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Join now and begin your 7 day journey to more productivity, passion, and personal power in life✨ Every day you get a new lesson for each chakra that includes a healing masterclass, workbook to go with each masterclass filled with fun activities, yoga poses, printable mantras, a healthy dinner recipe, and journal prompts. Plus, you get our chakra healing music playlist and the amazing chakra meditations! These are everyone’s favorite part of the course.

We’ve designed this mini course to be so fun & engaging that you will wake up excited to open your inbox and get started each day!

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Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything You’ll Get In Power, Passion & Productivity:
  • Unlimited Access to 7 Chakra Healing Masterclasses (Value $67)
  • Full Access to 7 Chakra Healing Workbooks (Value $37)
  • Access to 7 Chakra Healing Yoga Flows (Value $27)
  • Unlimited Access to 7 Guided Chakra Meditations (Value $47)
  • Access to 7 Healthy Chakra Balancing Recipes (Value $37)
  • Plus 49 Mantras To Balance Each Chakra (Value $17)
  • 7 Radical Chakra Healing Playlists (Value $17)
  • Access to 21 Chakra Journal Prompts (Value $27)
  • Course delivered straight to your inbox

Total Value $276

Today Only $7!!!.

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