5 Steps To Manifest The Life You Want

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Some days you wonder if Is there more to life than just grinding it out.  Are there days when you tell yourself I am capable of so much more but you just don’t know where to begin?  These 5 simple steps will help you to manifest the life you want.

I live by the mantra “Wake Up Excited To Start Each Day!

If I catch myself not waking up excited for the day ahead, I know it’s time to make a change. I put on my big girl pants, look at myself in the mirror, and say, “Robyn, it’s time to act brave, bold, & fearless.” I used these steps to fix the situation and change my life so that it’s in alignment with the values that would make me excited- adventure, newness, challenge, and stoke.

Back in 2012, I had what most would consider “it all”- a 3000 sq ft home with a pool, a successful business, a loving husband, and 5 awesome kids. But something felt off…

I didn’t have anything I was looking forward to each day. I had gratitude but right alongside of it sat boredom. I felt a bit uninspired. As if I could predict the rest of my life and that it would look pretty much the same.

While others may have seen that as a great place to be, I didn’t. I loved growth, newness, challenge, and change.

I had just finished nursing my last baby, but my kids were still young so I didn’t feel like I could do anything drastic. So I started with a small step into curiosity and signed up for a yoga teacher training in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of myself and what I was feeling.

I learned a lot about yoga postures and principles, but really, it was the first time I ever dove headfirst into understanding myself. Who am I outside of being a wife, a mom, a teacher? What motivates me to be disciplined, focused, and driven?

I learned at the teacher training that there is a name for these questions, it’s called Bhavana. Today, people refer to it as purpose, and manifesting is the action taken to achieve said purpose.

I like to argue (what can I say, I’m a type 8!) that without purpose, we can’t truly be happy, or healthy. We might be able to achieve contentment or make our bodies stronger, but true happiness requires us being part of something bigger than ourselves, while at the same time, feeling worthy of our role in it.

The goal isn’t the absence of fears, doubts, and distraction. The key to success is acknowledging them and learning to move past them and not let them control your actions.

I hope these yoga teachings from the Bhagavad Gita help you to discover your truths and inspire you to create a more fulfilling, playful, adventurous, and happy life.

Step 1 | Dharma or Finding Your Purpose

This is a fancy way of saying how would you live your life if you ignored your fears, moved past self-doubt, and got rid of all distractions.

For most, being able to identify your purpose is a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Is my purpose my greatest achievement? Is it where I make the most money? Is it the biggest impact I have on the world and if so, how will I even measure what that impact is?

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As Gabi and I talk about often on our YouTube channel, your purpose isn’t just your monetary or social success. It’s not even the place where you feel the most valued.

The purpose is about alignment. It’s that space where everything makes sense, where you are in your flow state of life and inner knowingness takes over.

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The challenge is that purpose requires overcoming the self-limiting beliefs and programming that are keeping you from staying in your highest frequency.

And even if you manage to know your purpose, how will you pursue it without fear, doubt, and distraction? I know I struggle with this!

I can picture where I want to be a year from now, but inevitably I get tired and start telling myself a hundred reasons why I can’t. A kid gets sick and I get scared that I’m making the wrong decision or being selfish. I get caught up in my sports and hobbies and don’t set aside the time needed to nurture my business.

But I also do the following steps and somewhere between overwhelm and self-doubt, I keep manifesting more joy, more love, and more abundance that allow me to wake up most days super excited.

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Step 2 | Jnana or Becoming More Mindful

This is acquiring wisdom and making choices based on clear perception rather than memory or sentimentality. In essence, it’s the ability to separate fact from feeling.

Mindfulness practices can be extremely helpful in making you more aware of how the ego, past programming, or unconscious beliefs are getting in the way of this.

Jnana encourages us to see the cause and effect of choices, decisions, and actions and instead of beating ourselves up over it or wallowing in self-pity, we acknowledge and accept it with a clear mind.

Step 3 | Vairagya or Reconstructing Your Beliefs

This is the step in which you actively deconstruct all those self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your goals. You remove those dirty emotions like feeling unworthy or incapable that become major roadblocks on the way to happiness. It’s where you rewrite your story. I was this, but now I’m this.

Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of not having enough, or fear of being different, we often have to fight these obstacles and release the emotions that aren’t allowing us to achieve our goals.

Step 4 | Bhakti or Interconnectedness

This fourth step is in essence a balancing of the crown chakra. Through devotion to something greater than yourself- a teacher, a god, a principle, or one’s dharma- we can see ourselves as part of a bigger picture and that our uniqueness as individuals is there to serve the whole, not to separate us.

Inside our academy, we have an amazing chakra balancing course with chakra meditations that guide you through healing each chakra so that you can achieve optimal energetic flow.

When the chakras are open, you’ll easily be able to manifest everything you truly desire.

Step 5: Act As If It’s True

To make your Bhavana come true, you have to act as if it’s already true. It’s like proving to the universe that you’ve got what it takes.  

Be specific. If it’s too vague, it’s really hard to manifest because the universe doesn’t have enough specifics to deliver it to you.

It’s kinda like telling your kids to clean up. Their version of Clean is probably way different than your version. Are they supposed to make their bed, put away their toys, dust their furniture, and vacuum the floor? Just like we have to be very specific and clear with kids, we also have to be specific and clear about what we are trying to manifest in our lives.

You can’t have EVERYTHING, but you can have ANYTHING!

4 Steps You Can Take Today To Manifest The Life You Want

I’ve helped dozens of people go from “I’m stuck” to “I can’t believe how great my life is.” In the simplest terms, all you need to do is

  • have extreme clarity in what your dream day (or week, month, year) looks like
  • visualize it so often that your brain begins to believe that the future reality is the truth
  • eliminate any self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from maintaining that vision

Give these things a try and if you catch yourself having trouble knowing what it is that you want in the first place, click over to this blog.

1. Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are powerful tools for manifestation. In this video, Gabi explains 3 different types of vision boards and easy steps to help you create one of your own.

2. Be Organized & Accountable

I love using this Best Self Journal to organize my day and stay aligned with my goals.

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3. Reprogram Your Beliefs.

Join BeTheHero.Academy where we can help you reprogram your beliefs. Inside the tribe, you’ll get access to, 5 Scripts to Eliminate Unworthiness and start rewiring your brain to success. Or dive deeper into your self-limiting beliefs with this mini-course, Self Limiting Beliefs Breakout.

4. Get started with coaching

My purpose is to help you manifest the life you want. Work with me once or daily and I’ll guide you step by step through setting goals, balancing your chakras, deconstructing self-limiting beliefs, and creating a life you are excited to wake up to.

Coaching with Gabi & Robyn Robledo

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