2023 Mindfulness Gift Guide

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2022 Mindfulness Gift Guide

Know someone who loves meditation, yoga, and mindfulness? Here is your 2023 gift guide for people who love all things mindfulness!

Best Mindfulness Gifts

What exactly is a mindfulness gift? Finding mindful-centric presents can be hard, but we have you covered. This mindfulness gift guide has all of the best mindfulness gifts for all your loved ones.

Here’s the mindfulness gift guide!

Enlightened Warrior Book Club Box

If you want to go all out for someone you care about, this sweet subscription box comes stocked full of mindfulness memorabilia, reading material, and more. Each month you get a new book, a new variety of handmade items, and sometimes gemstones and rocks as well.

Shop The Enlightened Warrior Book Club Box now.

Chakra Healing Workbook

Chakra Healing Workbook

Every mindfulness guru also loves the chakras. Get this chakra healing workbook for your mindful friend!

Shop Here.

Enneagram 2 Wanted Candle
I love having this blanket to find my zen!

Hand-Knit Isabella Rose Store Blanket

Holy cow these are the coziest blankets ever! Isabella Rose Store handknits cozy blankets that are perfect for your mindfulness friend who loves to journal on cold, rainy days indoors.

Shop The Blanket Now.

Mandate Self Awareness Hoodie

Mandate Self-Awareness Shirt

This Mandate Self-awareness design is a perfect mindfulness gift. People who love mindfulness will love this design that promotes mindfulness for the entire world.\

Shop the Mandate Self-Awareness Shirt

Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal

Best Self Journal

This journal is perfect for anyone who struggles to use a blank notebook effectively. Self-improvement can be extremely hard without a little bit of guidance and that’s exactly what these journal exercises and prompts do. If a loved one of yours has expressed a desire to journal for self-improvement, then this is the perfect guide for them.

Click Here To Shop The Best Self Journal.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal


Ready to try a coffee detox? MUD/WTR is a great substitute for coffee, and that’s because it can give you a surge of energy in the morning, without feeling the crash. Mud Water also comes with a plethora of healthy ingredients, like Turmeric, Lion’s Mane, Chai, and much more.

Click Here To Shop MUD/WTR.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal
Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal

A Crystal Kit

Crystal kits are the perfect mindfulness gift! This kit comes with crystals, a collector card for information on each stone, along a pouch for your crystals. Each box is tailored to help you maintain a certain frequency!

Know someone who is trying to expand their heart chakra? Get them the love crystals kit. If there’s anyone you know that simply needs to remember to relax, get the calm down kit.

There is also an abundance crystal kit for manifesting abundance, a positivity kit to promote good vibes and gratitude, and so many more!

Click Here To Shop The Crystal Kits.

Succulent Subscription Box

For mindful people who love plants and nature, but live in small places with little or no spare room, these adorable little plants might give their quarters exactly the flair that they need. The Succulents Subscription Box sends you new succulents tailored to your environment every month!

Click Here To Shop.

Meditation Over Medication Apparel

Know anyone who loves meditation with a passion and will take any opportunity to tell people about it? If so, they will adore this shirt.

Shop The Meditation Over Medication Line

Empowering Mantras For Success Cover Woo Commerce

Empowering Mantras For Success Workbook

Do you know someone who likes to journal but needs to take the idea of resolutions to the next level? Then we have the gift for you. This workbook is all about tearing down the reader’s limiting self-beliefs by helping them become more confident and courageous.

Click Here To Shop Now.

Courage Over Comfort Deck

Speaking of courage, this deck of clever prompts is all about spontaneously inciting people to take action in bold, new ways. It’s an especially good gift for those friends and family members who are struggling to come out of their shells and take chances in the real world.

Shop The Deck Here.

The Birthdate Astrology Book

Help a loved one explore the deeper layers of themselves. This beautiful, book comes packed full of illustrations based on your astrological birth chart. It has over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, which will help the reader uncover new insights about their inner self.

Click This Link To Get $10 Off Your Order!

Loving Kindness But Damn Hoodie

This Loving Kindness… But Damn Hoodie

 Know anyone that sometimes gets fed up with other people, but otherwise is a terrific, positive person? Then this hoodie will definitely speak to them. Every mindful person knows that they should practice loving kindness… but damn it can be hard.

Click Here To Shop.

Best Self-Impact Deck

These decks of cards might all be about self-improvement, but the cards within them come in three diverse flavors: affirmations (to reinforce your self-worth), actions (tangible things you can do to improve), and reflections (ways for you to positively analyze your past experiences).

Click Here To Shop The Best Self Impact Deck.

Incense Or An Essential Oils Diffuser 

If you know someone who likes to get into a mindful, meditative mood and also likes to light up some incense or candles then an essential oil diffuser is an absolute must-have for them.

Click Here To Shop Our Favorite Diffuser and Incense.

Ray Of Sunshine Til You Cross My Line Hoodie
Perfect for the friend that says “Let’s all get along” but also says “FIGHT ME!”

“Ray Of Sunshine ‘Til You Cross My Line” Hoodie

For anyone that you know who is super upbeat and cheery… ’til you try to mess with them, this hoodie will speak to their sweet but tough attitude.

Click Here To Shop The Ray Of Sunshine Hoodie.

Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy

For those who need a quick fix of positivity, and don’t want to go through all the effort of journaling for hours on end, this book is right for them.

The Instant Happy Journal is 365 days of inspirational journal prompts that are fun and simple, making it a perfect mindfulness gift for people on the go.

Shop Here.

Enneagram 9 Peacemaker Lined Journal
Enneagram 3 Achiever Journal
Enneagram 4 Individualist Journal

Enneagram Journal

Want an even more tailored journalling experience? Then these enneagram journals have you covered. They come in paperback and hardcover, AND you can get them for all 9 enneagram types. These lined journals have covers designed for each enneagram type.

