2024 Holiday Gift Guide For Each Enneagram

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2022 holiday Gift Guide

Find out what gift you should get each enneagram type this holiday season. This 2024 gift guide is sharing the best gifts for each enneagram!

How To Pick Gifts For Each Enneagram

What is the perfect gift for each enneagram? Each enneagram type wants a gift that helps them fulfill their core desire. This 2022 enneagram gift guide shares a gift that is aligned with each enneagram type’s core desire.

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Gift For The Enneagram 1

Enneagram 1s wants a gift that helps people recognize their need for things to be perfect or help them maintain organization. They also enjoy gifts that help them laugh since their growth is lighthearted 7.

Perfectionist Love Language Hoodie

This “My Love Language Is An Organized Dish Washer” Hoodie

How many times has type 1 in your life criticized you for how you loaded the dishwasher? We’ve all been there.

An organized dishwasher is the ultimate act of love for a type 1. Show your enneagram 1 how much you know and care about them this holiday season by getting them this design.

This design also comes as a muscle tee and tee shirt in different colors! 1s will love that this gift also helps them embrace their cozy 9 wings.

Shop the design here.

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Gift For The Enneagram 2

The best gifts for the Enneagram 2 make them feel cared for and help them see their individuality (because of their type 4 growth number). Here’s specifically what we think you should gift the 2 in this enneagram gift guide…

Enneagram 2, The Helper Journal

Help your type 2 cultivate a morning ritual or make time for themselves with this enneagram 2 journal! This Enneagram 2, The Helper Lined Journal matches the type 2s vibe.

Your enneagram 2 will love this gift because it makes them feel seen for their giving nature while simultaneously helping them prioritize themselves.

This journal is available as a hardcover and paperback. Get it as a gift for your Enneagram 2 now!

Click Here To Shop The Enneagram 2 Journal.

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Gift For The Enneagram 3

3s want to be given a gift that helps them achieve their goals without more stress. The obvious gift choice for the enneagram 3 in this holiday enneagram gift guide was the Success Crate Subscription Box.

Success Crate Subscription Box

It says success in the name, need I say more? In all seriousness, type 3s will love the success crate box.

Success Crate is designed to help entrepreneurs, teams, & everyday people become self-empowered and improve internal focus to help accelerate their careers at any stage.

Every box is catered to a monthly theme, filled with workbooks, worksheet activities, bookish items, and self-help items.

This is a perfect gift for stressed 3s! It helps them achieve more success and brings some fun + relaxation into their lives.

Shop The Success Crate Box now.

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Gift For The Enneagram 4

Getting gifts for 4s is the easiest and hardest of them all. The 4 wants to feel understood and important more than anything else, so a gift for the enneagram 4 has to be meaningful to them. Here’s our Enneagram 4 gift recommendation for the Enneagram gift guide…

Push-Pin Travel Maps

PushPin Travel Maps are customizable travel maps, available for the U.S., the globe, and 50 states. Enneagram 4s will love this tailored gift so that they can track their travels and express their individuality by placing it on their bucket list destinations.

Not only are the push-pin travel maps personalizable but they are also aesthetically pleasing and colorful.

Shop Push-Pin Travel Maps Here.

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Gift For The Enneagram 5

What does an Enneagram 5 want from a gift? The 5 want resources and anything that will help them maintain their resources. Tools that simplify their life or make hard things easier are the go-to gifts for Enneagram 5s. That’s why, for this enneagram gift guide, we chose this for the 5…

Lit Chat: Conversation Starters about Books and Life (100 Questions) 

The title says it all. Meeting someone new and having to start a conversation is Enneagram 5’s worst nightmare. Get them the Lit Chat deck so they can have more conversations about the thing they love, books!

Enneagram 5s will love receiving this gift this holiday season because it helps them move toward their growth and take care of themselves.

Shop Here.

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Gift For The Enneagram 6

Above all else, the 6 want to know that you are their loyal friend. A gift for the 6 should reflect that loyalty. For this enneagram gift guide, we recommend you get something for the 6 that says “I get you, I love you, and I need you.”

Enneagram 2 Wanted Candle
I love having this blanket to find my zen!

Hand-Knit Isabella Rose Store Blanket

Holy cow these are the coziest blankets ever! Isabella Rose Store handknits cozy blankets that are perfect to help your type 6 embrace their 9 growth.

Shop The Blanket Now.

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Gift For The Enneagram 7

Getting gifts for Enneagram 7s is simple, they want any and everything that helps them have (healthy) fun! Here’s what we recommend for the 7…

Ray Of Sunshine Til You Cross My Line Hoodie

Monthly Mocktail Box – Raising the Bar

This subscription box sends you alcohol-free cocktail (mocktail) recipes every month. 7s will love this gift and how it brings surprise and novelty to their lives every month.

Because the 7 in stress goes to gluttony, it can be hard for them to moderate themselves or practice healthy habits. The Monthly Mocktail Box helps them try new, fun things while incorporating moderation on its own.

Get your 7 Monthly Mocktail Box now as a gift for the holidays!

Click Here To Shop The Monthly Mocktail Box.

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Gift For The Enneagram 8

The 8 is quite possibly the hardest type to buy gifts for. Since Enneagram 8 only wants to receive gifts if it is efficient or allows them to challenge themselves, finding the right gift for them can be hard. Here is what we recommend for the 8 in this gift guide!

Best Self “Win the Year!” Bundle

I love the company, Best Self, and Type 8s will love it too. Type 8s love being as organized as possible. So for this enneagram gift guide, we recommend getting the enneagram 8 the “Win the Year!” bundle this holiday season!

The “Win the Year!” comes with all of the tools you need to win the day, month, and year! 8s will love that you have helped them be set up for optimal success and organization for the entire year.

This bundle comes with 4, 3-month Best Self Planner + Journals, 3 Win The Day Note Pads to capture and celebrate your wins, and a weekly action pad to help you optimize your week and maximize your success!

Click Here To Shop The Win The Year Bundle.

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Gift For The Enneagram 9

And finally, we have the 9s. What do you get the peaceful, harmonious 9 for a gift? Every Enneagram gift guide I see likes to recommend a blanket and I am sure that 9s are tired of receiving blankets. A gift for the 9 should make them feel seen and bring harmony and novelty to their lives.

Ray Of Sunshine Til You Cross My Line Hoodie

Homebody Stone Mug

This mug is simple but the 9 will likely fall in love with it. 9s love having their cozy moments and this mug is the perfect addition to their morning routine.

This mug is made of stone, making it comfortable to the touch and durable. While lots of 9s have a fun, life-of-the-party side to them, every 9 will resonate with the fact that they are homebodies at heart who love zen mornings, rainy days, and nights in with friends.

Ge the Homebody Stone Mug for your ennegaram 9!

Click Here To Shop Homebody Stone Mug.

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