11 Crystals For The Heart Chakra

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11 Crystals For The Heart Chakra

Need to heal your heart chakra? Here are the best crystals for heart chakra healing that will restore your self-love, compassion, and health!

What Is The Heart Chakra?

Color: Green 
Element: Air
Location: Inside and at the center of the chest; behind the sternum, next door to the heart

The Anahata Chakra channels your ability to love and be loved. The energies of openness, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and action motivated by kindness flow through and from this Chakra.

The heart chakra is the center point chakra and it represents where the mind chakras meet the body chakras. It is love that bridges the realm of thought and physical survival.

An Imbalanced Heart Chakra

With an imbalanced heart chakra, we can be over-giving to others or selfish. We struggle to find balance in the amount we give to the world and what we give to other people.

An imbalanced heart chakra often leaves us feeling emotionally hurt, betrayed, untrusting, over-giving, and more. In truth, without a balanced heart chakra, we aren’t able to step into our true Divine state of being which is love.

Symptoms of Blocked Heart Chakra
An overview of some signs of blocked heart chakra

A Blocked Heart Chakra

A heart chakra blockage is different from a heart chakra imbalance. Usually, an imbalanced heart chakra implies giving too much love and not holding a space of love for ourselves, leading to us becoming burnt out.

But with a blocked heart chakra, we are unable to open ourselves to the energy of the heart. This leads us to feel angry, resentful, mistrusting, and disconnected from our bodies.

With a blocked heart chakra, we cannot access the 3 mind chakras (throat, third eye, and crown chakra). Making us unable to express ourselves truthfully, have clarity, and trust in something greater than ourselves.

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It is only through the heart that we can access the mind. And if the heart chakra is blocked, we stay in a 2-dimensional reality where we are stuck in our bodies and the 5 senses.

A blocked heart chakra can develop as physical pain or blockages in the lungs, heart, or circulation.

Whether you have a blocked or imbalanced heart chakra, heart chakra crystals can help you restore balance to your heart!

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11 Crystals For The Heart Chakra

Here Are 11 Heart Chakra Crystals to open your heart and restore its balance.

Heal your heart chakra with this rose quartz tree!

Rose Quartz

Many stones benefit the heart chakra such as Green Adventurine, Rhodochrosite, Clear Quartz, etc. But the best stone overall for the heart chakra is Rose Quartz.

Key Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

  • Enhances love
  • Promoted positive energy
  • Encourages trust
  • Heals one of heartbreak and wounds

Rose Quartz is the crystal of universal love and the Mother of all love stones. This crystal reawakens trust in us and dissolves negative energy.

It’s a soothing crystal for the heart chakra that brings peace and encourages love for self and others

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If you feel called to do emotional healing or feel weighed down by negative frequencies such as mistrust, hurt, pain, abandonment, jealousy, or anger, then Rhodochrosite is the heart chakra crystal you need.

Key Healing Properties Of Rhodochrosite

  • Emotional healing
  • Banishes negative heart chakra energies
  • Helps you awaken unconditional love
  • Supports the heart by opening and strengthening

Rhodochrosite helps one release emotional baggage. Those who suffered a heart chakra trauma in childhood can benefit greatly from Rhodochrosite.

Cultivate positive energy with ease using this heart chakra crystal.

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Green Adventurine

This heart chakra crystal is great for people who feel they have a sensitive heart. Green Adventurine helps you cultivate courage, strength, and discipline to follow your heart and desires

Key Healing Properties Of Green Adventurine

  • Improves confidence
  • Brings good fortune
  • Builds strength
  • Releases nervous energy

This crystal helps you keep your heart coherent in times of worry, stress, and fear. When you don’t dare to follow your heart or are struggling to embody joy and love, Green Adventurine helps you return to a state of excitement, stability, and love.

Wear or carry Green Adventurine when you feel called to slow your heart rate and stay calm while doing after your heart’s desires.

