Chakra Healing Workbook [Ebook] // Balance Your 7 Chakras


The Chakra Healing Workbook is both a guiding force and an intuitive journal.

These 7 energy centers called the chakras are the secret to attaining anything we truly desire in our life. Wealth, to the dream bod, our soulmate, a fulfilling career, endless energy, it all ties back to the chakras.

Through chakra balancing, each chakra can function in its full power which empower a fulfilling life.

This workbook has cheatsheets, journaling, recipes, meditations, and yoga flows for each of the seven chakras so you can live life aligned.

When you purchase this downloadable chakra workbook, you’ll get INSTANT to the materials that will revolutionize your energy fields.


Deepen your self awareness, overcome emotional blockages, and align with your highest self.

The chakras are 7 energy centers that lie along the spine, from the tailbone to the crown of your skull. These chakras are hubs for our energy but they also govern the physical areas surrounding each of them. For example, the root chakra resides at the base of the spine, and it governs the pelvic floor, the bottom of your seat, and even the legs and feet.

But chakras are like wheels and they don’t always function properly when blocked or even overactive. 

Through chakra balancing, each chakra can function in its full power to enable a fulfilled life and help us overcome our struggles.

In addition, Chakra healing can be used to resolve physical symptoms like headaches, chronic back pain, and more, but most importantly, we can use them to help us overcome our greater struggles like fear, love, trust, and joy💕⁣

⁣Unblocking these energy hubs can undoubtedly help us to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.✨⁣

More elaborately, in yogic philosophy, we refer to our life force energy system as our Prana. This energy system is outlined by the chakras & can be referred to as our “Pranic Body.” Prana is free-flowing throughout the entire body but your energy is extra powerful in these 7 primary Chakra hubs.⁣

✺ Each of these chakras rules a different aspect of our life & while there is some literal meaning, the system is a symbolic framework for—one might say, the epitome of your highest self.⁣

With the chakras, we can simplify the usually complex process of becoming happier and awakened in our lives ✨⁣

This workbook is a core component of our Power, Passion & Productivity© online course however this interactive workbook complete with curriculum, mantras, journal prompts, and recipes, is an incredible tool to begin your journey of chakra balancing.

If you’re interested in this workbook, we encourage you to dive further into our guided online chakra balancing course to unleash the true power within!


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