22 Mindful Gifts For Kids That They Will Be Excited To Receive

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Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystals

Need a mindful gift for kids? Or maybe you’re just looking to get your child something that will help them be mindful? This blog will tell you the best things to get a child that will promote mindfulness! From crystals to t-shirts, these are the best mindful gifts for your kids.

1. A Meditation Cushion 

Eventually, sitting on the floor or in a chair for meditation gets uncomfortable. Get your child a meditation cushion as a mindful gift to keep them excited for their practice. It’ll help them feel more comfortable and easier to get into their practice. Click here to see our favorite meditation cushion you can get.

2. A Don’t Hate, Meditate Shirt

This mindful gift for kids is one they will love receiving! A shirt made for your kids to help me inspire the world to have less hate towards others, the world, and ourselves. Anger doesn’t serve us. Meditation, however, does. Let’s motivate the world to close our eyes more and reflect instead of projecting our anger onto everything we do. Don’t hate, meditate. Your kids will love how comfy, light, and cute this shirt is!

Get your Don’t Hate, Meditate T-Shirt By Clicking Here

3. A Sound Bowl 

My siblings love using a sound bowl at the end of our meditation or savasana. It’s an easy instrument to play and it makes you feel more energetically aligned. Kids will love this mindful gift!

See our favorite, child-safe sound bowl here on Shamans Market.

4. This 20-Day Kids Mindfulness Workbook

My workbook has 20 days of mindfulness lessons through creative exercises, journaling activities, mini-meditations, and more! The best part is, it’s all delivered in a fun and light-hearted way.

Click here to check out the workbook

5. Yoga Pretzels: 50 Yoga Cards

Yoga Pretzels is a colorful deck of illustrated yoga cards for kids that will help them cultivate a yoga practice on their own. And yoga cards are great mindful gifts for younger kids! Click here to find them on Amazon.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Chakra Bracelet
A fun addition to a child’s closet and practice!

6. A Chakra Balancing Bracelet

My younger sister and I love having our chakra bracelets with us throughout the day and for meditation. A chakra balancing bracelet has one bead for each chakra each made of a corresponding crystal for each chakra. Check out the one I got by clicking here.

7. A Coaching Session

Get your kids a coaching call with me! As a kids mindfulness coach, my goal is to help kids and teens build their confidence and creativity. Head over to our shop at the top of this page to book a call.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystal Pendant

8. A Crystal Pendant

When we got all the sisters in my family crystal pendants for Christmas, my brother asked “Why didn’t I get one?.” These crystal pendants aren’t just for girls. Everyone likes them! There are many different crystal pendants to choose from based on what you want your pendant to help your child with. Do you want to help them feel more grounded? Get the “Keep me safe” pendant! Do they need to be more loving and kind? Get the “Sei-He-Ki” Pendant

You can check out Shamans Market’s selection of crystal pendants by clicking here

9. Tarot Cards

If you have older kids, they will love tarot cards. I love having my Tarot Cards as a part of my morning routine and just for fun. The cards can give you something to contemplate every day as part of your mindfulness practice. My favorite deck is the Wild Unknown by Kin Kran

Confidence Creativity Mantra Coloring Booklet Mock Up

10. A Mindful Coloring Book

Mindfulness isn’t just yoga and meditation. It’s a state of mind. We can do anything with awareness and it’s a mindfulness practice! One of my favorite mindfulness practices is coloring! Your child will love getting to start or end their day with some mindful coloring.

Get my 30 page confidence + creativity mantra coloring booklet for just $7!

11. A Mantra Mug

Does your child like to do tea or hot cocoa meditations? Get them one of these mantra coffee mugs! Each one has a unique mantra on it that will make them feel empowered, confident, inspired, creative, and joyful during their meditation! Get them off of Amazon here.

Essential Oils Diffuser
Kids will love the different scents to choose from while they meditate!

12. Essential Oils + Diffuser

Aromatherapy is a powerful mindful tool to use in any mindfulness practice! With a diffuser, kids get to pick any scent they want to use for their daily meditation or yoga practice. They’ll love it and, on a more science-y note, by meditating on scents repeatedly, the brain will start to associate the state of mind they are in with the smell and it helps kids to fall into that meditative state with more ease when they release that scent again!

Get this awesome Aroma Salt Lamp by clicking here!

13. Feng Shui Health Exercise Stress Relief Balls

These are great gifts for anxious kids! These are the cooler versions of stress balls called chime balls. You hold two the two spheres in your hand and swirl them. As you do, they create a gentle chiming sound. My brother loves having these to calm his anxiety. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystals
Crystals are great mindful gifts for kids!

14. Crystals 

Kids love CRYSTALS!!!!!! If you have younger children you may skip this one because they can be a choking hazard (depending on how small of crystals you purchase). Crystals are my great centering tools and kids will enjoy having them for meditation, yoga, savasana, or carrying them around with them throughout their day.  We love the crystals at SageGoddess.com the most!

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15. Empowering Affirmations Decoded For Kids: Create Your Mantra Workbook

Do your kids love mantras? This workbook teaches kids to create a specialized mantra in a fun and easy way! Click here to get it now.

16. A Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a great addition to your child’s mindfulness practice! Help them take care of their bodies and de-stress with foam rolling. Click here to see our favorite foam roller.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal
Best Self has amazing journals for teens/ adults!

17. A Blank Journal

Journaling is a mindfulness practice that everyone benefits from! Get your kiddo a cute journal to help them feel excited to journal! 

Check out this awesome blank notebook by Scribbles That Matter on Amazon and click here! They have so many awesome colors!

Meditation Picture

18. A Chakra Flag

Make your environment extra mindful and spiritual by getting a chakra flag! It’s a great decoration for your child’s bedroom and a perfect reminder to keep it mindful + have equal energy flowing through all the chakras. Get this awesome chakra flag off of Amazon by clicking here.

19. Stress Less Cards

As far as mindful gifts for older kids go, these Stress Less Cards are great! This card deck has 50 exercises to help kids release anxiety. They are easy to use and have powerful activities inside that can be used throughout your child’s day! Click here to find them on Sunny Present.

Yoga For Kids
Tati loves her Gaiam yoga mat!

20. A Gaiam Yoga Mat

Kids will love having their yoga mat! It will make them feel like they are a part of the practice and not just a child attending your practice. Bonus: If they love yoga, get them a strap, foam roller, yoga block, and bolster!

Click here to see Gaiam’s selection of kid’s yoga mats

21. A Sloth’s Guide to Mindfulness

This is a min-booklet that shares the sloth’s perspective on living life, aka a mindful life. With pretty illustrations to go along with it, The Sloth’s Guide To Mindfulness is one of many great mindful gifts for kids. Get it off of Amazon here.

Radiate Joy Black Tee

22. This Radiate Joy Tee

Kids will love unwrapping this happy and mindful tee shirt.

Before you leave this page, make sure you check out our other merch at Spiritual Rebel.

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Negativity Free Hoodie

Did I miss anything? What is your child’s favorite mindful gift they’ve received? Comment it below and I’ll add it to the blog! Thank you for reading 

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Mindful Gifts For Kids
22 Mindful Gifts To Get Kids
22 Mindful Gifts To Get Kids
22 Mindful Gifts For Kids

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