83 Journal Prompts For Anxiety

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Journal Prompts For Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety? Try these journal prompts! These journal prompts were made to help you eliminate anxiety and feel more zen!

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Why Journaling Helps Us With Our Anxiety

Anxiety stems from excess mental energy. By journaling our thoughts and feelings, we can reduce our anxiety! Sometimes by writing our thoughts down, we can let our worries go.

Anxiety Journal Prompts

So without further ado, here are the journal prompts for anxiety! This blog is separated by the different kinds of journal prompts you can use when you feel anxious. Try out each different group of journal prompts and see what works for you.

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My Viral “UPBEAT Formula”

My number one journal prompt for anxiety has gone viral on Pinterest! There’s a good chance that you’ve seen it. I called it “The UPBEAT Formula.” Try it now!

1. U – Am I Unhappy right now?
2. P – Am I ignoring the Positive of this scenario?
3. How does my body feel?
4. What Emotions am I feeling?
5. Can I be more aware of my surroundings?
6. What am I Thinking right now?

Altogether, these prompts spell out the word UPBEAT! If you ever feel anxious, remember the UPBEAT formula and do these journal prompts.

Simple Anxiety Journal Prompts
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The Simple Anxiety Journal Prompts

These are the simplest journal prompts you can start with if you’re new to journaling. Though they may be basic, they are extremely powerful!

7. Where in my body can I feel my anxiety?
8. What word best describes how it feels in your body? Heavy, rigid, tense, etc?
9. Is there anything prominent in my mind that I know I am anxious about? (Don’t censor your thoughts. Dump all your thoughts into the paper
10. What is the root fear behind this anxiety? Is it fear of failure, judgment, pain, etc?
11. Why do I believe that this fear is my natural fate? is there a childhood belief that pushes me to this anxiety?

I like to write an affirmation 9 times at the end of this journaling practice so that I can believe in myself and affirm that I deserve to be happy, calm, and free.

Anxiety Journal Prompts
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Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Anxiety

Mindfulness is simply a state of awareness. These prompts are great for bringing awareness to our worries to letting them go!

12. What are all the things that trigger my anxiety?
13. What are all the people that trigger my anxiety?
14. What are all the actions others do that trigger my anxiety?
15. Why do I think these things trigger me?
16. Can I remember the first experience I had with each of these people, things, and actions that made them triggers?
17. What are the top 7 things making me anxious?
18. What are the feelings associated with these 7 things making me anxious? I.e. fear, shame, anger, insecurity, etc.
19. Where in my body can I feel my stress/anxiety?
20. How does it feel? Heavy, rigid, tense, etc?
21. How would my ideal self be if I didn’t have anxiety?
22. How would I act?
23. What would I do?
24. Who would I surround myself with?

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Journaling To Find The Root Of Your Anxiety

Want to find the source of your anxiety? Do this journaling!

25. What is 1 thing that is making me anxious?
26. What is the projected outcome that I fear?
27. Is there a childhood experience I had that instilled this fear?
28. How did this childhood experience instill a belief that now dictates my actions today?
29. Does this belief tell me I will be harmed if I don’t act a certain way?
30. What would be the positive and empowering opposite of this belief?

Self-Soothing Journal Prompts

This is a great journaling practice to calm the body and get out of your head. Find a relatively quiet place to sit where you can observe the world.

31. What are 3 things you can see right now?
32. Within those 3 things, what are 3 details that you can see in them
33. What are 3 things you can hear right now?
34. Describe these sounds. (Calming, lovely, disturbing, sharp, harsh, etc)
35. What are 3 things you can feel right now? (Not emotions. What is touching your physical body?
36. How do these things feel? (Soft, furry, smooth, hard, rough, etc)
37. How do you feel emotionally right now?
38. Are you happy with how you feel? Yes or no?
39. If no, how do you want to feel at this moment?
40. How can you fill yourself up with this feeling?
41. Is there something you can do to feel better?
42. If you are happy with how you feel, send gratitude to and thankfulness to this moment.
43. What will you do to maintain your calm today?

Journal Prompts Music Edition // Music Journaling
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Music Journaling Exercise

This is one of my favorite ways to release feelings of stress or worry. Get a journal, headphones, and phone, and sit in a quiet space. Put headphones on and have them play a variety of songs. Then, do the prompts below.

44. What sounds and instruments can I hear in this song?
45. How does this song make me feel?
46. Compare this to another song. Which one makes me feel more positive?
47. What thoughts are triggered as I listen to each song?
48. Are they mainly positive?
49. Are the mainly negative thoughts?
50. Or are the thoughts that are triggered something in between?

Art Therapy Journaling For Anxiety

I grew up as an artist so art therapy is a favorite practice of mine! You can scroll through Pinterest or any web browser and find images describing your feelings. Or you can use my prompts below.

51. Create a color code. What colors represent what emotions?
52. Imagine your mind is a scenery. What scenery does your mind feel like right now? Is it a jungle, a home, a chaotic street, etc?
53. How many thoughts do you think you are having? For every thought, add one person to your scenery.
54. Now draw yourself into the scenery. What do you feel like amongst your thoughts? Are you tiny? Are you at peace?
55. Using your color code, add color to the scene accordingly. How do you feel right now? What are the “colors” of your thoughts?

Journal Prompts For Anxiety

Changing Your Routing Journaling

56. What does my morning look like?
57. Am I waking up with anxiety?
58. How could I bring more peace to my mornings?
59. What are the most stressful parts or factors in my day?
60. How can I minimize this stress?
61. Are there unnecessary tasks that I could eliminate?
62. How can I set myself up better for the most stressful parts of my day?
63. What do I do to decompress when the work day is done?
64. Do I feed myself well? How does my nutrition impact my anxiety?
65. What habits can I add to my evening routine to decompress and relax?
66. What is my nightly routine?
67. What unhealthy habits do I do before bed?
68. How can I make my preparation for sleeping more of a calming ritual?

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Anxiety Journaling: Dream Day Scripting

Dream day scripting can be a wonderful anxiety relief practice! This helps a lot with anxiety in the long run.

69. How do I start my dream day?
70. What time would I wake up?
71. Who am I with?
72. What do I do first thing in the morning? Am I going out or staying in?
73. Are there activities would I do on my dream day?
74. What kind of work would I do on my dream day?
75. Which people do I spend time with on my dream day?
76. How do I spend my evening on my dream day?
77. How did I feel on my dream day?

Gratitude Journaling For Anxiety

Gratitude helps us calm down and takes our minds off of our worries.

78. What about myself am I grateful for?
79. What things are in my life today that I am grateful for?
80. Are there things I own that I am grateful for?
81. Who am I grateful for?
82. What experiences that I am grateful for?
83. Are there little things I can observe right now that I am grateful for?

Did this blog he;p you manage your anxiety? Let us know and share with a friend! Thanks for reading.

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83 Anxiety Journal Prompts
83 Journal Prompts For Anxiety
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Journal Prompts For Anxiety

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