book, and a build your own mantra workbook for kids! Get the closer connections bundle now!


Enneagram And Mindfulness Are The Only Things You Need To Have A Closer Connection With Your Kids!

We believe that the Enneagram is the secret to having a happier family. This bundle is based around The Enneagram, a personality typing system that holds the key to having a happier parent-child relationship.
Isabelle and Robyn will guide you through a complete masterclass on what the enneagram is, why it’s important, and how to apply it to your family so you can all be happier. And then we have the mindfulness aspect, mindfulness is a necessary component for cultivating a happier family!

In this bundle, you receive…

The Enneagram Masterclass: A 2 part video with Isabelle and Robyn that will teach you what the enneagram is, the struggle of each enneagram type, and how it affects parents and kids.
Self Care Guide For Each Enneagram: Where Isabelle explains what each enneagram type (no matter your age) needs to do for self care.
Enneagram For Kids Workbook: How kids can use the enneagram to feel confident and be happier.
Effective Mindful Parenting Training: Where Robyn is giving you her top tips and tricks to raising mindful kids.
Guided Self Love Activation For Families: A 20 minute mindfulness exercise video guided by Isabelle for kids, teens, and parents to do together to cultivate self love using breathwork, meditation, and playful movement.
The Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities For Kids: This activity guide makes it easy to be mindful with your kids every day! When you give your kids the right mindfulness activities, it will be fun, engaging, and intrinsically rewarding for them! That’s what this activity workbook does. It gives you simple, yet entertaining mindfulness activities to do with your kids!
Confidence + Creativity Mantra Booklet: Creativity plays a huge role in kids’ mindfulness. This workbook has 30 mantra coloring pages that make it easy for your kids to be creative, express themselves, and feel happier when they are with you!
Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids: To teach your kids how to make their own personalized mantra that will help them feel empowered, confident, and remember to be mindful.
This bundle really has it all and I know it will help you form a happier, healthier, and more mindful relationship with your kids!
Get the closer connections bundle now to understand the enneagram, cultivate self love, and become mindful with your kids!


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