Moon In Aquarius

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Moon In Aquarius

What does it mean to have your moon in the sign of Aquarius in your birth chart? In this blog, we will explore the strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits of having a Moon in Aquarius and provide some recommendations for growth.

What Is The Moon In Astrology?

In your birth chart, the moon represents your emotions, to put it simply. Where the sun is your ego self and dictates your general values and behavior, the moon shows you what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled and what your emotional patterns will be.

Your moon is…

  • your emotional patterns
  • the part of you closest to your heart that you try to keep safe
  • what you need for emotional fulfillment 
  • what emotions you’ll struggle with (ie emotional volatility, fear, anger, emotional rigidity, etc) 

By knowing your moon sign you can…

  • be less sensitive to changes in your environment
  • nurture yourself and feel loved
  • stop repeating emotional patterns
  • be aware of your emotions
  • improve your relationships (the moon sign is key for relationships!)
  • practice self-care
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What Is Aquarius?

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. It is known to be the archetype of humanitarianism, detachment, evolution, and individuality.

When a planet or point is in Aquarius, we become humanitarian, individualistic, innovative, and emotionally neutral. You take on the role of innovator, bringing people together for their gifts and individuality, and become quirky.

Aquarius accepts the fact that they, and everyone else in the world are unique individuals. People who hold strong Aquarian traits tend to be very quirky and independent. At the same time, Aquarius is very accepting of other people, and at their core wants to be a part of a community so that they can help the collective be vibrate, healthy, and happy.

The Moon In Aquarius

The Aquarius Moon has a cool, levelheaded, and calm attitude. Not the kind of person to have strong emotional responses.

Individuality is very important to those who have a moon in Aquarius. They want to assert who they are and protect their high ideals.

Aquarius moons don’t just see themselves as their actions or the things they like. Who they are is the culmination of their beliefs, ideals, and ideas. Again, connecting back to the fact that they are an air sign, the moon in Aquarius gets the most emotional fulfillment from a mental connection with another.

Because of this, they can feel highly misunderstood in adulthood and childhood. People commonly brush aside the Aquarius Moon’s ideas and beliefs which makes them feel devalued and unwanted for who they are.

Moon In Aquarius Traits


Because the moon in Aquarius felt judged and misunderstood in childhood, they become very independent people. The Aquarius archetype also highly values personal freedom. They see that each person is a unique individual who should live in alignment with their highest desires and authentic selves. They live this belief by following their path, even if that makes them an oddball.


Not only is the Aquarius archetype individualistic but they are also community oriented. They want everyone to be themselves in the most unrestricted way possible. While they may appear to have a cold and detached exterior, the Aquarius moon is highly supportive and sees people for who they truly are. They want to support the world.


Being an air moon means you intellectualize your emotions. The Aquarius Moon is someone who “knows” what they are feeling but “feeling” their feelings is a whole different story. Regardless of their sun sign, people who have a moon in Aquarius will have a rational and detached side of them that is unmistakable.

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It is very likely that when you get to know an Aquarius moon, you’ll find out that they are very quirky people. People who have this placement often feel that they are an alien in the world of people. They tend to have interesting hobbies, beliefs, and a unique sense of style. Aquarius moons also tend to resonate with characters who depict quirkiness.


Aquarius is a contrarian and idealist at heart. Like Sagittarius, Aquarius can see possibilities that no one else can. This makes them very rebellious and questioning. They’ll easily go against the grain if it doesn’t make sense to them.

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Moon in Aquarius Struggles

“Knowing” Their Emotions VS “Feeling” Their Emotions

When the moon, which governs our emotions, is in the sign of Aquarius, we tend to intellectualize our feelings. People who have a Moon in Aquarius are very aware of what they feel but to allow themselves to feel it is a different story.

Seeking Belonging

The moon in Aquarius wants to have a sense of community without having to reject their need to be true to themselves. They can often find themselves craving acceptance from the community but failing to feel like they truly “belong.”


The moon in Aquarius is highly idealistic and this can get in the way of them achieving the community and connection that all human beings need. If they don’t navigate their ideals correctly, they can find themselves hitting roadblocks in all directions of their life because they are expecting people to act in an unrealistic way.

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Trouble With Authority

As mentioned above, Aquarius moons are idealists and this can lead them to have trouble with authority, disregarding rules, and isolating themselves from society because there are just too many things they don’t agree with. The moon in Aquarius person shouldn’t forgo their idealism entirely, but learning to compromise will serve them well.

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Can Become Erratic

Because the moon in Aquarius wants to stay in alignment with their individuality, they can often find themselves becoming erratic and taking impulsive action to reinvent themselves when they feel emotional turmoil. And since they are an air moon who intellectualize emotion, they might not process that this turmoil is coming from an emotional need being unmet.


An Aquarius Moon would much rather keep a relationship superficial and intellectual. Because they are emotionally fulfilled by mental debate, the Aquarius Moon can struggle to be vulnerable and this can make their loved ones feel isolated and disconnected from them. It’s not that Aquarius Moons have no emotions to share, but connecting with their feelings is already hard for them and to share those feelings with another feels awkward

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Advice For The Moon In Aquarius 

Stimulate Your Mind

Air moons need mental stimulus for emotional fulfillment. Give yourself space and time alone to learn and stimulate your mind. Listen to philosophical podcasts/speeches, read a book, try a new hobby, or do a challenging task.

Cultivate Your Tribe

The moon in Aquarius needs a sense of community to be emotionally satisfied. Find people who accept you for who you are and your ideals. Be honest with others and practice cultivating close connections, though it may be hard. You can even volunteer to do something in your community.

Practice Feeling Your Feelings

The simplest way to do this is to make a habit of saying “I feel [blank] once a day. You are naturally a very logical person but build your skills of emotional resiliency by feeling into your emotions. You can also do breathwork to clear your head and connect with what you feel. Write or meditate on the times in childhood when you felt like an outsider and heal by accepting yourself at that moment

Find An Outlet To Express Your Ideas & Beliefs

While your idealism might get in the way for you at times, you also need to live in alignment with them for the most part! Find somewhere, a group of people, or a creative expression where you get to assert those ideals and beliefs.

Moon In Aquarius In The Houses

  • 1st House: Individualistic and Detached sense of self
  • 2nd House: Individualistic and Detached with your self-worth and money
  • 3rd House: Individualistic and Detached in your everyday communication
  • 4th House: Individualistic and Detached in your home life
  • 5th House: Individualistic and Detached in your creative expression and when flirting
  • 6th House: Individualistic and Detached in your everyday routine things and tasks
  • 7th House: Individualistic and Detached in your one-on-one partnerships
  • 8th House: Individualistic and Detached with your deepest desires and in intimacy
  • 9th House: Individualistic and Detached in your approach to learning and in new experiences
  • 10th House: Individualistic and Detached in your career
  • 11th House: Individualistic and Detached in your community
  • 12th House: Individualistic and Detached with Your Mind

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Moon In Aquarius

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