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1. Kids’ Mindfulness

These workbooks make mindfulness fun and simple for kids. Not only will your kids become more self-aware, but they’ll enjoy the process as they do so!

4 Different Approaches To Mindfulness For Kids…

  • The Confidence + Creativity Mantra Book, 30 Mantra Coloring Pages for Kids.
  • Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids teaches your child how to build the personalized affirmation they need.
  • 1 Day Mindfulness Family Mindfulness Bundle with A Guided Hot Cocoa Meditation Video & a Meditation Script, Journal Prompts, and more!
  • The Best Selling 20-Day Mindfulness For Kids Workbook, 20 days of meditation, journal prompts, and mindfulness activities.

2. Teens’ Mindfulness

Teen’s mindfulness journey can, and should be fun and easy! When you get The Making Mindfulness Fun Bundle, you’ll receive our 3 teens mindfulness workbooks that help teens become self-aware, feel confident, and eliminate anxiety!

Mindfulness For Teens Workbook

3 Mindfulness Workbooks For Teens…

  • 90 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Teens, prompts to help teens practice mindfulness any and everywhere
  • 20-Day Mindfulness For Teens Workbook, the same lessons in Mindfulness For Kids but tailored towards teens and their unique struggles
  • Confidence Journal Prompts For Teens, Build Your Confidence And Self Esteem As A Teen!

3. Mindfulness For Everyone

Do you want to make mindfulness fun, practice self-care, and build your self-love? Here are 3 workbooks that will help you do that

Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be
Highest Self Accelerator

8 Mindfulness Workbooks…

  • 30-Day Highest Self Journaling Challenge, so you can really clear away your shadow and feel good every day.
  • Empowering Mantras For Success, create an individualized mantra to rewire your brain to be confident!
  • Discovering Desire Workbook, Journal prompts to help you discover what you want!
  • Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be, (NEW ADDITION!) Robyn shares her journey to help you live a life full of health and connection.
  • Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities, 30 unique ways to practice mindfulness that will make you feel present and have fun!
  • “Be A Badass” Journal Prompts, Empower your self-confidence and become aware of your talents with these journal prompts.
  • Get Out Of Stress Workbook, Eliminate anxiety with this mindfulness workbook.
  • Goal Setting Mastery, Become mindful of your goals and how to achieve them without stress!

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ These Workbooks May Spark A Sudden Obsession With Mindfulness

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4. Mindfulness & Astrology

We believe your astrology is a huge part of who you are.

The Natal Chart Workbook
  • Get our Birth Chart workbook to discover what each planet, house, and point means in your chart with journal prompts.
The Simple Guide To Astrology
  • Oftentimes we feel that astrology is inaccurate, this is because we don’t understand each zodiac sign and house. The Simple Guide To Astrology makes understanding the zodiac signs and houses easy.
Moon Sign Self Care Workbook
  • Learn about the most important part of your chart and how you can understand your emotional body and cultivate the self-care practice that is most impactful for you. The Moon Sign Self Care Workbook is one of our most valuable workbooks in this bundle!

5. Enneagram + MBTI For Mindfulness

Understand everything about your enneagram and MBTI type with these workbooks and journal prompts.

4 Exclusive Workbooks On Enneagram + MBTI…

  • The Enneagram Growth Hacker Workbook, 11 pages for each enneagram type to understand their growth and practice self-care in the simplest way possible.
  • Discovering Your MBTI Journal Prompts, work through the process of discovering your MBTI with journaling.
  • Precision Personality Hacker, find your MBTI and enneagram type (avoid mistyping!)
  • Enneagram For Kids Workbook, let your kids learn about the enneagram and discover what type they may be!
  • The Closer Connections Bundle, a complete crash course in the enneagram for parents.

“Okay, I’m sold, give me this product now!”

6. Chakra Healing Mindfulness

Learn about the chakras and heal your own with these chakra-healing mindfulness workbooks.

8 Different Ways To Heal Your Chakras And Practice Mindfulness…

  • Get 7 Chakra Healing Recipes
  • A Meditation For Each Chakra
  • Playlists For Each Chakra
  • Affirmations To Charge Your Chakras
  • Journal Prompts For Each Chakra
  • Yoga Flows For The Chakras
  • Cheatsheets For Each Chakra
  • and The Chakra Masterclass

Quick Recap Of Everything You Get In Making Mindfulness Fun Bundle

  • The Confidence + Creativity Mantra Book ($15 Value)
  • Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids ($15 Value)
  • 1 Day Mindfulness Family Mindfulness Bundle ($15 Value)
  • The Best Selling 20-Day Mindfulness For Kids Workbook ($15 Value)
  • 90 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Teens, ($15 Value)
  • 20-Day Mindfulness For Teens Workbook ($10 Value)
  • Confidence Journal Prompts For Teens ($15 Value)
  • 30-Day Highest Self Journaling Challenge ($15 Value)
  • Empowering Mantras For Success ($15 Value)
  • Discovering Desire Workbook ($10 Value)
  • Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities ($15 Value)
  • “Be A Badass” Journal Prompts, ($10 Value)
  • Get Out Of Stress Workbook ($10 Value)
  • Goal Setting Mastery ($15 Value)
  • The Birth Chart Workbook ($15 Value)
  • The Simple Guide To Astrology Signs & Houses ($20 Value)
  • The Enneagram Growth Hacker Workbook ($17 Value)
  • Discovering Your MBTI Journal Prompts ($10 Value)
  • Precision Personality Hacker ($30 Value)
  • Enneagram For Kids Workbook ($15 Value)
  • The Closer Connections Bundle ($60 Value)
  • Get 7 Chakra Healing Recipes ($10 Value)
  • A Meditation For Each Chakra ($15 Value)
  • Playlists For Each Chakra ($10 Value)
  • Affirmations To Charge Your Chakras ($10 Value)
  • Journal Prompts For Each Chakra ($10 Value)
  • Yoga Flows For The Chakras ($10 Value)
  • Cheatsheets For Each Chakra ($10 Value)
  • The Chakra Masterclass ($100 Value)
  • Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be ($20 Value)
  • The Moon Sign Self Care Workbook ($30 Value)
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