Enneagram 9 In Stress & Growth

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Enneagram 9 Stress And Growth

What is the stress and growth of the enneagram 9? Find out in this blog where we break down the stress and growth numbers of the enneagram type 9!

What Is Enneagram Stress And Growth?

As you probably know, the enneagram is shaped like a clock with lines connecting each number to 2 others. These lines represent our stress and growth. When we are in stress, we take on the behaviors of a different type and in growth, we take on the behaviors of another.

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Our enneagram type does not change as we move between stress and growth. Our core desire remains the same however, how we try to fulfill our core desire changes based on whether we are in a stressed state or in our growth.

The Enneagram In Stress and Growth
Here’s a visual of what the enneagram looks like. Each line represents our stress and growth.

The Enneagram Actually Grows Both Ways!

We actually are supposed to grow towards both numbers that our enneagram type is connected to, taking on the healthy aspects of both types. And vise versa, we can be stressed and take on the behaviors of either number we are connected to but there is a number that we need to reach into for more growth and one we reach to more easily in stress.

In this blog, we are covering what the enneagram 9s stress and growth numbers are including signs that you are in stress, signs you are in growth, and how to step into your growth. Enjoy!

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Enneagram 9 Overview

The enneagram type nine is called The Peacemaker. Your core desire is to have inner peace and harmony around you.

Common traits of a 9 are…

  • Easygoing
  • Accepting
  • Trusting
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Optimistic
  • Supportive

As a 9, your core desire comes from the fear of “if there is conflict, then I will be abandoned and alone.” Arguing with people and asserting your needs don’t come naturally to you.

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Enneagram 9 In Stress

In stress, the enneagram 9 takes on the negative traits of the enneagram 6, The Loyalist.

The normally easygoing and friendly type 9 becomes stubborn and frustrated. They become hyper-critical of themselves and others, picking what seems to be stupid fights possibly about how the dishes were put away or even just how someone breathed.

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Enneagram 9s are normally known to bring peace and light to a room. But when they are in disintegration, the type 9 numbs out and goes silent. Appearing to be lost somewhere in their thoughts and when they do talk, they seem to have anger in their voice.

As enneagram 9s are apart of the Anger Triad, anger is usually the trigger for 9s to go into stress, specifically, the anger they fall asleep to.

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The deadly sin of the enneagram 9 is Sloth and you can see this in stress. Enneagram 9s in stress lack motivation to achieve or succeed. They find it harder to push themselves or maintain responsibilities.

Overindulging on social media, unhealthy eating habits, and doing random tasks instead of what they are supposed to do, are common signs of an enneagram 9 in stress versus growth.

Enneagram 9 Stress and Growth Traits

Signs You Are An Enneagram 9 In Stress…

  • You neglect serious issues because they feel too much to handle
  • Acting as a people pleaser
  • You repress your negative emotions to the point where you might now be aware of them
  • Pessimism becomes your default state of mind
  • Self-doubt is strong and you have trouble believing in yourself
  • Passive aggressive comments are frequent
  • Numbing is the best way to describe how you feel
  • You don’t want to talk but can blow up fast
  • Indecisive behavior
  • Embracing any form of discomfort feel extremely hard
  • You have trouble staying motivated

A type 9s goes into stress by having their childhood wound triggered. A situation happens (,or many situations) where their childhood belief of “my desires and needs don’t matter” is brought back to the surface and so they go into survival mode to avoid being harmed.

Should type 9s avoid situations entirely where they may get triggered? No, that would be ridiculous. Mindfulness is key here. If we can notice when our childhood beliefs get triggered and pay attention to the negative behaviors that we start using in reaction to it, then we can start healing ourselves and work on stepping into growth.

Enneagram 9 In Growth

Enneagram 9 In Growth

In growth, the enneagram 9 takes on the positive traits of the enneagram 3, The Achiever.

The word I like to use to summarize the enneagram 9s growth is drive. The Peacemaker, who is so great at being easygoing, finds something they love to push themselves in. Not forgoing their peaceful lifestyle entirely but creating space everyday to pursue, be ambitious, and push themselves both mentally and physically.

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By embracing this ambitious side of them, the enneagram 9 feels more confident in themselves and they allow their true personality to shine through. Rather than living out of fear of rocking the boat, a healthy type 9 realizes that they are worthy of their desires and they take care of their own needs.

Enneagram 9 Stress And Growth Signs

Signs You Are An Enneagram 9 In Growth…

  • You feel confident and self assured
  • You have something you are ambitious about
  • Time management no longer seems hard
  • You feel focused & energetic
  • You can express your needs and even take care of yourself
  • Communicating through conflict rather than running away from it or becoming aggressive
  • You can prioritize accurately
  • Easygoing but never forgoing your sense of self
  • You feel a sense of drive when you wake up
  • You challenge yourself daily
  • A team player by bringing your unique opinion to the table

Personally, I think it is easier for the 9w8 to embrace their growth than the 9w1 counterpart. Naturally, the w8 makes an enneagram 9 secretly fire-y, they want a challenge and they want peace afterwards.

Enneagram 9 Growth Tips

Stepping Into Growth As An Enneagram 9

So how can type 9s step into growth? Remember that growth for you, type 9, isn’t about just about the actions you do, it’s about the mindset you embrace.

We can often think we are stepping into our enneagram’s growth number by doing different things on our reality when, in fact, we are just avoiding change.

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Growth for the enneagram 9 isn’t just about doing more, pushing yourself harder, or being workaholic. It’s about embracing what you are passionate about and going after it.

You learn to recognize discomfort and say “okay, I know I feel uncomfortable. But I know that what I am pursuing is going to bring me more fulfillment than staying in my comfort zone.”

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A type 9 can embrace their growth by starting a business, working out daily, putting themselves on a platform unapologetically, setting a schedule, or just pursuing self growth.

Start by asking yourself is “What if I could have more?”

Give yourself permission to do what you want and create the rules for your life.

Embrace your growth, do this Enneagram 9 guided mediation!

When you are in your stress and becoming avoidant, ask yourself “Why am I resistant to act on these issues? What internal conflict am I running from? How have my beliefs been triggered? What would it feel like to act from positive beliefs instead.”

How do you step into growth as an enneagram 9? Let us know in the comments. Hope this blog helped you understand the stress and growth of the enneagram 9!

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