19 Gift Ideas For The Enneagram 4

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Gift Ideas for Enneagram 4

Do you have a type 4 in your life who loves aesthetics and feeling all the feels? Read this blog! I’m sharing the best gifts for the enneagram type 4. 

What Is The Enneagram 4?

The enneagram type four is called the individualist. Your core desire is to be unique and original. As a 4, you are artistic, emotional (in a good way), expressive, quirky, and possibly melancholy. Your core desire comes from the fear that if you aren’t unique then people will forget about you. Going with the masses and hiding your emotions don’t come naturally to you.

What Enneagram 4s Want From A Gift. 

The best gifts for the Enneagram 4 are very meaningful, beautiful, and artistic. Type 4’s core desire is to be understood, any gift that shows that you get them and hear them is the best gift for the enneagram 4.

Handwritten poetry, an art piece, or a playlist you made about them, are the best gifts for type 4s. But if you’re not very creative, here are some gift ideas that they will love.

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Here are the 19 gift ideas for the Enneagram 4!

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19 Gift Ideas For The Enneagram 4

Enneagram 4 Individualist Journal

Enneagram 4, The Individualist Journal

Looking for a new journal for your morning ritual, mindfulness practice, or self-discovery journey? Get this Enneagram 4, Individualist lined journal that matches the type 4s vibe! This journal is available as a hardcover and paperback.

Click Here To Shop The Enneagram 4 Journal.

Enneagram Coffee: FOUR Roast

I got my first bag of Enneagram Coffee as a gift for my birthday. The second I saw it,  I fell in LOVE with it.

Enneagram Coffee is a coffee roasting company that created a specific roast for each enneagram type. True hand-crafted, artisan coffee comes in a stylish bag with a morning affirmation for that specific enneagram type!

Gift your type 4 friend a bag of this delicious coffee! The phrase “this ‘normal’ you speak of doesn’t sound like much fun” on the front of the bag will speak to their type 4 nature.

Crystal Healing Bracelet

a perfect gift for the Enneagram four would be something that is multi-leveled, something that is 2 dimensional and has emotions and meaning behind it.

and what is more complex than a bracelet?

a bracelet embedded with spiritual healing stones carefully chosen for whatever you feel you need

shop the bracelets here

Enneagram 9 Stay Vibin' Hoodie Blue

WILD GYM Rucking Backpack

I think you should know that Enneagram 4’s love to be eccentric, and they lust to have things that make them seem individualistic.

and not in a bad way but walking around with a weighted backpack is very very unique…

not dumb, as WildGym.CO has made this a solution for weak backs and weak bones, making this a way to get a better workout out of hiking or walking, and the best part is it’s only a backpack to be put on.

for the Enneagram4 this gift speaks right to them. an activity-based present that they can add to the list of things they do but still make them one of a kind.

Click Here To Shop The Rucking backpack

a WoolX Vest

Enneagram fours love to seem different, and usually, they do that by wearing different clothes than everyone else does.

but instead of getting them a shamanic robe, get them this functional Peruvian sheep wool sweater

shop the sweater here

Coziest beanie on earth

type fours love loud things, so that combined with it being Hand-knitted (or is it crotcheted?) by a full-time RVer makes these beanies truly the coolest on earth.

these are the softest beanies in the world, and there is a great assortment to pick from depending on what your type nine favorite color is!

Order before December 8th to ship this on time for Christmas!

Shop The Beanie Now

a Woolx Bodysuit

as I said fours love expressive attire, to say the least. and it’s most likely that fours will be wearing the loudest clothes in a room

but besides being fabulous, enneagram fours also want functionality for all their activities. so get them this great Peruvian wool bodysuit.

shop the suit here

Enneagram 4, Stay Eccentric Blue Hoodie

Custom Letter Necklace

Enneagram 4s love being given gifts that are personalized. Get your 4 cute custom letter necklaces! It’s a cute and simple way to show your enneagram 4 that you care.

Click Here To Shop.

Gratitude Journal

4s in stress can struggle with getting caught up in negative modes of thinking. Start consistently journaling your gratitude with this daily Gratitude Journal from Best Self to elevate your frequency and practice self-care!

shop the journal here

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystal Pendant

The Indie Vinyl Record Subscription Box

These vinyl records match a 4s vibe. Gift your enneagram 4 this monthly subscription where you get records from up-and-coming indie artists. Each limited-edition compilation features unique artwork & is pressed in various colors. You also have the option to include a playable vinyl postcard single with each record. These cards play on your turntable & feature a hand-written note from the artist.