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Jade is a wonderful grounding love stone. It connects you to Mother Earth’s frequency and unconditional love.

Key Healing Properties Of Jade

  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Grounding you in the frequency of love
  • Aid in physical healing

If you are struggling with physical health issues in the heart, Jade can be extremely beneficial in your journey to health. Jade protects the wearer from negative energy by grounding them into the frequency of love.

Jade will help you connect to love and feel cultivate a stable sense of love.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz helps maintain clarity and positivity. It helps the heart chakra by maintaining a positive frequency and clearing away negative energy and thoughts that affect the heart.

Key Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

  • Manifest love into your reality
  • Enhances clarity
  • Promotes positivity
  • Helps you focus your energy on what you desire and avoid distraction

This crystal has the power to elevate your frequency. If you feel like low frequencies of guilt, shame, pain, or sadness weigh you down, this crystal will help you easily embody love, joy, and peace.

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Green Fluorite

The primary quality this crystal holds is helping you release emotional weight. This crystal helps you understand your heart so you can release past wounds.

Key Healing Properties Of Green Flourite

  • Release emotional wounds
  • Dissolve heartbreak
  • Understand your heart
  • Removes deeply held wounds

Green Flourite’s job is to pull out deeply held wounds and traumas. It helps us mentally connect to our hearts as well. Enabling us to uplevel our consciousness and live in a healed state.

On a physical level, Green Flourite heals our lungs and heart and relieves us of worry.

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Ocean Jasper

Similar. to the qualities of Green Adventurine, Ocean Jasper helps one become motivated to act in alignment with their heart. Ocean Jasper targets not only the heart chakra but also the throat and solar plexus.

Key Healing Properties Of Ocean Jasper

  • Connects the heart to your voice
  • Brings clarity to your emotional wounds
  • Helps you be fearless in expressing vulnerability
  • Brings ease to the heart and voice

By targeting all three of these chakra points, this crystal helps you express yourself courageously in alignment with your heart.

If you struggle with communicating past wounds or resolving your emotional pains, Ocean Jasper helps you do so.

Moss Agate

Connect with Mother Gaia and become grounded in love with Moss Agate. Moss agate is great for people who struggle with a physical heart chakra blockage or imbalance.

Key Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz

  • Brings wellness to the body
  • Encourages vitality
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps improve circulation

This stone brings balance and grounding into the heart in physical and mental ways.

For those who struggle with emotional imbalance and want to feel more emotionally and physically resilient, this crystal is perfect for your heart chakra healing practice.

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Named after the river “The Amazon,” this heart chakra crystal brings steady flow back to the body and especially the emotions.

Key Healing Properties Of Amazonite

  • Helps emotions flow smoothly
  • Balances feminine and masculine energy
  • Clears mental fog
  • Brings inspiration back to the body

Amazonite brings the body back into balance by flowing energy through you. If you’re someone who struggles to feel emotions fully, Amazonite will help these emotions flow through your heart.

This can feel uncomfortable for those who are used to repressing their emotions but Amazonite brings your heart back to health by removing emotional toxicity through flow.


Primarily used by midwives, Malachite carries strong motherly qualities and helps relieve pain rapidly.

Key Healing Properties Of Malachite

  • Let go of trauma
  • Heal from physical injury
  • Helps with menstrual pain
  • Connects you to feminine energy

This stone helps you release physical and emotional pain, aiding in quick recovery and connecting you to divine feminine energy.

This crystal heals you, builds your strength, and inspires you to have the courage to take action from a healed space.

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Love, compassion, sensuality, and healing, this popular crystal fu=ills you with endless joy and love. Emerald makes you feel encompassed in love.

Key Healing Properties Of Emerald

  • Promotes unconditional love
  • Revitalizes energy
  • Fills the body with joy
  • Encompasses you in love’s frequency

Emerald clears any energy and specifically thoughts that keep you from loving yourself and others.

Carry emerald to clear negative inner dialogue and remain in a state of high energy, joy, and love.

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