Fall Mindfulness Activities For Kids

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Fall Mindfulness Activities For Kids

From sending kids back to school to Halloween around the corner, you need these fall mindfulness activities for kids! Try them now!

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Mindfulness In Fall

Everyone loves fall. Parents finally get a break by sending their kids back to school. But it can also be a time when kids are stressed and tired from long hours of education. Not to mention, the anticipation of Halloween around the corner!

This makes fall a great opportunity to cultivate mindfulness with your kids!

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not just meditation and yoga! Mindfulness is simply a state of mind where we pay attention to our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and surroundings.

Practicing mindfulness with your kids this fall doesn’t have to be stressful and it is so incredibly important that we keep our mindfulness with us during the school year and upcoming holidays.

11 Fall Mindfulness Activities For Kids

Here are 11 amazing fall mindfulness activities your kids will love to do with you!

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Brain Dump Fall Leaves fall Mindfulness Activities For Kids
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1 | Brain Dump Fall Leaves 🍁

Using orange, red, and yellow paper, cut out fall leaves together. On these leaves, have them write down all of the thoughts going on in their head. One thought on each leaf. Once they’ve written all of their thoughts down on the paper fall leaves, have them gather all of them up and throw them into the air! Tell them to picture all of their thoughts leaving their brain as they throw them.

Prompts to give them after:

  • Which fall leaf thoughts were bothering you the most?
  • Which thoughts do you think we should get rid of?
  • Are there any thoughts you want to talk about?
Jack O Lantern Journaling Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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2 | Jack-O-Lantern Journaling 🎃

This fall mindfulness activity makes journaling easy for kids! First, draw or print some pumpkins. At the end of the day, have them draw and color a face on the pumpkin to match how they felt that day. I.e draw a happy face if they were happy, a sad face if they felt sad, a confused face if they felt confused/off, or a straight face if they felt “meh.”

Prompts to give them after:

  • Your jack-o-lantern looks [blank] today, is that how you felt today?
  • Did you like how you felt today?
  • How could you make tomorrow better and what expectations do you need to set?
Gratitude Hand Turkey Fall Mindfulness For Kids
Easily practice gratitude with your kids with this fall mindfulness activity!

3 | Gratitude Hand Turkey 🦃

Trace your and your child’s hand-for-hand turkey. Have your kids write one thing they are grateful for on each feather. Ask each other why you are grateful for those things.

Here are prompts to help you and your child…

  • Who is one person you are grateful for?
  • Name one food you are grateful for.
  • Is there something that you couldn’t live without that you are grateful for?
  • What is one thing you get to do that you are grateful for?
  • How about something in everyday life that you are grateful for?
  • What is one thing from nature that you are grateful for?
Fall Cookies For Feelings Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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4 | Fall Cookies For Feelings 🍪

Do you normally make sugar cookies during the fall? Great! Here is an easy-to-incorporate fall mindfulness practice you can do with your kids.

Bake some sugar cookies and make a variety of icing colors. Together, decorate the cookies to match the emotions you each are feeling. Each icing color is a different emotion (i.e. yellow is happy, blue is sad, pink is hyper, black is frustrated, etc.)

Prompts To Use…

  • How are you feeling right now?
  • Is there anything bothering you?
  • Tell me more about this cookie design.
Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Mediation Fall Mindfulness For Kids
The fall mindfulness activity for kids you’ve been waiting for!

5 | Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️

Prepare a pumpkin spice hot cocoa for you and your kiddo (psst. I put a great recipe in my free download).

Sit on the floor with your cocoa in hand and set a timer for 10 minutes.

Focus your attention on your cocoa, you can do this with your eyes open or closed. I would recommend eyes closed but this could be a spilling hazard for kids.

Use these prompts.

  • What does your cup feel like? Is it warm? How does it fit in your hand?
  • What does your cocoa smell like? Notice every small scent.
  • Taking small, slow sips, what does your cocoa taste like? Notice all the flavors in the pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate, milk, and whipped cream.
  • How does it make you feel? Happy, warm, excited, joyful, etc.

Continue noticing these things as you sip your cocoa until the timer goes off. Then talk about what you noticed, how it made you feel, and how you feel different than before.

Fall Leaves Glitter Jar Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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6 | Fall Leaves Glitter Jar

Get a mason jar, some water, dish soap, and fall leaves glitter


  1. Fill your mason jar almost entirely with water then add your fall glitter and a few drops of dish soap. 
  2. Close the jar and shake it up. If it is needed, add more drops of dish soap until the glitter floats and the mixture reaches the desired consistency.
  3. When your child is feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or needs a break from the day, shake the jar up. Breathe deeply and let your thoughts settle as the glitter settles.
Mindful Leaf Pile Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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7 | Mindful Leaf Pile

Rake up leaves and build a leaf pile. To make this a fall mindfulness activity for kids, practice awareness of your surroundings as you rake up and gather fallen leaves.

Prompts to use during

  • What colors do you see on the leaves? Notice all the different shades
  • What sound do the leaves make when you step on them? Is the crunch sound they make satisfying?
  • What do the leaves feel like? Are they brittle?
Mindful Fall Walk Fall Mindfulness For Kids
Spend quality time with your kids in nature with this fall mindfulness activity!

8 | Mindful Fall Walk 

Find somewhere you and your kids can go for a walk to see their fall colors! Not only are they practicing mindfulness but they are also getting exercise and fresh air.

Prompts to use…

  • Is there a specific tree you like best?
  • Why?
  • What’s one small detail you can see on each tree we pass?
  • Which color trees do you like? Yellow ones? Ones that orange? Red ones?
  • Do the falling leaves make you feel happy?
  • Feel yourself walking, how do you feel?
  • How does the air feel around you? Is it brisk?
Fall Leaves Breathwork Fall Mindfulness For Kids
Simple breathwork practices but make them fall-themed!

9 | Fall Leaves Breathwork 🌬

To keep your energy up for this cozy time of year, do some energizing and fun breathwork to recenter our minds and embrace fall! Try the two breathwork exercises below with your kids.

Wave breath aka blowing leaves breath:

Tell your child to picture their breath as the wind. And they breathe in, the leaves stay on the trees, and as they breathe out, they blow the leaves to fall. Do this three times.

Breath of joy:

Next, instruct your child to stand up, take a deep breath in, lift their arms over their head, and then swing their arms down, fold over their legs, and breathe out their mouth, like they are a skier pushing their poles into the ground. And then repeat, breathing in, standing tall, reaching their arms up. Breathing out and swinging down. Do this three times.

Fall Mantra Coloring Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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10 | Fall Mantra Coloring

A mantra is a phrase that you repeatedly say or memorize that can help kids affirm any belief! Help your child come up with a fall mantra, create a coloring of fall with the mantra, and hang it up! What do they want to feel more of? What are they struggling with right now?!


  • “I allow myself to be cozy and rest”
  • “Just like the trees that will have leaves again, I allow myself to release and regrow.”
Autumn Sensory Bin Fall Mindfulness For Kids
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11 | Autumn Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are great fall mindfulness activities for kids. Sensory bins are containers filled with a variety of sensory materials for kids to explore. Products such as sensory beads, weighted sand, or pellets are great to use as a base. Sensory bins typically include objects of various textures, shapes, and colors to provide more tactile and visual stimulation.

Place the objects listed below inside a box and instruct your child to use their senses and be mindful of how each thing feels.

Find out what you need for this fall mindfulness activity in my free download!

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Happy autumn!

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