Mindfulness For Your Enneagram Part 2

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Mindfulness For The Enneagram

Looking to cultivate your mindfulness practice but you’re struggling to find a practice that sticks? Then read on! By knowing your enneagram, it will give you a great start on how you should be practicing mindfulness!

The enneagram is an archetype system. It controls how you perceive the world and what your core desires are. It can give you insight into what you struggle with the most also what your greatest strengths are.

Mindfulness is for everyone. The recommended practices in this blog are great for adults and kids of the same Enneagram. If you are a parent reading this, I highly recommend that you find out both your child’s and your enneagram type and practice mindfulness together. Making this a parent-child experience will help them be mindful.

Enneagram & Mindfulness… 

Meditation, journaling, yoga, and other mindfulness practices are great for every enneagram type. If I recommend journaling for one type it doesn’t mean that another type shouldn’t practice journaling.

Some mindfulness practices will just be more beneficial for certain enneagram types. This  blog is meant to help give you direction on your mindfulness journey by using the enneagram. 

Enneagram Type Five Mindfulness
The analytical 5 needs some time dedicated to getting out of their head!

Mindfulness For Enneagram Fives

A type Five is analytical, introspective, factual, and independent. You will be able to tell you’re a Five if you like researching/knowing information and facts, dislike when people are emotional/sensitive, and have a strong desire to be alone and self-sufficient.

As a type Five, your biggest struggles will be being selfish with your time, getting stuck in your head and not being aware of what’s happening outside of you, and being unaware of your emotions/desires.

To become more mindful, you need to practice moving your body regularly to get out of your head, taking spontaneous action, and opening yourself up to being more social/emotionally expressive. 

Practice mindfulness, check out our enneagram 5 guided meditation!

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Fives, will be breathwork and having a spontaneous day.

Consistently practice breathwork to reconnect with your body and get out of your head. Another practice you’ll want to do is have a completely spontaneous day! Let loose and do something adventurous or new.

Live boldly, don’t research what you’re going to do, get your blood pumping, have fun, and be mindful of what you’re doing. Don’t get caught up in your thoughts for one day!

Enneagram Type Six Mindfulness
Live empowered, type Sixes!

Mindfulness For Enneagram Sixes 

A type Six is loyal, protective, emotionally driven, and cautious. You will be able to tell you’re a type Six if it’s important to you for things and people to be reliable, don’t like trying new or uncertain things, and have a strong desire for things to be morally right.

As a type Six, your biggest struggles will be jumping to worst-case scenarios, jumping between being trusting and mistrusting of people, and being hostile towards people who go against your morals.

To become more mindful, you need to practice being brave, building up your emotional integrity, and not needing to have every aspect of your environment under control. 

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Sixes, will be doing empowerment meditations and happiness journaling.

Start a consistent meditation practice where you sit down and repeat mantras to encourage you to be brave, relaxed, and resilient. Mantras like “I am capable of anything”, “I am brave”, “I will not let people’s words offend me”, “My emotions are harmonious”, etc.

Another practice you’ll want to do is happiness journaling where you write down and create collages of your happiest memories and things that make you happy. Be joyous, be brave, be resilient, and be mindful of what makes you happy.

Enneagram Type Seven Mindfulness
AHHH silence! A Seven’s worst fear. Don’t worry, I gave you a fun mindfulness practice too.

Mindfulness For Enneagram Sevens

A type Seven is excited, energetic, enthusiastic, and social. You will be able to tell you’re a Seven if you want to make every moment fun, feel easily bored, and have a strong aversion to negativity. As a type Seven, your biggest struggles are being accountable, embracing your negative emotions, and allowing silence. To become more mindful, you need to practice embracing negativity and stillness. 

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Sevens, will be silent meditations and mindful music listening.

AHHHHHH silence! A type Seven’s worst fear. But if you can sit in silence daily, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, will be extremely beneficial for you! If you are new to meditation, silent meditation isn’t necessary. Check out my blog, 15 Best Meditations. Another practice you’ll want to do is mindful music. Put in your headphones and play a variety of songs. As you listen, write down how each song makes you feel and where that emotion is coming from.  

Enneagram Type Eight Mindfulness
Mindfulness for you, Type Eights, means more relaxation. (Your favorite thing to do, right?)

Mindfulness For Enneagram Eights

A type Eight is bold, honest, mature, and capable. You will be able to tell your an Eight if you like to be in control, dislike wishy-washy or sensitive people, and have a strong need to challenge yourself. As a type Eight, your biggest struggles are allowing yourself to rest, allowing others to lead, and speaking with compassion (both towards yourself and others).

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Eights, will be yoga and  doing METTA meditations.

Attend a daily yoga class or do yoga at home to allow yourself to encourage yourself to relax, restore your strength, and release control.  Another practice you’ll want to do is a METTA meditation. Set a timer for 10 minutes and close your eyes.

Bring your attention to yourself, send loving-kindness to yourself. Then, think about one person you love, send loving-kindness to them. Next, send loving-kindness to someone you dislike. This can be hard but it’s important to at least try. Finally, send loving-kindness to the entire world.

Enneagram Type Nine Mindfulness
Are you ready to mindfully challenge yourself, Nines?

Mindfulness For Enneagram Nines

A type Nine is peaceful, easygoing, gentle, and friendly. You’ll be able to tell you’re a type Nine if you like your environment to feel peaceful, dislike conflict, and have a strong desire for everyone to get along. As a type Nine myself, I know that all Nine’s biggest struggles are embracing discomfort, asserting our needs, and expressing our individuality.

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Nines, will be mindful challenges and expression painting.

Start finding daily ways to challenge yourself, do 100 push-ups, go for a run, do a hard workout, learn a handstand, etc, and be mindful of how you avoid discomfort as you do it.

Ask yourself, “Am I backing off because I am hurting myself, or am I just uncomfortable?”.  Another practice you’ll want to do is expression painting! Create a painting to represent how you are feeling. What are you feeling right now? How can you express what you are feeling using color and paintbrushes?

Be mindful of your thoughts as they come up. Create a code to go with it! One color to symbolize a different emotion.

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There you have it! Mindfulness for each enneagram type. Get out there and start reflecting. Thanks for reading the blog. Be sure to share it with your friends.

What’s your enneagram and how do you practice mindfulness? Comment below!

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Part 2 Mindfulness For Enneagram
Mindfulness For The Enneagram
Part 2 Mindfulness for your Enneagram
Part 2 Mindfulness For The Enneagram

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