12 Heart Chakra Blockage Signs & Symptoms

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Heart Chakra Blockage Signs

The heart chakra is the center of our energetic prana system, so when you experience a heart chakra blockage, it affects everything.

The heart chakra rules our love, compassion, emotional awareness, and trust. When this chakra is blocked, it can cause major distress in our lives.

Heart chakra blockages can look like difficulty forgiving others, lack of self-love, being trapped in toxic relationships, grief, loneliness, fear of betrayal, immune issues, chest tightness, and more.

As the ruler of our most divine emotion, love, the heart chakra plays a huge role in our joy and fulfillment in life. 

This blog is here to help you find out if you have a blocked heart chakra and what to do about it.

The heart chakra is, surprisingly, very closely tied to the sacral chakra. In fact, what may seem like a heart chakra blockage may be a sacral chakra blockage and you don’t even know it.

I highly recommend you first go check out this Sacral Chakra Healing blog to find out if your heart chakra blockage is a sacral chakra blockage.

Our Collective Heart Chakra Blockage

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All the chakras are incredibly important to achieve balance however, what prompted this blog is that now more than ever,  I see our whole society struggling to find balance in their heart center.

  • We can’t let go of our traumas,
  • many can’t forgive themselves,
  • we hold on to relationships that don’t serve us,
  • and we struggle to be compassionate toward others around us.

Our collective heart chakra is in pain.

I hope this blog helps you overcome your heart chakra struggles so that you can help lead others around you to a place of wholeness and love.

First, I’ll be covering an overview of what this chakra means before we dive into symptoms of a heart blockage. You can also click here to jump to whichever section of this blog you want. 

Heart Chakra Sanskit Name and mantra
The Heart Chakra Sanskrit name and mantra

Heart Chakra Overview

Color: Green 
Element: Air
Location: Inside and at the center of the chest; behind the sternum, next door to the heart

The Anahata Chakra channels your ability to love and be loved. The energies of openness, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and action motivated by kindness flow through and from this Chakra.

Anahata at Heart Center
The Anahata Heart Chakra is the central chakra in the body

The Anahata is a central point between our 7 main chakras, the Heart Chakra is a bridge that allows us to connect our thoughts with our actions. This is the chakra where we actively acknowledge the merging of thinking and doing.

Anahata not only presents love, but it IS love. Love, our purest emotions.

Balancing the heart chakra has little to do with our physical relationships and everything to do with the frequency of love we radiate within. It’s about learning to love for the sake of love.

Healing practices of the Heart Chakra are typically about fulfilling love for ourselves because when we do, that inner love can then be expressed outwards. It teaches us more compassion

An equally as important aspect of balance in the Heart Chakra is to not allow it to be overactive. An overactive heart leads from the same issue as a blocked one, a lack of love for oneself, however, overactivity looks to the external world for validation to fulfill the need to be loved.

Heart chakra, central chakra
The heart center is the most powerful chakra in our body

Benefits of Heart Chakra Healing

We are a society obsessed with love. While that isn’t a bad thing, when we redefine our typical definition of love to align with the heart chakra, it opens us up to a magic of love that is infinitely more powerful.

By opening the heart chakra, we can understand a form of love that exists in our truest version of ourselves. 

When your Heart Chakra is Open, you will feel:

  • Magnetic and surrounded by positive people
  • Like the Universe is constantly providing you with abundant love
  • Energetic and full of love to share with others
  • Compassionate towards others and able to forgive
  • Aware of your emotions and able to distinguish emotions that serve and emotions you should let go

When this chakra is open, we can cultivate a frequency of love within ourselves which draws more love into our life

If you know anything about manifestation, you know that you manifest whatever energy you first create. You have to become an energetic match for what you wish to create more of.

Affirmation for Heart Chakra Blockage
A powerful affirmation representation of a fully unblocked heart chakra

Because of this, when we first look within and love ourselves, it brings more love into our lives. This can be in the form of people, opportunities, or experiences.

When the heart chakra is balanced, we are compassionate to others, forgiving of others, forgiving of ourselves, and able to look inward towards our feelings.

When we look inwards toward our feelings we can notice when we are holding on to unnecessary resentment and anger that doesn’t serve us so we can live in a state of love and joy more often.

Signs of a Heart Chakra Blockage

1. Lack of Empathy

Lack of empathy is often a sign of a blocked heart chakra. Maybe you’ve experienced this in an interaction with someone else, where they seemed to come off more hurtful than expected. It takes a great deal of self-awareness to recognize this in yourself.

When was a time you could’ve communicated something with more compassion? This is not to say you should avoid speaking the truth. Being overly empathic is not good for our heart chakra either because we are unable to set boundaries.

2. Unable to set boundaries

Building off of the last point, if we can’t set boundaries this means we lie on the opposite end of the spectrum in heart chakra balance.

If we can’t set boundaries, we are enlisting too much love externally and not enough love and respect for our own needs.

