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Throat Chakra Healing: Express Yo’ Self and Your Highest Truth

Healing the throat chakra enables us to step into our unique self-expression, speak our truth, and connect with others on a deeper level. Here’s our guide to throat chakra healing so you can feel seen, heard, and understood by others and live in your expression. What Is The Throat Chakra? The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha,… Continue reading Throat Chakra Healing: Express Yo’ Self and Your Highest Truth

Precision Personality Hacker

Discover Our Surefire Strategy To Avoid Mistyping!! Knowing your Enneagram and MBTI is a game-changer when it comes to creating a life that is fulfilling. When you know how to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, it’s so much easier align your intentions with empowered actions that manifest happiness, health, and wealth. If you… Continue reading Precision Personality Hacker

7 Powerful Heart Chakra Healing Tips for Love

With Heart Chakra healing, you will be able to enhance your self-love, relationships with others, and your love for life. An imbalanced heart chakra often leaves us feeling emotionally hurt, betrayed, untrusting, over-giving, and more. In truth, without a balanced heart chakra, we aren’t able to step into our true Divine state of being which… Continue reading 7 Powerful Heart Chakra Healing Tips for Love

12 Heart Chakra Blockage Signs & Symptoms

The heart chakra is the center of our energetic prana system, so when you experience a heart chakra blockage, it affects everything. The heart chakra rules our love, compassion, emotional awareness, and trust. When this chakra is blocked, it can cause major distress in our lives. Heart chakra blockages can look like difficulty forgiving others,… Continue reading 12 Heart Chakra Blockage Signs & Symptoms

61 Affirmations for Self-Worth

Create Divine self-worth from within with these powerful self-worth affirmations. With these self-worth affirmations, you’ll be able to cultivate a sense that you are powerful, worthy, and enough. Check Out Our Merch! Clothes for the mindful and free. Self Esteem Vs Self Worth There is often a misconception that self-esteem and self-worth are the same… Continue reading 61 Affirmations for Self-Worth

22 Mindful Gifts For Kids That They Will Be Excited To Receive

Need a mindful gift for kids? Or maybe you’re just looking to get your child something that will help them be mindful? This blog will tell you the best things to get a child that will promote mindfulness! From crystals to t-shirts, these are the best mindful gifts for your kids. 1. A Meditation Cushion … Continue reading 22 Mindful Gifts For Kids That They Will Be Excited To Receive

Top 20 Self-Love Affirmations For Kids

What is a self-love affirmation in the first place? Affirmations are extremely important to teach kids self-love. In this blog, I’m sharing the top self-love affirmation for kids! These self-love affirmations will help your kids feel confident, empowered, expressive, and grounded in themselves! Raise Mindful + Creative Kids! Get my 5 Mantra Coloring Pages for FREE! These… Continue reading Top 20 Self-Love Affirmations For Kids


Meet Your BE THE HERO Leaders Isabelle, Astrology, Enneagram & Numerology Isabelle is our personality expert. She teaches you to understand your unique personality type and use it to solve your struggles and get what you desire. Not only does she read your birth chart and discover your Enneagram, MBTI, and numerology combination, she also… Continue reading Welcome