7 Powerful Heart Chakra Healing Tips for Love

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Heart Chakra Healing Tips

With Heart Chakra healing, you will be able to enhance your self-love, relationships with others, and your love for life.

An imbalanced heart chakra often leaves us feeling emotionally hurt, betrayed, untrusting, over-giving, and more. In truth, without a balanced heart chakra, we aren’t able to step into our true Divine state of being which is love.

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What’s the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the core, central energy hub among the 7 primary chakras in our body.

If you don’t know what the chakras are, click here for a brief overview.

The Heart Chakra, AKA Anahata, is located at the center of your chest, behind the sternum, next to the heart. It is represented by the color green and the element of air.

Located at heart center, the heart chakra is considered the gateway to higher consciousness, often referred to as the meeting place between body and spirit.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the heart chakra is likely love and while that is true, there’s more to the heart chakra.

The Anahata rules your ability to love and be loved. This includes emotional awareness and trust.

Energies of openness, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and action motivated by kindness flow through and from this chakra.

The Heart Chakra Influences:

Heart Chakra Influence Overview
In general, here are the main things that the heart chakra influences

When The Heart Chakra is Blocked

When this chakra is blocked, it can cause both chronic and major difficulties in our lives.

Heart chakra imbalances can look like difficulty forgiving others, lack of self-love, feeling trapped in toxic relationships, a sense of grief, loneliness, fear of betrayal, a weak immune system, chest tightness, and more.

Click here to read our blog on the 12 most common symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra.

3 Aspects of Heart Chakra Balance

There are 3 key aspects of a balanced heart chakra.

  1. Self Love + Boundaries
  2. Compassion + empathy
  3. Love for Life

The 3 aspects could also be phrased as love directed inward, love shining outward, and love that radiates.

Self Love + Boundaries

The first aspect, self-love, and boundaries, represents respecting yourself at your core. 

Self-love can be confusing. Sometimes I see self-love tips that seem more to victimize ourselves rather than empower us.

For full self-love, we truly love all aspects of ourselves from the physical to the mental to the spiritual. When we love ourselves, we are more able to show up with integrity to set boundaries and recognize what is okay and what is not okay in any relationship.

Aspects of Heart Chakra Healing
The Heart Chakra is not just about relationship love, it’s about love in all of these three areas

Compassion + Empathy

The second is about being loving toward others through compassion and empathy. We may love others around us but often we forget to show it.

Compassion and empathy are the language of love to others.

To do this, we have to show up selflessly for others as long as we abide by first loving ourselves and setting boundaries.

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Love for Life

The last is to radiate a love for life.

When we show the world around us that we are happy and in love with the blessing of life, more love and blessings come to us in turn.

This can look like smiling at strangers, making dialogue with the cashier, and cultivating a new friendship with someone you see often in your daily life. Love is contagious and if you radiate love, it will trigger a desire to be loved in others.

If you’re looking for a place to heal one of all of these aspects of the heart chakra, we invite you to join our free Chakra healing course. This online course is about bringing awareness and finding balance in each chakra through 7 days of lessons and activities.

How Do I Know If I Have A Heart Chakra Blockage?

Who doesn’t carry some baggage around with them, right? We all have issues, anger, resentment, regret, failures, fears, and all sorts of memories that we just haven’t gotten rid of.

A large portion of emotional baggage is associated with the heart chakra in particular.

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We carry these ideals and opinions around with us thinking that they will hopefully just disappear one day, but they don’t. And that’s because our brains are innately hard wired with a “Negatitivy Bias” (Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson) meaning we’re much better at remembering the negative memories and experiencing things negatively.

  • We tend to see our failures faster than our wins.
  • We listen to criticism more than affirmations.
  • Our weaknesses appear to be more powerful than our strengths.
  • We rely on people’s mistakes more than their success.
  • We hand onto the times people betray us more than when they love us.

With that being said, chances are everyone has a heart chakra blockage, for some, it’s larger than others. That means we can all benefit from Heart Chakra healing to improve our own lives and to improve the collective.

7 Tips for Heart Chakra Healing

Cultivate Self Acceptance

“Accept yourself, love yourself, celebrate yourself.”


This quote may seem simple, but it holds the power to overcome your heart chakra blockage.

I think so many of us struggle with the first part because we are told so often by the world around us that it’s not okay to be different. Maybe it’s not blatantly spoken like that, but everything in the world says we should be like those around us. We should fit in.

heart chakra healing mantras
A powerful heart chakra healing quote on self-acceptance

This causes so many of us to repress certain parts of ourselves and therefore see them as flaws. For most people, this isn’t a conscious process. It takes a great deal of effort to recognize this pattern of repressing ourselves.

If we learn to see all aspects of our being as gifts, we will be able to accept ourselves as “whole” which would lead to more love for The Self.

