13 Gift Ideas For The Enneagram 6

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Gift Ideas for Enneagram 6

Do you have a type 6 in your life who loves loyalty and stability? Read this blog! I’m sharing the perfect gifts for the enneagram type 6. 

What Is The Enneagram 6?

The enneagram type six is called the Loyalist. Your core desire is to have security, safety, and loyalty. As a 6, you are dedicated, protective, cautious, and moral. Your core desire comes from the fear and belief that the world is dangerous and will harm you. Thinking positive and being a daredevil don’t come naturally to you.

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Enneagram 6, Stay Prepared Tote

What Enneagram 6s Want From A Gift. 

The best gifts for the enneagram 6 are ones that add ease, fun, or coziness to their routines. Things that will make them laugh or give them a sense of stability are ideal.

To get gifts for the enneagram 6 that meet that goal, it’s very dependent on what that specific type 6 is like. Artisan tea could add to their sense of stability if that is something they enjoy, or a new travel cup could if they are more on the go.

In this blog, we hope to meet everyone in the middle and share the best gifts all enneagram 6s will love!

Here are the 13 gift ideas for the enneagram 6!

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13 Gifts Ideas For The Enneagram 6

Enneagram Coffee: SIX Roast

I fell in LOVE Enneagram Coffee the second I laid eyes on it.

Enneagram coffee is a coffee roasting company that had created a specific roast for each enneagram type. True hand crafted, artisan coffee comes in a stylish bag with a morning affirmation for that specific enneagram type!

I haven’t tried the SIX bag yet but with how much I loved their NINE roast, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! They’ll love the phrase “contingency planning is my love language” that is on the front of the bag.

Your type 6 friend will love being gifted a bag of this delicious coffee!

Enneagram 6, Stay Prepared Tote
This super cute hoodie is perfect for your type 9 friend.

Enneagram 6, Stay Prepared Bag

This tote is the perfect gift for an enneagram 6! When hanging out with a type 6, they always come prepared, specifically with a bag that has everything they or you could need.

If you’re getting gifts for an enneagram 6 and they know they are a type 6, they’ll see this bag and say “yep, that’s me!”

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More Self Love, Babygirl Mirror Sticker

Type 6s have a lot of self doubt and fear. (Note, this doesn’t alway show up as the stereotypical worry wart who rubs their hands together nervously!) And enneagram 6s love small meaningful things they can use in their everyday life. They will love getting this cute mirror sticker as a reminder to love themselves.

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Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You: A Journal

Your type 6 might be a little scared when they set eyes on this gift. “Ohh idk, there are a lot of things that scare me. Do I have to do one every day???”

In all seriousness, this is a great gift for the enneagram 6. It’s a fun, interactive journal that gives people inspiration and simple prompts to face their fears and be bold.

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Succulent Subscription Box

I know that a lot on 6s love plants. Gift your plant-loving enneagram 6 this subscription box. They will love how it brings bring more comfort to their environment and allows them to embrace their nurturing nature.

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Enneagram 6 Candle 

A candle is a great gift for your enneagram 6 friend or family member. Get them this enneagram 6 candle.

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Empowering Mantras For Success Cover Woo Commerce

Empowering Mantras For Success Workbook

This digital download helps you build your own personalized mantra! Mantras are extremely powerful for enneagram 6s and this workbook will teach them to make their own so they can feel empowered, successful, and grounded.

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Enneagram 6, Stay Prepared Mug 

If an enneagram 6 you know is in need of a new mug, they’ll love receiving this mug as a gift! The Enneagram 6, Stay Prepared will speak to their type 6 nature and remind them to embrace who they are.

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Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal

Best Self Journal

The Best Self Journal is a 3 month journal that helps you set goals, create routines, and stay accountable. Perfect gift for a type 6 who loves their routine! My favorite part is that every day has a new inspiring quote. 

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Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries

Enneagram 6s love cheesy jokes. Get them this funny sign as their next gift and they’ll be sure to laugh about it.

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“Breathe” – Spiral Notebook

A notebook is a simple and easy gift to get a type 6. This “breathe” spiral notebook is a must have for an aspiring journal-er. The simple phrase “breathe” is an important reminder to type 6s to embrace their growth, relax, and just be.

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And The Story Begins

Type 6s surprisingly love mystery novels! And The Story Begins sends you 2 hand-picked mystery novels every month. Your type 6 will love having new books delivered to their home and it will force them to embrace their fear of uncertainty!

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Experience Gift Baskets

Every Enneagram loves this gift! Pick a surprise mini experience and put together a gift basket that includes all the materials they’ll need for that experience. 

Here are some ideas. 

1. Picnic. Get cheese, crackers, a cheese board, wine, and any other snacks of your choosing. Print out directions, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to have a picnic together!

2. Movie night. Get a white sheet, movie projector, some cozy blankets, popcorn, candy, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to have a movie night!

3. Beach Day. Get them a new bathing suit, beach towel, snacks, boogie board, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to the beach!

You can do the same thing for a photoshoot, campfire, hike, camping trip, dinner, or anything else!

Hope you enjoyed these gifts for the enneagram 6!

Grab the free enneagram cheatsheets before you go to learn everything you need to know about each type.

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Gift Ideas for Enneagram 6
Gift Ideas for Enneagram 6

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