12 Gift Ideas For The Enneagram 7

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Gift Ideas for Enneagram 7

Do you have a type 7 in your life who loves newness and to have fun? Read this blog! I’m sharing the best gifts for the enneagram type 7. 

What Is The Enneagram 7?

The enneagram type seven is called the enthusiast. Your core desire is to have fun and be happy. As a 7, you are playful, excited, energetic, enthusiastic, and social. Your core desire comes from the fear of feeling negative emotions and discomfort. Sticking to a schedule and embracing silence don’t come naturally to you.

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What Enneagram 7s Want From A Gift. 

The best gifts for the enneagram 7 are ones that are exciting and add more fun to their life. Enneagram 7s prefer experiences over tangible gifts, especially experiences that are with other people.

The one thing you don’t want to gift your enneagram 7 is something they “need.” If they needed it, they’ll get it another day! Type 7s want their gifts to be new, fun, and exciting. 

Here are the 12 gift ideas for the enneagram 7!

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12 Gifts Ideas For The Enneagram 7

Enneagram Coffee: SEVEN Roast

I got my first bag of Enneagram Coffee as a gift for my birthday. The second I saw it,  I fell in LOVE with it.

Enneagram coffee is a coffee roasting company that had created a specific roast for each enneagram type. True hand crafted, artisan coffee comes in a stylish bag with a morning affirmation for that specific enneagram type!

I haven’t tried the SEVEN bag yet but with how much I loved their NINE roast, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! They’ll love the phrase “adventure fuel” that is on the front of the bag.

Gift your type 7 friend a bag of this delicious coffee and they’ll love it!

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Enneagram 7, Stay Fun Orange Hoodie

Enneagram 7, Stay Fun Hoodie

Type sevens will love being gifted this cozy and vibrant hoodie that tells the world “hey, I’m an enneagram 7 and I’m the most fun person on the planet.” This hoodie also comes in other colors too if the type 7 you know isn’t a fan of orange!

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Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy

The name speaks for itself. Enneagram 7s aren’t big on journaling because it can seem boring but they’ll love journaling with the Instant Happy Journal! This is a 1 year journal that had 365 days of unique reflections that will promote happiness.

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A Giant Unicorn Float

My type 7 brother was helping me write this blog. While we were scrolling through ideas on amazon, we came across this huge unicorn float and he went “YES! I want that. You have to put this on the blog!”

He’s right, type 7s will be so excited to receive this gift! It adds fun and more excitement to hanging out with friends.

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The Anywhere Travel Guide 

This is a gift 7s will love. This is anywhere travel guide includes 75 cards with action prompts you can do wherever you are in the world. For example: ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is. Go there, write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper, leave it where someone else will find it later. 7s are probably one of the few types who are care-free enough to do these prompts!

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Enneagram 7 Candle 

A candle is a great gift for your enneagram 7 friend or family member. Get them this enneagram 7 candle.

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The Experts Guide To mindfulness Activities Cover

The Experts Guide To Mindfulness Activities

This workbook has 30+ fun activities that teach you to practice mindfulness! I love this workbook personally and I bet type 7s will too. 7s favorite kinds of gifts are experiences, they’ll love how these activities are fun and help them with their self growth!

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Enneagram 7, Stay Fun Mug

If you’re trying to find gifts for your enneagram 7 that knows they’re a 7, this coffee mug is perfect for them! Bonus: Gift them some artisan coffee, tea, or chocolate to go with it.

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Best Self Impact Deck

Every type 7 should try this deck. The Best Self Impact deck brings you daily affirmations, prompts, or actions to help you be your best self and leave an impact on the world. And type 7s won’t get overwhelmed with the process since they are short and simple cards.

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A Board Game

Type 7s love board games, it’s social, it’s competitive, it’s everything they could ask for. This makes board games perfect gifts to get your enneagram 7! The more chatting the game requires, the better. I linked to Smart Ass, a game a type 7 in my life loves. This game is kind of like Taboo, it requires the players to guess the person, place, or thing they are trying to describe before other players do.

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Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal

Foodie Dice

Does your type 7 friend have trouble making decisions about what to do for dinner? Easy solution! Roll the dice and they’ll make the decision for you. There are five foodie dice which include a protein, veggie, grain/herb, bonus ingredient, and cooking method, roll, cook, and serve! 

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Experience Gift Baskets

This is my favorite gift to receive. Pick a surprise mini-experience and put together a gift basket that includes all the materials they’ll need for that experience. 

Here are some ideas. 

1. Campfire night. Get marshmallows, graham crackers, a chocolate bar, a comfy jacket, roasting sticks, drinks, and printed out directions, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to have a campfire!

2. Photoshoot. Get them new clothes and some props,put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to do a photoshoot!!

3. Beach Day. Get them a new bathing suit, beach towel, snacks, and boogie board, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to the beach!

You can do the same thing for a movie night, picnic, hike, camping trip, or anything else!

Hope you enjoyed these gifts for the enneagram 7!

Grab the free enneagram cheatsheets before you go to learn everything you need to know about each type.

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Enneagram 7 Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Enneagram 7
Gift Ideas for Enneagram 7

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