Enneagram 7w8 VS 8w7: Which Are You?

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Enneagram 7w8 VS 8w7 Comparison Which Are You

What’s the difference between the enneagram 7w8 and the 8w7? In this blog, we’re comparing the 7w8, The Realist, with the 8w7, The Maverick.

What Is An Enneagram Wing?

In this blog, we’re comparing the 7w8 with the enneagram 8w7. While they may sound practically the same, there is a huge difference between the two!

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Whichever number comes first dictates your core enneagram type. This affects what your core desires and core fears are.

The second number, your enneagram wing, determines your behaviors.

In other words, whatever your wing is will change how you appear to others. Knowing the difference between the enneagram 8w7 and the 7w8 because your core desire will be completely different and your path to growth changes.

Recognizing the difference also will help you avoid mistyping!

Enneagram 7w8 VS 8w7
Let’s compare the enneagram 7w8 vs 8w7…

Enneagram 7w8 vs 8w7 Comparison

In this article, we’re breaking down the difference between being an enneagram 8w7 versus being a 7w8.

To start, the names of these two enneagram types summarize their differences very well. The 8w7 is called The Maverick, they generally have an intense, social, expressive, spontaneous, and fun-loving nature. They love to debate with anyone they meet.

The 7w8 is called The Realist, they channel their positivity and enthusiasm towards challenge and adventure. These types want to challenge themselves physically and mentally to the fullest. They thrive off of intensity.

Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

The Enneagram 8 is known for its bold, brave, assertive, and intense nature. The type 8’s core desire is intensity. They fulfill this by controlling others, challenging themselves, and scheming.

They become withdrawn and reserved when they are at their worst. Overthinking and becoming focused on attaining more information to provide a feeling of control.

Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast

The Enneagram 7 is known for its playful, energetic, social, and enthusiastic nature. Type 7’s core desire is positivity. They want life to feel like a party everywhere they go to avoid negativity.

They become controlling and uncooperative when they are at their worst. Fear of being abandoned is heightened and this amplifies their need to control the fun more.

Read below and compare whether you think you are an enneagram 7w8 or 8w7…

Enneagram 7w8 The Realist
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Enneagram 7w8

The 7w8’s core desire for positivity is fulfilled by challenging themselves and seeking intensity. It is extremely important to the 7w8 that they feel like they are physically challenging themselves.

The 7w8 is called “The Realist.” They take on the appearance of The Challenger in some aspects, meaning that they seem assertive, brave, bold, loud, energetic, and intense.

Enneagram 8w7 VS 7w8

Because the 7w8 is a 7 at their core, they avoid negativity in stress. When they become burnt out, the 7w8 will avoid responsibility and maintain positivity by controlling the fun.

This is different for the 8w7. In stress, the 8w7 will become aggressive and hoard their resources.

Enneagram 8w7 The Maverick
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Enneagram 8w7

8w7’s core desire for challenge is fulfilled by seeking thrill, fun, and socializing. Intensity for them is aligned with keeping the fun high.

The 8w7 is going to take on the appearance of The Enthusiast. They seem intense, social, expressive, spontaneous, and fun-loving.

Enneagram 7w8 Vs 8w7
Checkout this simple comparison of the 7w8 to the 8w7

8w7s want to be on the move at all times. Sitting still feels unfulfilling for your core desire so you seek out the next new thing whether that is surfing, talking to a stranger, or a new business venture.

Because the 8w7 is an 8 at their core, they withdraw and become extra aggressive in stress. The 8w7 will take less action and become focused on attaining more information to feel in control when they are becoming burnt out.

Enneagram 7w8 VS 8w7
Knowing whether you’re an 8w7 VS 7w8 changes your core desire!

Enneagram 7w6 VS 8w9

Because each enneagram type can tap into both wings, it’s important to take them into account when figuring out if you are a 7w8 or an 8w7.

The Enneagram 8w7 Also Has A 9 Wing

Even if you are an enneagram 8 with a dominant 7 wing, you can tap into your 9 wing.

Your 9 wing makes you protective. You use your strong, assertive demeanor to defend the underdog.

This wing 9 gives you a desire to use your strength to maintain harmony. To you, harmony only comes through managing others and making sure everyone is getting what they want. You use your strong voice to ask “What does everyone need” and you make it happen.

Whereas if you are an enneagram 7 with an 8 wing, this isn’t as common if a desire for you.

The Enneagram 7w8 Also Has A 6 Wing

As an enneagram 7 with a dominant 8 wing, you can tap into your 6 wing.

Your 6 wing makes you loyal, cautious, and diplomatic. There’s a part of you that wants to bring people together and have them all get along.

This wing 6 makes you extremely cautious and nervous at times which helps you find balance. A 7w8 can be so focused on fun and intensity at times that they put themselves in dangerous situations. Your 6 wing can bring you back to earth and help you find fulfillment through friends.

If you are an Enneagram 8 with a 7 wing, you don’t care about having loyal connections.

Did this blog help you understand the difference between the enneagram 8w7 versus the 7w8? Leave a comment below!

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