Click Here To Shop The Indie Vinyl Record Subscription Box On CrateJoy.

BestSelf Convo Deck bundle

Enneagram 4s will love receiving this gift. Enneagram 4s love diving deep with people, asking meaningful questions, and getting to know people. the BestSelf.co convo deck bundle is a purpose-driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections. 

Click Here To Shop The Convo Bundle

The Nomadik Box

Type 4s love adventurous things as it speak to their confident and spontaneous self. so it’s easy to say that this Nomadik box will be right up their alley.

a monthly subscription box that gives you all the necessary (and unnecessary) things you need to adventure

Shop Now.

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystal Pendant

Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club Subscription

This is a monthly subscription box where you get 3 unique recipes by top bartenders + everything you need to make 12 drinks (4 from each recipe) other than the liquor. Type 4s will love trying new flavor combinations and being able to impress guests with their bartending skills.

Click Here To Shop The Shaker & Spoon Box On CrateJoy.

Enneagram 4 Candle 

A candle is a great gift for your Enneagram 4 friend or family member. Get them this Enneagram 4 candle.

Click Here To Shop.

Guide to National Parks: the books

this book will be a perfect gift for the Enneagram four, it will appeal to their data-seeking side but also it will be wonderful for them to look in and see the wonders of nature

Shop The Mug Here.

Cages Of The Soul – Daniel Robledo

Type 4s will love the dark and contemplative theme of this short story collection. Cages Of The Soul is a collection of literary fantasy and horror, Cages of the Soul features 5 different stories, each centered around characters that are trapped. Some by social, some by physical, and some by psychological circumstances…

Shop The Book On Amazon Here.

I AM Everything Affirmation Card Deck

Type 4s will love these affirmation cards! “Negative self-talk sucks. But, like any bad habit with practice, you can make major improvements. “I AM” Everything™ Affirmation Cards will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good.”- I AM & CO

Shop Here.

All Along You Were Blooming

Type 4s love poetry and beauty, this book will be a perfect gift for them. All Along You Were Blooming is a coffee table book by Morgan Harper Nichols, an Instagram poet. Each page has beautiful illustrations and words for the soul that your Enneagram 4 friends will adore.

Shop Here.  

Mindful Gifts For Kids Crystal Pendant

Chakra healing Feather Necklace

Type 4s tend to have a spiritual side more than others. They’ll love these healing crystal pendants from Shamans Market! and honestly they probably even shower with it

Click Here To Shop The Crystal Pendants.

CrankBrothers Multi-tool

Enneagram fours love to be competent, and most likely they love to adventure, so get them a gift that will appeal to both these desires.

A multi-tool may sound dumb, but the Enneagram Four would never think to buy this for themselves, and I bet after they get this they will never take it off.

Click Here To Shop The Multi-tool

Spotify Premium

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts aren’t tangible to open. 4s love music, so one of the best gifts you can get is an online music subscription!

Daily Crystal Inspiration Card Deck

Energy Muse has created pretty much an encyclopedia of crystals, what they all do, and a fast tracker for finding the crystals you need to fast-track the growth you want.

Shop Push-Pin Travel Maps Here.

Experience Gift Baskets

Every Enneagram loves this gift! Pick a surprise mini-experience and put together a gift basket that includes all the materials they’ll need for that experience. 

Here are some ideas. 

1. Photoshoot. Get them new clothes and some props, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to do a photoshoot!!!

2. Movie night. Get a white sheet, movie projector, some cozy blankets, popcorn, and candy, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to have a movie night!

3. Sunset beach picnic. Get them a new bathing suit, cute beach towel, cheese, crackers, a cheese board, wine, and any other snacks of your choosing, put them in the gift basket, and tell them you’re going to have a picnic together on the beach!

You can do the same thing for a campfire, hike, camping trip, or anything else!

Grab the free enneagram cheatsheets before you go to learn everything you need to know about each type.

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Gift Ideas for Enneagram 4
Gift Ideas for Enneagram 4
Enneagram 4 Gift Ideas


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