5 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Add To Your Morning Routine

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5 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Add To Your Morning Routine

Do you want to incorporate more mindfulness into your mornings? Try adding these 5 simple mindfulness practices to your morning routine!

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply a state of mind where we pay attention to our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and surroundings.

Anything can be a mindfulness practice, which is why it is important to try out many different forms of mindfulness practices to decide what works best for you.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply a state of mind in which we hold awareness for everything happening internally and externally in the present. The goal of being mindful is to help us live with intention, reduce anxiety, and be happy.

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Why You Should Have A Morning Mindfulness Routine

Most of us live very busy lives. But if we don’t remember to slow down and be present, it will go by too fast. By cultivating a morning mindfulness routine, you can start your day feeling energized in your body, practice presence, and feel more grounded.

3 Ways To Practice Morning Mindfulness
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The most important thing I started doing for myself in my mindfulness practice is sticking to a morning mindfulness routine. It maintains my desire for peace, gives me stability, and starts my day right.

So if you are new to mindfulness and want some simple practices for making your mornings more mindful, here are 5 mindfulness practices to add to your morning mindfulness routine.

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1. Morning Stretching

Gentle movement helps us keep our energy balanced. To practice mindfulness in the morning, try adding stretching or yoga to your morning mindfulness routine!

My go-to bed yoga routine includes neck stretches, hip openers, chest openers, and side-body stretches. I always hit multiple angles for diversity. The goal is to simply notice how you feel as you stretch and move in ways that make you feel amazing!

4 Mindfulness Journal Prompts
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Mindful Morning Journal Prompts
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2. Journaling

Journaling has many proven benefits. My simple favorite benefit is that it makes me feel good! Journaling is definitely for a certain kind of person. Some people love it and some hate it. Try journaling in your morning mindfulness routine and see if it is a fun mindfulness practice for you.

Journaling has no parameters, the goal is to write your thoughts so you can reflect on them. Feel free to write about whatever you want or, use my morning mindfulness journal prompts below…

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Morning Journal Prompts

  • How do I feel this morning?
  • What are 3 beautiful things I can observe at this moment?
  • What are 3 things I can do today to fall in love with living?
  • What are 3 things I am grateful for?

The key to a good journaling practice is setting up your space for comfort. This is why I clean my space, (I talk about this more later in the blog) put on some headphones, and make myself cozy with my favorite blanket. Isabella Rose Store hand-knits the nicest blankets in the world! Get yours now!

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Morning Mindfulness Meditation

This is the secret sauce to your morning mindfulness routine y’all. Are you ready? Because this is my all-time favorite morning mindfulness practice and it is insanely easy!

Add a sipping meditation to your morning mindfulness practice. A sipping meditation is simple. All you need is a drink of choice (tea, hot cocoa, coffee, etc) and mindfully sip it as you start your day.

I like doing hot chocolate meditations because I am a chocolate snob and drink Nibble chocolate (click here to check it out) and coffee can sometimes make me a little bit too wired.

Need more instruction on this mindfulness practice? Check it out on Pinterest!

Pay attention to the smells, the taste, the feel of the cup, the warmth, and how it all makes you feel. This simple mindfulness practice has been so powerful for me and has helped me cultivate presence and peace.

I love using this mug for my morning sipping meditation. As an enneagram 9, I value coziness and this Homebody mug meets all my coziness needs. Shop the mug now!

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Clean Your Space

I find it very hard for me to start my day if my space is disorganized. That’s why I clean my space every morning and make it look neat. I think that the biggest factor in feeling mental clarity is having a clean space around you.

And oftentimes, we can be in such a hurry to start our days that we leave our homes in chaos. Try cleaning your space. Move mindfully and with intention, notice your thoughts as they surface, and pay attention to how you feel.

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Move Mindfully

In the end, a lot of us don’t have time for mindfulness practices and morning routines. So my top tip for those who want to incorporate more mindfulness into their mornings is to practice moving mindfully.

Go about your day as you normally would and pay attention to everything you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste with curiosity. Notice how you feel, what you are thinking, how stressed you are, etc.

5 Kinds Of Morning Mindfulness
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Remember, Mindfulness Is A State Of Mind

You can practice mindfulness in an unlimited amount of ways. Reading your email, doing dishes, getting dressed, and starting your car, could all be your mindfulness practice. These are just some of the practices I enjoy.

Hope this blog helped you make your mindfulness practice fun and start your mornings right!

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