Gemini New Moon 2022 Horoscope: Chase The Butterfly

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Gemini New Moon May 2022

On May 30th, 2022 at 7:30 am ET, We have a New Moon occurring at 9° in Gemini. Find out all about the new moon here!

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The New Moon In Gemini

The new moon in Gemini on May 30th, 2022 is giving us a light, new beginning from the heavy eclipse season. Eclipse season started with a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th and ended with a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th. This eclipse season highlighted our relationship with worthiness and attachment, simplicity and drama, and much more.

The new moon, happening at exactly 9°03’ in Gemini, brings us the weightless new beginnings we need to balance our lives again.

This new moon invites us to be light in our thoughts and spirit, to socialize, to be curious, and to make the most of our mental clarity.

Gemini New Moon May 30th 2022
This 2022 Gemini New Moon is bringing curiosity and clarity.

Gemini New Moon Sextile Jupiter & Mars Conjunct In Aries

A very important and influential aspect of this new moon in Gemini this 2022 is it forms a sextile with Jupiter and Mars in Aries.

Jupiter entered Aries on May 11th, bringing bold expansion to our lives that is aligned with our individuality. Mars entered Aries on May 24th, inviting us to take bold action after being in dreamy and reflective Pisces.

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Mars and Jupiter will be traveling very close together during the new moon in Gemini. This Mars-Jupiter conjunction is giving us an energetic boost to take action in alignment with our individuality.

Adding this with the new moon in Gemini, we’re going to feel like social butterflies, ready to take on the world and feel free.

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Mercury Retrograde In Gemini + Taurus

The day after this new moon shadow period ends, mercury comes out of retrograde. After taking some well-thought-out action, we’ll receive an acceleration in the direction we chose during the new moon.

This may also mean we are revisiting old ideas from April during this new moon and using them for new beginnings.

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Gemini + Interacting With The World

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and represents the 3rd house of communication and everyday connections.

While our previous lunar cycle highlighted more of our emotional relationship with our inner and outer world, this new moon highlights our mental relationship to things in our everyday environment.

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The question to ask ourselves at this time is, how can we interact with the world with more curiosity? How can you interact with people with more curiosity? What do you desire? Are there questions you haven’t asked to attain those desires? What information do you need to share with others in return?

In the end, this 2022 New Moon In Gemini wants us to be social butterflies, explore our environment, explore possibilities, and seek mental connection

Depending on what house it is happening in for you will determine where you will see the most transformation.

Scroll down to discover in your May 2022 Gemini New Moon Horoscope.

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What Is A New Moon?

New moons bring new beginnings. A new moon is when the Moon and Sun meet in the same position, making the moon invisible to the human eye. In astrology, the new moon is the start of a new cycle that lasts 2 weeks when we then have a full moon.

New moons are a great time to reset intentions and they have a very powerful presence. Depending on what your sun, moon, and rising sign are, the new moon will affect you differently.

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What Does Gemini Represent?

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is known to be the archetype of intellect, cleverness, communication, intelligence, adaptability, flexibility, responsiveness, sociability, and wit.

With a new moon in Gemini, we can expect more mental clarity, stimulation, connection, and curiosity.

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Your New Moon In Gemini 2022 Horoscope

Here’s your horoscope for the Gemini New Moon this May 30th, 2022. Your rising sign will seem to be the most accurate but check your sun and moon for a more detailed conclusion

My interpretation is…

  • The rising Sign horoscope is how it will affect you most on a zoomed-in scale. (How you would say this new moon impacted your short-term and right now)
  • Sun Sign horoscope is how it will affect you in the grand scheme of your life. (How you would say this new moon impacted you when you reflect later in the year)
  • Moon Sign is how it will affect your close life. (What’s going on in the matters closest to the heart)



Aries New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 3rd House of Communication + Everyday Things/ People.

Aries, your everyday environment is in focus right now. This new moon is in your house of neighbors, community, everyday places, and communication.

New learning opportunities and social interactions will be coming to you through everyday people and environment. You may have some opportunities to learn from the people in your everyday environment. You may also share valuable information with others in your everyday environment.

