Mindfulness For Your Enneagram Part 1

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Mindfulness For Each Enneagram Type Part One

The Enneagram is a personality system that can give us many insights into all areas of our lives. One of the most beneficial areas is mindfulness! Everyone needs mindfulness but based on your enneagram type, how you should be practicing mindfulness will look very different.

In this blog, I’m sharing the best ways for you to practice mindfulness based on your Enneagram type so you can take the shortcut to a more mindful, healthier, and happier life aligned with your Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a personality type system that consists of nine types. The Enneagram tells you what your core fears and desires are and how you act from these fears and desires in your everyday life.

You only need a very basic understanding of the enneagram to use it to your benefit. 

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Mindfulness is for everyone. The practices in this blog are great for adults and kids of the same enneagram.

If you are a parent reading this, I highly recommend that you find out both your child’s and your Enneagram type and practice mindfulness together. Making this a parent-child experience will help them be mindful.

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Enneagram Mindfulness

A Note on Enneagram and Mindfulness… 

Meditation, journaling, yoga, and other mindfulness practices are great for every enneagram type. This blog is meant to highlight which practices work best for you.

Some mindfulness practices will be more beneficial for certain enneagram types. This blog will help you find direction on your mindfulness journey by using the enneagram. 

Type One Mindfulness
Shake free of your perfectionist and bust a move, type Ones!

Mindfulness For Enneagram Ones

A type One is very organized, hard-working, responsible, and principled. You will be able to tell you’re a One if you like a neat environment, hate breaking the rules, and have a strong sense of right and wrong.

As a type One, your biggest struggles will be feeling repressed anger, your inner perfectionist, and feeling responsible for everything. To become more mindful, you need to practice letting loose and expressing your emotions. 

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Ones, will be journaling and dance parties. 

Start a consistent journaling practice where you can express your emotions and feel truly vulnerable. When you feel moments of anger, open your journal and write down how you feel.

Another practice you’ll want to do is a mindful dance party to allow yourself to let loose and shun your inner critic. Be creative, be expressive, and be mindful of how you feel as you dance.

Type Two Mindfulness
Its time for you to make time for yourself, Twos’

Mindfulness For Enneagram Twos

A type Two is kind, giving, polite, and compassionate. You will be able to tell you’re a Two if it makes you happy to lend a helping hand, hate when you don’t get recognition for your kindness, and have a strong awareness of others’ emotions.

As a type Two, your biggest struggles will be feeling resentment when people don’t appreciate what you give, over-giving to the point of exhaustion, and being unaware of your own desires. 

To become more mindful, you need to practice taking care of yourself and become aware of what makes you happy.

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Twos, will be meditating in nature and planning self-care days. 

Cultivating a consistent meditation practice in nature will help you greatly with becoming aware of negative self-beliefs and subconscious expectations you have on others.

Notice when you feel frustrated or tired because you feel like people aren’t appreciating you or reciprocating your efforts. This is a sign to get outside and meditate on how you feel.

Another practice you’ll want to do is to plan a self-care day where you only do what makes you happy, no seeing others. Be creative, be your own individual, and be mindful of how fulfilling these things are.

Type Three Mindfulness
Get grounded in nature and allow yourself to rest just a little bit!

Mindfulness For Enneagram Threes

A type Three is ambitious, competitive, socially likable, and goal-oriented. You will be able to tell you’re a Three if your number one goal is to be the best at what you do, hate being seen as a failure or feeling judged by others, and are very ambitious.

As a type Three, your biggest struggles are feeling you have to be someone you’re not around people to be accepted, pushing yourself too hard, and being unable to open up to others.

To become more mindful, you need to do something for fun, find like-minded friends you can trust, and affirm that you don’t need to be successful to be loved.

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Threes, will be grounding in nature and creating mantras.

Routinely grounded in nature, assuming weather conditions permit. Hiking, climbing trees, playing in the ocean, or even just standing barefoot in the sand will help you feel centered in who you are and practice being present.

When you feel yourself getting anxious or antsy because you aren’t achieving something, take a deep breath and get out in nature. Just be.

Another practice you’ll want to do is to write yourself mantras that remind you that you are good enough. “I am worthy”, “I am authentic”, “I am a winner”, “I am proud of who I am.”

Type Four Mindfulness
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!!

Mindfulness For Enneagram Fours

A type Four is creative, expressive, artistic, and emotionally in tune. You will be able to tell you’re a Four if you love being creative. As kids 4s are seen as unique, and expressing your emotions is extremely important to you.

As a type Four, your biggest struggles are feeling misunderstood, afraid of being inauthentic, and feeling that you’re always missing something to be happy. 

To become more mindful, you need to take care of your physical body, express what you are feeling to others, and become aware of when your emotions are lying to you vs when they are being honest.

The best mindfulness practices for you, type Fours, will be gratitude journaling and daily yoga.

Start consistently journaling your gratitude to elevate your mood and not get so stuck in those deceptive negative emotions. (Note: I am not saying all your negative emotions are invalid, this is for when those feelings cross the line and tell you life is unfair).

Another practice you’ll want to do is daily yoga to move your energy and take care of your physical body as you are naturally drawn towards creative activities that tend to be stationary. 

Like this blog? What Enneagram are you and how do you practice mindfulness? Comment below!

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