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The Nine Enneagram Types: Which Type Are You?

The enneagram has nine different personality types. Read this short introduction to the nine enneagram types to understand each one! Enneagram Tests DON’T Work Get my super simple enneagram cheatsheets for FREE that will get you to know your enneagram and correctly practice self care for your type! You can unsubscribe anytime. For more details,… Continue reading The Nine Enneagram Types: Which Type Are You?

Enneagram Growth Hacker Workbok

What This E-Book Includes Growth Numbers This workbook covers what the growth number is for each enneagram. Stress Numbers You’ll also learn what enneagram type you start to act like in stress. (And how to avoid burnout.) Wings Wings are a huge factor in your enneagram type’s growth! This growth hacker gives you valuable insight… Continue reading Enneagram Growth Hacker Workbok