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Making Mindfulness Fun Bundle

1. Kids’ Mindfulness These workbooks make mindfulness fun and simple for kids. Not only will your kids become more self-aware, but they’ll enjoy the process as they do so! 4 Different Approaches To Mindfulness For Kids… 2. Teens’ Mindfulness Teen’s mindfulness journey can, and should be fun and easy! When you get The Making Mindfulness… Continue reading Making Mindfulness Fun Bundle

5 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Add To Your Morning Routine

Do you want to incorporate more mindfulness into your mornings? Try adding these 5 simple mindfulness practices to your morning routine! Get 10 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Beginners! Download Now!!! Loading… Success!!! You’re on your way to living a more mindful life and cultivating calm! I hope you are pumped for these journal prompts! Go… Continue reading 5 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Add To Your Morning Routine

Perfectionist’s Love Language

This design was made with the enneagram 1 in mind. Show your enneagram 1 how much you know and care by getting them this tee.

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Write For Making Mindfulness Fun

Do you make mindfulness fun? Are you an expert in personality typing or astrology? Write for Making Mindfulness Fun! We are always looking for self-growth experts to share their expertise on our blog. If you write about any of the following, you are qualified to write for Making Mindfulness Fun Submit your article pitch below.… Continue reading Write For Making Mindfulness Fun

Closer Connections Bundle

What’s Inside… The Enneagram Masterclass + Self Care Guide Isabelle and Robyn that will teach you what the enneagram is, the struggle of each enneagram type, how it affects parents and kids, & what each enneagram type (no matter your age) needs to do for self care. Effective Mindful Parenting Training Robyn shares her 23… Continue reading Closer Connections Bundle