How To Teach Your Kids Yoga

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How To Teach Your Kids Yoga

Want to start practicing yoga with your kids? Read on! In this blog, I’m sharing how to teach your kids yoga so that you and your kids can be more zen together.

Yoga is something I was practicing from a very young age. Ever since I was 10, I loved being on my yoga mat next to my mom and practicing being one with my breath. However, most kids won’t be the same way.

Nine Tips For Getting Kids To Do Yoga
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Chances are when most kids hear the word “yoga,” they think of some boring stretching class where the teacher talks slowly and tells you to “take deep breaths.” That’s why I wrote this blog!

This blog will show you how to teach your kids yoga. This blog includes tips, inspiration, guides, and more that will make teaching your kid yoga easy for you and them! Enjoy!

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga…

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga
Why NOT do yoga to Dancing Queen by ABBA?

1. Have a Fun Playlist

A fun playlist was a game-changer for getting my younger siblings to do yoga. Yoga doesn’t have to be done to an ambient EDM Vinyasa Yoga Flow Playlist. And I guarantee you that if you try that kind of music with your kids, they are not going to be sticking to their mat for very long.

Instead, try out some popular songs they enjoy and fun music! My youngest sister loves doing yoga to ABBA the most. Why not do yoga to Dancing Queen? Popular 80’s hits are great choices too! Get my Kids Yoga Playlist on Spotify by clicking here. 

2. Don’t Overcorrect Kid’s Posture

While we certainly can correct a child’s posture if they are on the verge of hurting themselves, we should refrain from correcting their posture if it’s not necessary.

Too much correction and kids won’t be interested in staying on their mat much longer. If a child is being present, grounded, and enjoying the class while getting some stretching in, that’s all that matters. 

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga
Whether it takes 15 minutes or an hour, yoga is great for a child’s health

3. Keep It Short (And Simple To Start)

There are not a lot of 8-year-olds who are gung-ho for a 1-hour class. Remember that even a 15-minute yoga class has a ton of benefits and with repetition, will help your child become more mindful.

Also, keep in mind what kind of class your child wants. Do they want something simpler with fewer postures or do they want to spice it up and try a bit of everything? Find the right level of focus and challenge for them. 

4. Incorporate Breathwork

Make breathwork a part of the class too! Breathwork works wonders for a child’s ability to focus. Not to mention it’s great for our bodies. Breath Of Joy is the best one to start with for kids. Get instructions on how to do Breath of Joy in my free download here! Start the class with a little bit of re-centering with the breath or do some breathwork mid-class.

You can get our FREE Beginners Guide To Breathwork in our Intro To Mindfulness Package by clicking here!

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga Headstands
Get inverted together!

5. Teach Kids Headstands and handstands

Kids will love having headstands as a part of their yoga practice! This can be a dangerous activity so rationally judge your child’s abilities. It’s great for our health to get inverted now and then and it helps kids learn to be balanced.

6. Give Kids a Reason To Do Yoga

One reason kids might not like yoga is because they don’t see the importance of it. Do they play sports? Do they have high anxiety? Do they not get enough movement? Do they have tight muscles that inhibit them from doing things? Help them realize that yoga will help them with these things!

7. Let Kids Do Yoga Solo If They Desire

Some kids will like to do yoga as a family and some kids won’t. If your child is the latter that’s okay! The biggest part of mindfulness is that we all create a practice that works best for us. If that means your child does yoga by themselves, accept it and encourage them to do it on their own.

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga
This one is important!

8. Ask Kids What They Need From Their Practice 

Before starting your practice, ask your kiddo what they need from their yoga class. This will help so much with teaching kids yoga!

Do they have any achy muscles? How does their energy feel right now? Do they want something invigorating or calming? Tailoring a class to their needs will cultivate self-awareness and make them more grounded in the motions.

9. Become Familiar With Yoga Yourself

A hard part of getting kids to do yoga may be that you don’t know much about yoga yourself. While some kids may like the guided classes on YouTube, not all kids will.

It’s not like you have to go through a whole yoga teacher training program but get yourself familiar with the poses.  Attend a few yoga classes (whether it’s online or in-person), find some books on yoga, and reach out to a friend who is familiar with yoga.  

How To Teach Your Kids Yoga
Sounds contradictory, right?

10. Don’t Make Kids Do Yoga

Maybe the reason you are reading this blog is that you can’t get your kids to do yoga and you want them to. There are many different ways to practice mindfulness and yoga is only one of them. If your child doesn’t want to do yoga, ask them if they would rather do a different mindfulness practice instead! Pushing them to do yoga might be the right choice but it might not be.

Check out Mindfulness For Kids, my workbook that teaches kids 20 unique mindfulness lessons! It includes yoga, breathwork, arts and crafts, dancing, and more!!!

– Isabelle

11. Use Crystals

Crystals are a great tool for yoga. My siblings love having a small selection to choose from. Have them choose a crystal to place at the top of their mat while they do yoga!

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