Enneagram 9 Self-Care Guide

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Enneagram 9 Self Care Guide

In need of some self-care, enneagram 9? Read this blog for our guide to self-care for the enneagram type 9 so you can find your zen again!

Enneagram 9 Overview

The enneagram type nine is called The Peacemaker. Your core desire is to have inner peace and harmony around you.

Common traits of a 9 are…

  • Easygoing
  • Accepting
  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Optimistic
  • Supportive
  • Friendly

As a 9, your core desire comes from the fear of “if there is conflict, then I will be abandoned and alone.” Arguing with people and asserting your needs doesn’t come naturally to you.

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A Stressed Enneagram 9…

When Enneagram 9 is under stress, they take on the negative traits of The Loyalist. The normally easygoing and friendly type 9 becomes stubborn and frustrated. They become hyper-critical of themselves and others, picking what seems to be stupid fights possibly about how the dishes were put away or even just how someone breathed.

Another unknown sign of a 9 in stress can be over-achieving and over-working, taking on the unhealthy aspects of the Enneagram 3!

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What An Enneagram 9 Needs For Self Care.

So what do Enneagram 9s need when it comes to self-care?

First, a 9 needs to fulfill their core desire for harmony by doing things that make them feel peaceful. This could be spending time in nature, meditating, or creating a morning ritual.

But the enneagram 9 also needs to embrace both their wings for their self-care too. Self-care for the enneagram 9s 1 wing means making space for organization and finding challenge/leadership for their 8 wings.

To complete their self-care practice, an enneagram 9 needs to embrace the healthy traits of their growth numbers.

Finding time to connect with people (, embracing the enneagram 6,) and pursuing goals (taking on the enneagram 3) is extremely important for the enneagram 9s self-care.

Self Care For Enneagram 9s

So without further ado, here’s our Enneagram 9 self-care guide!

1. Nature + Fresh Air

Never underestimate the power of fresh air to clear your head! Type 9s desire harmony, get outside and hike, bike, or lay in a hammock to get into the silence of nature to find a healthy source of peace.

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2. Make Small Decisions

Enneagram 9s are taught to believe that they don’t deserve to have their needs or desires met. For your self-care, enneagram 9s, make small decisions every day to affirm that you create your reality.

This could be deciding what you eat for dinner, what you wear, and what movie you and your partner watch. Bring your awareness to the decisions you make and tap into what you want.

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3. Journal Your Emotions

Every enneagram type can use more emotional awareness. Type 9s, practice noticing what you are feeling by journaling your emotions on a daily or weekly basis. As a 9 myself, I know this can feel like a messy process that can make you feel chaotic but trust me, emotional awareness pays off in the long run and this will provide you with more internal harmony.

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4. Self Assertion

Practice healthy self-assertion asserting yourself with small requests. This can be asking someone to bring you something or expressing an opinion. Keep in mind that self-assertion can also be applied to yourself, keeping promises you made to yourself, staying true to your values, etc.

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5. Healthy Cooking

When an enneagram 9 is at its worst, it embraces its deadly sin of sloth and takes in unhealthy eating habits. A simple self-care practice for Enneagram 9s is cooking a healthy homemade meal for themselves.

6. Goal Setting

9s, don’t underestimate how good you’ll feel when you embrace your Enneagram 3 growth! Set goals and see how much more vibrant you become! You must set aligned goals as well so what do you want? What do you value? Who do you want to see yourself become?

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7. Morning + Evening Rituals

The most important thing I did for myself as an enneagram 9 in my self-care practice is sticking to a morning and/or evening ritual. It maintains my desire for peace, gives me stability, and starts/ends my day right.

As a 9, I also like to mix it up. So here are some of my favorite rituals I’ve created.

  • Make coffee, do a tarot pull, journal, then post for work.
  • Write a poem for an hour, make coffee/tea, and get dressed
  • Meditate to my favorite playlist, read for self-growth, work on something for long-term income

8. Time Management/To-Do Lists

Something I frankly suck at as an enneagram 9 is planning (barf). but I also know it’s valuable for me. For your self-care as an enneagram 9, either use a planner to manage your schedule or make a to-do list of tasks that must get done every day, (hey, your self-care is a must, so include it on there.)

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9. Connection

It’s important for you to also feel a sense of belonging. Make time to hang out with a friend, grab a cup of coffee, go for a walk, and be willing to share your anger or frustrations with them.  Don’t feel like you can share that with them? What are you afraid of? And are they your friend? Remember 9, you deserve the best from others, don’t devalue yourself.

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10. Small Adventures

Plan small adventures in your life. Something that challenges you physically and mentally and brings you joy.

11. Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating but there is no reason to be. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves! When we sit in silence, we allow any deep-rooted problems, emotions, thoughts, and more to come out of hiding to be healed.  

Embrace your growth, and do this Enneagram 9 guided meditation!

12. Dream Day Journaling

9s, what would your dream day look like? When would you get up? What are you having for breakfast? Who are you with? What would you do? How do you feel on this dream day? Write this dream day down.

This exercise helps 9s become aware of what we need to be happy and what we are shooting for. While you’re writing, notice if you want what you are writing down. Is there something you are avoiding writing because you believe it’s “unattainable”? Dream big but dream real!

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13. Challenge

Start finding daily ways to challenge yourself, do 100 push-ups, go for a run, do a hard workout, learn a handstand, etc, and be mindful of how you avoid discomfort as you do it. Ask yourself, “Am I backing off because I am hurting myself, or am I just uncomfortable?”

Maintain a connection to the body by finding a form of exercise that you love such as yoga, stretching, running, and a 30-day workout challenge.

Don’t forget to download the free enneagram cheatsheets for info on each enneagram type including a self-care checklist!

14. Painting

Creativity is a huge part of self-care! Create a painting to represent how you are feeling. What are you feeling right now? How can you express what you are feeling using color and paintbrushes?

15. Anger Release

As they are apart of the Anger Triad, 9s struggle a lot with repressed anger. So any form of anger release is incredibly beneficial for Enneagram 9’s self-care.

Enneagram 9 Self-Care Products

Now that you have plenty of self-care practices you can utilize, here are some self-care products you should have as an enneagram 9!

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Enneagram 9 Candle 

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Sodalite Crystal

Crystals are my great centering tools to have for your self-care practice. Sodalite is especially beneficial for enneagram 9s. This crystal promotes honesty and openness. it inspires intuition, clarity, and creativity, and is a wonderful aid for meditation. It brings an understanding of difficult situations and encourages sound decision-making. Perfect for 9s who have trouble asserting their desires!

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Enneagram 9 Peacemaker Lined Journal

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Book For Enneagram 9 Self Care

Read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. In You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero brings humor and wit to the topic of “self-care.” This book is great for enneagram 9s because it teaches them to step into their value, own their desires, and more.

Song For Enneagram 9 Self Care

Listen to I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty for your self-care. Let this song become the soundtrack to your life. Stand your ground, type 9, and don’t back down from what you want.

Reminder For Enneagram 9s

Type 9s, remember that it is your right as a human being to express yourself and live aligned with your desires.

Screenshot this reminder and make it your wallpaper to embody your health as a 9!

Reminder For Enneagram 9s

Did we miss anything? Comment below, and tell us how you practice self-care!

Grab the free enneagram cheatsheets before you go to learn everything you need to know about each type.

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