Heart Chakra Healing Mantras

❝My heart is a limitless source of love for myself & others.❞

The heart chakra doesn’t just represent love, it redefines it. The Anahata chakra encourages us to love without expectation. To love for the sake of love and not based on conditions or in hopes of feeding our ego and self-worth.

Affirmation for Heart Chakra Blockage
A powerful affirmation representation of a fully unblocked heart chakra

This quote is a reminder of that. That you, at your very core, are infinite love.

  • Click to check out 7 of the most mantras to balance your heart chakra (coming soon).

Fall in Love With Yourself

So how do you love yourself?

Self-love can seem like an overused word in this day and age, that is, if you don’t know what that term means.

Self-love is as simple as it sounds but it’s not as easy to practice.

This is a 4-step guide to self-love…

path to heart chakra self love
Self-love is as simple as it sounds but it’s not as easy to practice. This is a 4-step guide to self-love…

Step 1 // Awareness

We first have to become aware of the negative self-talk that happens in our minds. What do you tell yourself? How do you respond to mistakes, rejection, and confrontation?

Step 2 // Replacing

Once you bring awareness to all the negative thoughts that fill your mind, now it’s time to come up with new better mantras and affirmations that will replace those. Instead of thinking, “I can’t believe I messed up, try thinking “Mistakes are normal and I forgive myself. I am whole, even if I make mistakes.”

Step 3 // Journal

Now is the time to make those thought transitions. Write down the negative self-talk you noticed, then fill in the blanks on the statement it “Instead of saying ___, I will tell myself ___.”

Step 4 // Practice

Now is the time to carry those thought transitions over from writing to reality. Practice catching yourself in moments of negative thought. You won’t get it right perfectly every time but keep trying and eventually, you’ll begin to automatically think positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

You are completely whole and abundant in love just as you are. The key is peeling back the layers of self-defeating thoughts we’ve covered ourselves in.

Self-love is an inner process but that doesn’t mean help doesn’t make it easier.

Heart Chakra Healing Journaling

In working on the path to healing a heart chakra blockage, a very helpful activity to try is journaling.

Some people may find the process of journaling easier to communicate verbally with a close friend/partner rather than in writing. Whichever way you prefer, the point is to notice and release emotions.

Here are 3 heart chakra journal prompts on forgiveness to get you started.

Heart chakra healing journaling prompts
Balance and heal your heart chakra with these journaling prompts

Remember, we’re seeing a huge amount of pained heart chakras in the world around us right now and forgiveness could be a huge step forward to more compassion and love.

  • Do you struggle to accept new ideas that oppose your current beliefs?
  • Does being wrong or messing up make you feel unworthy of love?
  • What are ways you can practice delving yourself more to balance your heart chakra?

When you download our free guided chakra mediation you’ll also receive a journaling worksheet for each of your 7 chakras. Click here to get access.

Forgive for Heart Chakra Healing

Is forgiving others harder for you than forgiving yourself?

Forgiving other people in our lives is an important part of healing and nurturing relationships.

Love shared with others is one of the most powerful energies in the universe & to best experience this love, we can’t let anger & resentment get in the way.

One of my absolute favorite heart chakra quotes is,

“My life is better wan I assume that people are doing their best.”

Brene Brown

This is why we must forgive.

These are steps we can take in the heart chakra to become a source of love rather than hate:

Heart Chakra Forgiveness
Forgiving is the foundation for overcoming heart chakra blockages

1 – Recognize expectations

The cause of anger towards others is almost always that we have a spoken or unspoken expectation of them that wasn’t met. It’s okay to have expectations as long as we recognize, communicate them, and realize that expectations can’t always be met. Our expectation is truly just another belief system we hold.

2 – Have compassion + empathy

Once we recognize the belief we had about a way a person should show up in our life, we have to have compassion for the fact that they may be dealing with their chakra blockages. When people don’t live up to expectations, we have to try and see the traumas that cause them to behave in certain ways & have compassion.

3 – Remember, we’re all human

Finally, recognize that we all make mistakes. People are doing their best with the tools they’ve been given. A lot of times, other people have not been given the proper tools to deal with their heart chakra issues.

This doesn’t mean we should shun them, but you too can only try your best.

Spend time in Nature

Nature heals. Simply being around the color green has the power to modify the energetic hub of our heart chakra. Forests are particularly healing for heart chakra blockages because of the high-density ions that energize us with life and joy.

Heart Chakra Healing HZ Frequencies

528 hz is known as the pure frequency of love.

Considered the musical note of miracles in the ancient 6-note Solfeggio musical scale, this frequency was used by monks healers, and priests to produce blessings. By listening to binaural beats at this frequency, we can increase our energy, clarity, creativity, and love.

528hz is so miraculous, that it’s even been shown to heal our DNA. When it comes to our heart chakra, 528 hz frequencies are divine vibrations that have the power to unleash pure love and compassion from within us, thus unblocking a stagnant heart center.

Find out which chakras are most balanced by taking our short quiz.

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