Click Here To Shop The Enneagram 9 Journal.

Shop The 4 Journal

See The Enneagram 2 Journal

Click Here To Shop The Enneagram 3 Journal

Self Love Mirror Stickers

Anyone who struggles with self-love will love these stickers. Get this mirror sticker as a mindfulness gift for someone in your life who practices mindfulness. These stickers will make your mindfulness friend/family member feel like a million dollars.

Shop Now

Don't Hate, Meditate, Womens Muscle Tee, Mindfulness apparel, Shop mindfulness

Don’t Hate Meditate Apparel

For the mindfulness-obsessed person that you know, Don’t Hate, Meditate is basically their mantra for life. Now, they can wear it everywhere they go with this merch.

Shop the Don’t Hate, Meditate Line.

I AM Everything Affirmation Card Deck

Instead of letting a loved one reinforce themselves with all the things that they’re not, why don’t we flip that on its head, and use these affirmation cards to reinforce who they are? A great gift for any Negative Nancy or Ned that you know.

Shop Here.

Relationship Card Deck 

For anyone who wants to positively grow their relationships with their significant other, I highly recommend you get this box of prompts for them.

Click Here To Shop.

Yoga Mat

Every mindfulness person I know partakes in yoga to one extent or another, and if you know that they need a mat, then this gift is a no-brainer.

Click Here To Shop.

Kombucha Starter Kit

A lot of people drink Kombucha nowadays. Like A LOT. However, if you know someone who has that do-it-themselves attitude, then making their own Kombucha would be a delightful treat for them.

Shop Now.

The Experts Guide To mindfulness Activities Cover

Fun Mindfulness Activities E-Book

This workbook has over 30 fun activities that can help you be mindful, and in addition, it teaches readers how they can approach anything with a mindful attitude, enriching the mundane activities in their lives and finding gratitude for the exciting ones.

Shop The Workbook Here.

Meditation Cushion 

Eventually, sitting on the floor or in a chair for meditation gets uncomfortable. If you know someone who likes to meditate often, then chances are they could use one of these.

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation Tool

Sound Bowl 

My family and I love using our sound bowl whenever we our meditating or need to create some mental space during a long workday. This terrific, tranquil instrument is super easy to play and is great for those who want to lead others through guided meditations as well.

See our favorite sound bowl here at Shamans Market.

Mindful Definition White Tee

Funny Mindful Definition T-Shirt

This is a gift that fits right in for anyone you know who likes to be mindful but also has some sassiness to go along with it.

Shop The Mindful Definition Tee

Money Lamp 

One of my favorite additions to the mindfulness gift guide is this money lamp! This adorable little money magnet lamp that has crystals will help you manifest wealth and abundance! The light charges your crystals by your bedside or ritual space to help you manifest money.

Shop The Money Magnet Lamp!

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystal Pendant

Crystal Pendant

Like the bracelets, but know someone who wants to go for a bit more minimalism? Then a crystal pendant would be a great gift alternative. Get the “Keep me safe” pendant! Do they need to be more loving and kind? Get the “Sei-He-Ki” Pendant

You can check out Shamans Market’s selection of crystal pendants by clicking here

Tarot Cards

If you have older kids, they will love tarot cards. They can be used in a variety of events and situations as part of your mindfulness practice, and giving Tarot card readings is a good way to get all your spiritual friends involved. My favorite deck is the Wild Unknown by Kim Kran

Confidence Creativity Mantra Coloring Booklet Mock Up

Mindful Coloring Book

Creativity is a mindfulness practice. Get your loved one this creativity-confidence mantra coloring book for their spiritual practice. They will love getting to start or end their day with some mindful coloring.

Get the 30-page confidence + creativity mantra coloring booklet!

Womens Muscle Tee Make America Zen Again
Make America Zen Again

Make America Zen Again Apparel

This would be another great T-shirt for anyone passionate about meditation. Moreover, anyone who wants to spread positive vibes will love this as a gift.

Feng Shui Stress Relief Balls

Know someone who often struggles with fidgeting and anxiety? Well, these might be exactly what they need. These are the cooler versions of stress balls, called chime balls. You hold the two spheres in your hand and swirl them. As you do, they create a gentle chiming sound. Click here to check them out on Amazon.

Chakra Music and HZ Frequencies

Chakra Flag

Decorate one of your loved one’s rooms with a colorful chakra banner. This is a terrific decoration to populate any mindfulness or yoga lover’s house. Get this awesome chakra flag off of Amazon by clicking here.

Negativity Free Hoodie

Negativity Free Jacket

Speaking of positive vibes, this jacket is for anyone who wants to announce positivity to the entire world in a bold fashion.

Order the Negativity Free design here.

30-Day Gratitude Journal

For those needing to practice gratitude, this 30-day gratitude journal would be a suitable gift. It comes with 30 days’ worth of prompts and can be a tremendous value to your morning and night routines.

Shop The Gratitude Journal Here.

Crystal Divination Grid 

Align your chakras and connect to your intuition using this Divination Grid Set. This collection of crystals will help you get in touch with higher and lower frequencies.

Shop the Divination Grid

Mindful Definition White Tee

Allergic To The Rat Race Shirt

And finally, we have the shirt that’s there to tell the world that you’re not having any of its B.S. If anyone you know needs a gift that speaks to their attitude of enjoying life and not trying to be an overachiever, this is a great shirt for them

Shop The Allergic To The Rat Race Tee

There you have it! That was the mindfulness gift guide. Hopefully, you have plenty of mindfulness gift ideas after this blog because we covered everything! Share this mindfulness gift guide with someone who needs it.

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