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5 Types of People Who Do Personality Tests

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There may be nine types but there are only 5 kinds of people when it comes to using personality typing systems like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs. Find out which kind of person you are when it comes to personality tests! Person 1. Zodiac Zoey This is the person who thinks they’re self aware but in reality,… Continue reading 5 Types of People Who Do Personality Tests

Book A Birth Chart Reading With Isabelle

Book a basic birth chart reading with Isabelle to understand dip your toe into how the stars have created your personality. Option 2: book a Self-Revolution reading to understand your Birth Chart, Enneagram, and Numerology Life Path so that you can have a comprehensive look at who you are and move forward on the path to self-understanding. Or order the 8 week astrology program to overcome a specific struggle or achieve a certain desire.

Throat Chakra Healing: Express Yo’ Self and Your Highest Truth

Healing the throat chakra enables us to step into our unique self expression, speak our truth, and connect with others on a deeper level. Here’s our guide to throat chakra healing so you can feel seen, heard, and understood by others and live in your expression. Support Us + Express Yourself! We want to help… Continue reading Throat Chakra Healing: Express Yo’ Self and Your Highest Truth

Precision Personality Hacker

Discover Our Surefire Strategy To Avoid Mistyping!! Knowing your Enneagram and MBTI is a game-changer when it comes to creating a life that is fulfilling. When you know how to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, it’s so much easier align your intentions with empowered actions that manifest happiness, health, and wealth. If you… Continue reading Precision Personality Hacker

The Closer Connections Bundle

Form a closer connection with your kids and yourself!

In the closer connections bundle, we share everything you need to form a closer relationship with your kids! This bundle includes a masterclass to the enneagram, a self love activation for families, an effective mindful parenting training, an enneagram workbook for kids, a family mindfulness activity workbook, a mantra coloring book, and a build your own mantra workbook for kids! Get the closer connections bundle now!


Meet Your BE THE HERO Leaders Isabelle, Astrology, Enneagram & Numerology Isabelle is our personality expert. She teaches you to understand your unique personality type and use it to solve your struggles and get what you desire. Not only does she read your birth chart and discover your Enneagram, MBTI, and numerology combination, she also… Continue reading Welcome