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Mindfulness for Teens!

Teens need mindfulness just as much as kids do. This is a live, weekly mindfulness group for teens that comes together to develop self awareness, practice mindfulness, and support one-another in our struggles.

Meet The Group Leader

Hi! I’m Isabelle!

I’m the Co-Founder of Making Mindfulness Fun and a fellow teen.

I have been living full time in an RV, traveling the world with my family of 7 for the past 7 YEARS!

During my years of travel, I discovered mindfulness and became obsessed with self growth. I got into yoga, meditation, chakra healing, and more but more importantly, I learned how mindfulness is not just these things. It’s a mindset, so I started creating my own fun ways to practice mindfulness.

After 7 mindful years, I see how much mindfulness changed my life and I decided to pursue my career teaching mindfulness to others.

I truly believe that mindfulness is the secret to being fulfilled as a teen.


In this group, I will be teaching all of the methods I’ve used to feel less stressed, build self confidence, and understand myself as a teen while providing you a space to work through your struggles and be imperfect.

Mindfulness Is NOT Just Meditation, Journaling, And Yoga.

While I will guide teens through these mindfulness methods on our group calls, an important aspect of mindfulness is making it fun. After all, mindfulness is a mindset, anything we do can be a mindfulness practice.

In this group, I’m going to help teens enjoy the process of becoming self aware by making it fun.

Every Week, Our Calls Will Include Mindfulness Practices Like..

Beginner Guide To Meditation for Teens


Meditation is one of the most powerful and influential ways to practice mindfulness. Meditation will be a part of all our calls in a approachable and beneficial way to teens new to meditating and who already meditate

Yoga For Teens


Yoga is the practice of mindful movement and can, not only change how coordinated you are but also make you feel healthier and practice mindfulness easier.

How To Overcome Stress & Anxiety For Teens


The most healing thing we can do sometimes is just talk. This group isn’t just a yoga class, it’s a place for teens to share their struggles and help each other work through it.

Journal Prompts for Teens With Anxiety


Im each call, I will guide teens through journal prompts and give them tips on journaling so they can reduce anxiety and get in touch with their thoughts and feelings

Chakra Music and HZ Frequencies

Sound Baths

Isabelle is a musician and will be incorporating sound healing into some of the group calls to help teens relax, restore, and connect with their emotions. This includes sound bowls, steel tongue drums, tuning forks and more.


Connecting with the breath is a simple, fun, and effective tool for practicing mindfulness! Breathwork is shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing on many different levels. Isabelle will teach teens breath work techniques and guide them through it.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Chakra Bracelet


Visualization is the best way to practice intentional sight and intuition, which will help teens discover their dreams and passions and improve their mental clarity.


Understand who you want and become the person you want to be.

Other activities also included

Creative Writing

To creatively practice vulnerable in expression.

Gratitude Exercises

Gratitude has so many proven health benefits

Crafts + Painting

To reduce stress and embrace creativity


Let loose, release tension, and have fun!

Meet Isabelle

The leader and instructor of this mindfulness for teens group.

For Teens, By Teens.

I believe that the best way for teen to learn and open up is by hearing it from an equal! Therapists have a time and place, but when it comes to self growth and mindfulness, teens need a homie 😜 Which is exactly what I am! I don’t try to be a superior, instead, I give teens a space to feel like they are with a trusted friend who is there to help them and offer them the wisdom of my own experiences.

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β€œWhat is the age range for this group?”

This group is meant for teens ages is 14-19.

β€œIs the first lesson free?”

Yes! Join me in February 5th on Zoom for free to see if it’s a good fit for you.

β€œWhen and where do the live lessons take place?”

On zoom every Saturday morning at 9 AM MT. A replay will be available for those who miss the call.