This is often associated with feelings of guilt which may require looking into a Sacral Chakra blockage.

3. Feeling trapped in un-loving/toxic relationships

If we feel stuck in a relationship, it’s typically a perceived stuck-ness. Meaning, we believe the emotion that we’ll feel if we leave the relationship is more painful than just staying in that relationship.

Many other factors come into play here such as guilt, worthiness, and independence, but it begins with the heart charka. It begins with an inability to set a boundary or love yourself.

Heart Chakra Forgiveness
Forgiving is the foundation for overcoming heart chakra blockages

4. Unable to let go of past wounds

Moving into the next symptom of a blocked heart chakra, we enter the arena of trust and betrayal. When we can’t let go of a pain, it’s because we haven’t forgiven something or someone.

If we keep replaying a painful moment in our past, it has not been cleared or forgiven and we can’t step into our Loving self.

5. Anger, paranoia, and trust issues

All 3 of these emotions are felt momentarily throughout our life. And just because you feel these doesn’t necessarily mean you have a heart chakra blockage.

If, however, you feel these emotions for a long period, it’s a sign of a chronic heart chakra imbalance. This is very common but also very serious.

Just like I discussed in our collective heart chakra blockage, much of the world feels this.

It’s another form of feeling betrayed and unable to forgive. This requires loving ourselves and forgiving ourselves so we can then forgive the world around us.

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6. Feeling lonely

Loneliness is a degrading emotion that plagues 46% of Americans and is only increasing as of 2021. How is it possible considering we live our lives surrounded by people?

Frankly, it comes back to our heart chakras, particularly the last symptom I shared. We can’t open ourselves up to the world and the strangers around us if we feel angry, untrusting, and paranoid.

7. A sense of grief or loss

General grief and loss is something people feel often on varying scales and it’s directly associated with the heart chakra.

This isn’t something that we shouldn’t feel, there is absolutely a place for grief however, oftentimes, we don’t notice that we are unconsciously grieving about things that happened a long time ago or small things that happen in our day-to-day life. Oftentimes, prolonged feelings of loss come from something that hasn’t been forgiven.

Grief serves a purpose for a time, but when you overcome it, you can step into your Divine Loving state.

Symptoms of Blocked Heart Chakra
An overview of some signs of blocked heart chakra

Physical Symptoms of a Blocked Heart Chakra

If we practice mindfulness, it’s not hard to notice if we have one of the prior 7 symptoms of heart chakra blockage. However, if we’re not self-aware, we may need to look out for the more obvious physical manifestations of heart chakra pain.

According to various new studies of neuroscience and health, we’re seeing something intuitive have known for a long time which is that emotions can make us sick on both minor and major levels.

Here are some ways that feelings of grief, loneliness, and mistrust can manifest in our physical bodies, according to ancient chakra philosophy.

8. Weak immune system

The first symptom of heart chakra imbalance is a weak immune symptom. Our heart is the core of our circulation, a central component of our immunity, and the representation of life itself.

The source of our emotions starts with thoughts in our minds but once the thought occurs we can’t prevent it from affecting our physical bodies. As Dr Joe Dispenza shares, thoughts are in the mind and feelings are in the body. If you’re feeling an emotion, it’s already integrated into your physical through your nervous system–it’s not optional.

Because of this, emotions can cause disruptions in our system through the nervous system. When the nervous system is affected, our heart is affected, and the heart supports the immune system along with other things.

Long story short, if you constantly feel susceptible to illness, you might need to address a heart chakra blockage.

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9. Insomnia

What does the heart have to do with sleep? A lot! Just as I explained before, emotions affect us automatically and usually subconsciously.

If you feel insomnia for an inexplainable reason, it’s very possible that it was caused by the emotions of the heart chakra. Perhaps feeling hurt, feeling unloved, feeling untrusting, etc.

10. Tightness in the chest, shoulders, and arms

When your heart chakra is out of whack, you’ll notice it in the muscles and limbs surrounding the heart such as the chest, the shoulders, and the arms.

When our heart chakra is blocked, I think of it like the heart putting up a shield and that shield is our muscular tissue surrounding the heart region.

If you feel suddenly tight in these areas for a not-so-obvious reason, you may need to heal your heart chakra. Or, if you feel long-term chronic tightness here, this may be an even more powerful sign that you are not currently unlocking your full love and trust.

11. Issues with heart health

You might be starting to see that commonly used phrases like heartbreak are not metaphors, but they’re real. Heartbreak causes heart problems. And not just intimate relationship heartbreak, but anything similar to feeling of grief and betrayal.

Healing A Blocked Heart Chakra

If by now you realize you have a heart chakra blockage, whether big or small, there are dozens of ways to heal the heart chakra with mindfulness.

The heart chakra begins and ends with love and that’s exactly where we start. Self-love is the foundation on which you’re building loving relationships with others.

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