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Mindfulness for Kids!

A 10 Week LIVE mindfulness course to help kids ages 7-13 understand what mindfulness is so they can become confident, creative, expressive, and self aware!

Do you ever wish that


could have been taught to you when you were younger?

Imagine if those things you learned about yourself were taught to you when you were
7 years old,
– 10 years old,
15 years old,
or even 19 years old



I believe it is essential to teach mindfulness to kids. But this important pillar of your child’s education is taught WAY too late in life! I believe that mindfulness is the best thing you can teach your children and it will guarantee them success in their future.

By teaching kids mindfulness we can help them become

💪🏽 Aware of their strengths, struggles, and core desires so they can live a happier lives now and in the future!🌞


Instead of teaching you how to teach your kids mindfulness, I will teach your child or teen all about mindfulness in live group sessions on Zoom every week for 10 weeks!

This course is about making mindfulness FUN.

Using light hearted and personal teaching method, this course will give your child a new way of looking at themselves to feel more confident, passionate, expressive, loving, hard working, and happier in everyday life.

Trust me, you’re not going to find a course like this anywhere else.

Kids Need Someone Relatable.

I believe that parents have a powerful impact on their kids unlike any other. But sometimes, the best way for kids to learn and open up is by hearing it from someone younger, more of an equal, and not an adult!

Which is exactly what I am! I don’t try to be a parent to my students, instead, I give your child space to feel like they are with a trusted friend who is there to help them and teach them to grow.

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Find out the incredible benefits of mindfulness for your kids

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Every Week, Our Lessons Will Include Mindfulness Practices Like..

Tati Meditating Kids Mindful


Meditation is one of the most powerful and influential ways to practice mindfulness. Mini-meditations will be integrated into all my classes in one form, making it approachable for young children new to meditating.

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga


Yoga is the practice of mindful movement and can, not only change how coordinated your child is but also make their bodies feel healthier and gives them more energy.


Connecting with the breath is a simple, fun, and effective tool for practicing mindfulness and the benefits are incredible! Breathwork is shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing on many different levels.

Tips For Getting Kids To Meditate


Visualization techniques are one of the best ways to practice intentional sight and intuition, which will help your child pursue their dreams and passions in the long run as they get older.

Along with these core elements, each lesson will also include fun surprise activities like…

Crafts + Painting

I’ll be using painting and other fun crafts as a way to practice self expression and creativity.


Lights, camera, action! We will transform into other characters to see the power of perspective and how we have everything within us.

Symbolic Activities

Some of the concepts I am teaching can be a little complex for kids. I’ll be using surprise activities to explain these concepts to kid in a way that’s engaging and fun.

Kids Mindfulness Activity

Mindful Eating

Don’t worry parents, we aren’t going to eat full course meals. Food is a great way to practice mindfulness and plays a huge part in our ability to be mindful.

Fort Building

Don’t worry, parents, it’s only occasional. And yes, the teens will be building forts too.

Creative Writing

In this course, we’ll be doing creative writing to keep our creativity flowing while practicing vulnerability in expression.


I believe that opening ourselves up to love is a huge part of mindfulness. Don’t be surprised when your child or teen randomly run up to you to give you a hug and then run back to class 😉


One of my favorite ways to get my students excited and relaxed is through dancing wether it’s creating a dance routine or just freestyle movement. Dancing has so many health benefits!

Here’s How It Works…

The course is totally low maintenance for parents. My goal is to make lessons as fun and engaging as possible so your kidlearn and so you, the parent, can have focused time working on your own life projects (so basically I’m also your babysitter.😉)

Step 1

Step 1: Join Week 1

When you enroll in week 1 for free, you’ll receive a series of emails that will have all the information you need along the link to our first zoom meeting on Sunday, September 12th

Step 2

Step 2: Enroll In The Paid Course

After our first lesson, I’ll send out an email for you to enroll in the rest of the course. This entire course is run via email so once you enroll, you’ll be added to my exclusive email list.

Step 3

Step 3: Check Your Inbox!📩

Our lessons will take place every Sunday night, first the kids class then the teens group later. Each Saturday, I’ll send you an email containing the journaling pages and the zoom link to tomorrows lesson.

Step 4

Step 4: Let’s Be Besties!❤️

We’ll meet on zoom for our 1 hour lesson and I’ll teach your child/teen all about what mindfulness is.  

Step 4

Step 4: Follow Up Video

Within that week, I will send you a short 5 minute video to summarize what I talked about and how you, the parent or teen, can implement mindfulness in your household during the rest of the week. I’ll also send the replay link in case your child couldn’t make it to the lesson.

Step 5

Step 5:Repeat X8 ✔️

In the following weeks, I will cover with your child/teen what mindfulness is and how to be more self-aware. I will send you an email each week with the link to our zoom meeting + journal pages.

Step 6

Step 6:That’s it!

Yep that’s it! It really is the easiest + most beneficial thing you’ve signed your kids up for this year! Just don’t delete the emails and you’re good to go! If you ever have questions along the way, I’ll be there to help.

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How To Teach Your Kids Yoga

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“When and where do the live lessons take place?”

On zoom every Sunday for both of the age groups. The teens group will take place after the kids group

“Is the first lesson free?”

Yes! Join me on Zoom for free to see if you like it before you commit!

“What if my child can’t make it to one of the lessons?”

There will be a replay available for each lesson!

“Is this a parent-child course? Do in need to be at the classes with them?”

No. This is a course just for the kids! I’ll be there as their teacher.

“Is this the same as last years curriculum?”

Yes but each lesson has been updated and improved to be better.

“Why is it an + $50 per extra child?”

I want to make sure I can engage with each child equally and by having more kids on the some screens, it gets harder to distribute attention to all students.

 “Why should I enroll?”

Because now is the best time to start changing your child life. I believe it is absolutely essential to teach mindfulness to kids and that one of the most important pillars of your child’s education is taught WAY too late in life.

By teaching our kids about mindfulness, we can help kids become aware of their emotions + thoughts, which in turn makes it so they can be confident, expressive, focused, and have less anxiety + anger!