Enneagram Anger Triad Explained

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Enneagram Anger Triad Explained

If you are an enneagram 8, 9, or 1, you are in the enneagram anger triad. If you don’t know what that means, read this blog to find out what it is and why it’s so important to know about your triad.

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What Are The Enneagram Triads?

Picture the enneagram like a clock with numbers 1 through 9. Now imagine you broke this clock into 3rds. These are the triads. Each triad is separated by the core emotion they struggle with, anger, fear, or shame. And while there are three types in each triad, each type copes with the core emotion they struggle with differently.

The Enneagram Triads
Check out this visual representation of the triads.

If you know your enneagram type, you have to learn about the triad you are in because your triad will help you on your journey to your highest self and experience more emotional liberation which is what we are all about here at making mindfulness fun.

So let’s dive into what the Enneagram anger triad is…

Enneagram Anger Triad
Let’s dive into the meaning of the anger triad

Enneagram Anger Triad

Enneagram types 8, 9, and 1 are in the anger triad which means the core emotion you struggle with is anger.

People in this triad react with anger, whether it’s repressed or expressed to avoid being harmed.

The anger triad struggles with processing emotions, expressing their need for vulnerable connection, and recognizing frustration.

This triad is also known as the gut triad. The gut triad makes decisions from their instincts and gut.

However, 8s, 9s, and 1s each cope with this anger differently…

Enneagram Anger Triad Stances
Here’s how the anger triad copes with anger.

How Each Enneagram Copes With Anger

In each triad, there is one type that expresses, represses, and one that falls asleep to their core emotion. This is how we cope with the core emotions we struggle with.

  • Type 8s express their anger. Acknowledging when they feel angry and using it as a method of expression.
  • 9s fall asleep to all anger. They hide and ignore that they feel anger for repressing their need to maintain “peace.”
  • And Type 1s repress their anger. They acknowledge the anger of being the only one to uphold perfection but run from feeling it.
Enneagram 8 Anger Triad
Here’s a quick overview of the enneagram 8 within the anger triad.

Enneagram 8s In The Anger Triad

The type 8 is The Challenger. They are known for their bold, assertive, authoritative, and blunt nature.

The core belief enneagram 8s struggle with as a part of the anger triad is that if they show weakness, emotions, or vulnerability, they will be harmed.

Type 8s go to expressing their anger and being argumentative to maintain their feeling of strength and avoid vulnerability.

This leads them to appear rude, lack compassion, and block off loved ones because they believe the only way they can be safe is by being impenetrable.

8s feel that if they aren’t strong, guarded, or ruthless, then they will be harmed.

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Enneagram 9 In Anger Triad
Here’s a quick overview of the enneagram 9 within the anger triad.

Enneagram 9s In The Anger Triad

The type 9 is The Peacemaker. They are known for their peaceful, easygoing, gentle, and friendly nature.

The core belief Enneagram 9s struggle with as a part of the anger triad is that if they aren’t needless and easygoing, they will cause conflict and be abandoned.

Type 9s numb and ignore their anger to deal with it. A 9s core desire is harmony, both internal and external. They believe that if they feel anger then they will cause conflict.

This leads them to have inner turmoil, ignoring their needs, repressing their desires, and living a life out of alignment with who they are, therefore, unable to give to others fully and embody their real peace.

9s feel that if they don’t appear calm, easygoing, or needless, then they won’t be wanted.

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Enneagram 1 In Anger Triad
Here’s a quick overview of the enneagram 1 within the anger triad.

Enneagram 1s In The Anger Triad

The type 1 is The Perfectionist. They are known for their organized, hard-working, responsible, moral, and principled nature.

The core belief type 1s struggles with as a part of the anger triad is that if you aren’t perfect and uphold the world’s perfection, you will be harmed.

Type 1s feel their anger to deal with it yet don’t express it. They believe they are the only ones who will uphold perfection and harbor their resentment as if it is a burden to bear.

This leads them to be bitter, critical, and harsh on themselves and others because they believe they deserve to be resentful.

1s feel that the second they let themselves relax, they will be harmed, betrayed, and abandoned.

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Have any more questions about what the Enneagram anger triad is? Leave a comment below!

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