[FREE] Astrology Birth Chart Workbook


Want to understand what your unique birth chart means? Download the free birth chart workbook to understand everything you need to know about your natal chart!  Discover what each planet, house, and point means in your chart with these journal workbook and uncover how they affect you.

Whether you are new to birth charts or you are looking to deepen your understanding of your astrological birth chart, this workbook was made for you. Download it for free now by hitting add to cart and purchase now.


What this birth/natal chart workbook covers…

  • Sun Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • Rising Sign
  • Mercury Sign
  • Venus Sign
  • Mars Sign
  • Jupiter Sign
  • Saturn Sign
  • Uranus Sign
  • Neptune Sign
  • Pluto Sign
  • All Of The 12 Houses
  • Lilith Sign
  • North Node
  • And South Node

This workbook explains what each of these natal chart aspects are, how they affect you, and journal prompts so you can work though each one.

You don’t need to already understand astrology to do this workbook, you just need to have your birth chart on hand which you can get for free online.

If you do this workbook and it helps you of your journey, please leave a review of it below 🙏🏽


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