Seek more mental connection in your life. Express your thoughts that would seem to be “pointless” in sharing.

Aries, go out for coffee at your local coffee shop, attend an event going on in your community, talk to people who you see often but don’t know well. Don’t forget to listen to other people too.


Taurus New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 2nd House of Wealth, Finances + Worthiness.

Taurus, you’ve recently reshaped your sense of self and how you show up with others. Your inner foundations are more solid now than ever and this affects your relationships. With this new moon in Gemini, prepare to shift gears towards enjoying the external reality.

New financial streams and ways to own worth will be coming to you through socializing and following your interests. The key is to own your gifts, talents, and traits and see if you can learn more about them. Do you desire more wealth? Maybe you don’t seek more wealth, at least, maybe not in the sense of money.

Do you realize how mental connection can make your life feel more abundant? Do you limit your ability to mentally connect with someone because of insecurity?

Taurus, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Start a conversation about finances if you seek financial security. Share your wisdom with others.


Gemini New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 1st House of Identity, Appearance, And Self

Hello Gemini!!! This new moon has you front and center. Feeling liberated in your identity? Like you can finally let loose and be yourself? Do it! You may have felt heavy and bummed out with this past lunar cycle. Now, all the heavy emotional work you do will help you step into the person you want to be.

Opportunities to show who you are and upgrade your appearance will be coming to you through socializing and following your interests. What have you learned about the concept of identity? Reflect on this now.

Seek more mental connection with others from a place that is aligned with your sense of self.

Gemini, change how you show up if it doesn’t feel authentic. There are so many parts of yourself you have yet to discover. Notice how you act differently around different people.


Cancer New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 12th House of Subconscious, Patterns, And Karma

Cancer, the depths of your mind can feel strong right now. With this new moon in your 12th house, you’re probably craving silence. Any subconscious work you do at this time will be very impactful.

New ideas and perspectives to do deep subconscious healing and reprogramming will be coming to you. If you’ve wanted to break free from a past version of yourself, now you have opportunities to do so.

What programming, beliefs, and fears have you wanted to break free from? It’s time to try a new approach and it might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

One last thing, Cancer, we forget how much we think (and heal) through speaking. Try talking to someone about your struggles with your limitations and matters of the past.


Leo New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 11th House of Community, Friends, and Social Spheres

Leo, is it time for you to work with others? The stars encourage any form of collaboration, networking, and social interactions in your life right now. If you’ve been looking for a mental connection with others, you’ll receive opportunities to do so now.

Networking opportunities will be coming to you the more you socialize and follow your vision.

Go to an event to network. Don’t be afraid to talk to people who could help you attain your goals. Share your vision with others and, most importantly, listen to other peoples’ visions and dreams. Maybe you can help each other attain what you want.

Leo, think about what kind of people you want in your professional social sphere.


Virgo New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 10th House of Career, Profession, and Work

Virgo, a lot of career success can come from interacting with your local community whether that’s online or through in-person interactions.

Career success opportunities will be coming to you through your immediate social spheres. Tell people what you do, be confident in what you do, and be open to conversations.

Someone may share information with you that could change your career. Or you may share information with someone that could further your career.

Virgo, do the people around you know what you do or do you keep it secret? You have no idea how much people want to know about you.


Libra New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 9th House of Philosophy, Travel, and Learning That Shapes Your Identity.

Libra, ready to broaden your horizons both literally and metaphorically? This new moon is happening in your fellow air sign, Gemini. It’s bringing you an adventure and learning experiences through social interactions.

Opportunities to travel and explore with others are heightened right now. Let yourself be inspired by the human experience, ask questions, and watch the world to find your answer.

Go on a hike with someone you recently met (who may even be a potential partner thanks to Jupiter and Mars in Aries in your 7th house). Broaden your horizons, and see how it affects you in attaining your desires.

Libra, be curious, what beliefs do you hold towards the world + life and how do they affect your life experience? What can you do to see the world anew with a lens of curiosity?


Scorpio New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 8th House of Rebirth, Deep Desire, and Sexuality

Scorpio, what are your deepest desires? This new moon is inviting you to explore these depths with curiosity and non-attachment. Remember that a mental connection is needed to form intimacy.

Opportunities to realize your deepest desires better and fulfill your intimate relationships are highlighted. This doesn’t necessarily mean your relationships will be in focus but it could be. This is about looking into your shadows, the desires you ignore, and your attachments

You know you want to fulfill your desires, Scorpio, but are there habits and behaviors rooted in your subconscious that are keeping you from attaining them?

Scorpio, think about what it is you want in your relationships and if there’s anything you can “clean out the closet” when it comes to your shadow side. What does “intimacy” mean to you?


Sagittarius New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 7th House of 1-on-1 Relationships, Romantic + Career Partnerships

Sagittarius, are you ready to make the connections you want? This new moon is bringing you new and long-lasting partnerships, this could be romantic partnerships, business partnerships, or both!

The more of a social butterfly you are, the more you will be rewarded. Just try to not be too flighty, focus on one person at a time, and listen to what people are saying.

Collaborate with someone, spend time one-on-one who piques your curiosity, and be open to new opportunities to connect.

Sagittarius, think about what you need to connect with someone. Is the person you want to connect with already present in your life? You might just need to open your eyes a bit more to see them.


Capricorn New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 6th House of Routines, Stability, Wellness, and Self-Care

Capricorn, your health and wellness will be seen in a new light during this time. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do differently with your routines and habits, now is the time to change them!

Opportunities to serve others in a social environment are highlighted. You may also have opportunities to change your habits via interacting with others. Is socialization part of your self-care? Ponder the fact that, as human beings, we need people.

Change your wellness routine, start a new meditation practice, and take opportunities to share your services with others.

Capricorn, think about what you want your life to look like in the tangible reality. How do you want to serve people and how do you want to serve yourself? How do people play into this?


Aquarius New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 5th House of Play, Romance, Passion, Creativity, + Children

Aquarius, more passion in your life can be found through curiosity, expression, and intellectual conversation. This is the time for you to pursue your love life and creativity!

Opportunities to express your creativity, follow your passions, share your passions, fall in love, and pursue love are coming through your social interactions. If you’ve been looking for more of these things, you’ll find it by asking others and interacting with people.

Go on that date, share your creative expression with others, and start that creative hobby you said you’ll do “one day.”

Aquarius, think about what role your mind plays in your ability to tap into play, romance, and fun every day. Are you limiting your experiences because you are afraid of unpredictability?


Pisces New Moon Horoscope

Gemini New Moon In Your 4th House of Home, Roots, Family, Deep Emotions, Childhood + Motherly Qualities

Pisces, this 2022 new moon in Gemini brings a light and friendly reset to your family life. This new moon is bringing a new beginning to how you interact with your home, family, and roots.

Opportunities to expand your home through new ideas and social interactions are present.

Connect with people who feel like family. Open your home to those who you love and need it. Let yourself feel at home around the friends you love.

Pisces, think about what “family” and “home” mean to you, can home and family be more than blood relatives and a building?

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New Moon In Gemini Ritual

  • Go to a busy coffee shop, sit in nature, or anywhere you can watch the movement of the world.
  • Bring a journal, agate (I love these agate palm stones), and a tea that opens your throat and keeps you feeling mentally sharp.
  • What are the questions you want answers to? They don’t have to be serious questions, anything you are curious about. Start by writing one of these down.
  • Once you’ve written this down. Look for the answer by watching the world. What can you see? Listen to what you can hear. Watch and write down whatever catches your attention.
  • Remember, you don’t have a character limit. Use as many words as you can to convey your thoughts on paper.
  • Continue doing this until you have gone through all your questions.
  • To finish, ask a stranger a question, start a conversation, and see where it leads you.

Are you feeling the energy of the Gemini New Moon this May 2022? Leave a comment below and let us know! Have a happy and harmonious new moon in Gemini.

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