The Enneagram 6 Personality

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The Enneagram 6 Personality

Discover everything you should know about the Enneagram 6 personality type, also known as The Loyalist or The Skeptic by reading this blog!

What Does It Mean To Be An Enneagram 6?

Being an enneagram 6 means that the thing you want most is safety, security, and loyalty. This is because, in childhood, you were taught to believe that the world is dangerous and that people are going to betray you. Now, as an adult, you are a highly loyal and dedicated friend who protects others at all costs.

The Enneagram 6 Personality Type
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What Does It Mean To Be An Enneagram 6?

If you are an enneagram six, you are known as The Loyalist. You are protective, loyal, and cautious. As a 6, your core desire is to have loyalty because, in childhood, you were taught that the world is cruel and that people will always betray you.

Enneagram 6 Description

The enneagram type six is known as The Loyalist. The 6 is characterized by their protective, loyal, and cautious nature. If you are a 6, your core desire is to have loyalty because, in childhood, you were taught that the world is cruel and that people will always betray you.

Traits of an Enneagram 6

The Enneagram 6 is the kindest yet most assertive person you will meet. Unlike the 2 who is always warm and welcoming, the enneagram 6 is unafraid to be blunt or stern to protect those they love.

The Enneagram 6 is stereotypically worried and anxious. Think Piglet from Winnie The Pooh. If you relate to this character, you are likely an enneagram 6. However, while some 6s are like this, not all 6s are this fearful on the surface.

The traits that all 6s possess are fairness, morality, and friendliness. A 6 is always there for you when you need them. If you prove to be an unreliable friend, they will cut you off immediately.

6s want to be prepared at all times for everything. They are planners and want to know the plan. You can guarantee that the 6 had their car/bag packed with everything they or their friends could need including snacks, napkins, jackets, chargers, and more.

Your wings also play a huge factor in your behavior because your wings determine your behavior. Read our blog on the 6’s wings, click here.

More of a listener than a reader? Watch our video on the Enneagram 6’s wings here!

Enneagram 6 In Stress

What Does An Enneagram 6 Look Like in Stress?

A stressed enneagram 6 is controlling and selfless. Taking on the negative traits of Enneagram 3, the stressed 3 becomes fearful of betrayal, hides who they are, and focuses on maintaining control and security.

Each enneagram type has specific signs that they are under stress! They take on the negative traits of a different number of stress.

The systematic and logical type 6 becomes anxious, controlling, self-centered, and aggressive.

Enneagram 6 In Stress

6s greatest fear is betrayal. When the 6 gets burnt out or has an experience that feels like a betrayal, the 6 withdraw their warmth and loyalty to stay safe.

And so, 6s will become controlling, aggressive, and bitter. The enneagram 6 usually doesn’t consciously recognize that they feel unsafe or betrayed. They will likely see it as anger, where their protectiveness turns into justification, mainly of their beliefs and actions.

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Enneagram 6 In Growth

What Does An Enneagram 6 Look Like in Growth?

The Enneagram 6 in growth incorporates calm, easygoingness, and diplomacy in their being. They take on the healthy traits of Enneagram 9 by building a sense of grounding within themselves and learning when it’s time to hold on and when it’s time to let go.

Each enneagram type has specific signs that they are in a healthy state of growth and takes on the positive traits of two other numbers in growth.

Enneagram 6 In Growth

When the enneagram 6 steps into their growth, they learn how to be more easygoing. They can do this because they’ve learned how to trust themselves and build their feeling of grounding within themselves.

A type 6 in growth trusts that everything will work out and so, they can choose what battles to fight and which aren’t worth their energy. The healthy 6 is peaceful, calm, and creative.

Get my top self-care tips for the Enneagram 6!

Enneagram 6 Common Mistypes

Some of the Enneagram types are very similar to one another. This is why it’s important to take your time and learn about each type before you type yourself!

Enneagram 6 and 8 Mistype
Read our blog on the enneagram mistypes.

6s commonly mistype themselves as Enneagram 8s because both are assertive, protective, and fear being taken advantage of. However, there are key differences between these 2 types.

The 6 struggles with fear and is much less aggressive than the 8. And the 8 is not as compassionate or friendly as the 6. The 6 needs people much more than the 8 does.

6s can also mistype as 3s, 5s, and 1s.

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Enneagram 6 Subtypes

In the enneagram, there are three variations of each type called Instinctual Subtypes.

These 3 subtypes are determined by the 3 major survival instincts we operate on.

Enneagram 6 The Loyalist
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The SX Enneagram 6 (Sexual 6)

The SX type 6 mistypes commonly enneagram 8. This 6 is the most aggressive of the 6’s subtypes and wants to have an intense connection and possibly control over others. The SX 6 is known as the counter-phobic 6, meaning that they won’t identify as fearful. The SX 6 will usually charge their fears head-on to overcome them.

The SP Enneagram 6 (Self-Preserving 6)

The SP 6 is the most like the type 6 stereotype (which isn’t bad). These 6 want physical security the most and they maintain it by controlling their time, schedule, and resources as much as possible. The SP 6 subtype struggles the most with anxiety on the surface, commonly found rubbing their hands together anxiously and preparing for the worst.

The SO Enneagram 6 (Social 6)

The SO 6 seeks to protect everyone. They make sure that everyone in the world is getting their fair share and are deeply upset by societal wrong-doings. The SO 6 wants to know the rules for everything and make sure that they are as fair as possible. These 6 think they must make sure justice is served. A lot like the Enneagram 1 but still, the core desire is rooted in safety, security, and loyalty.

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What An Enneagram 6 Needs To Hear

Dear Enneagram 6s, we are sorry we taught you to believe that you would always be betrayed. We are here for you and we promise that the world is looking out for you. You are safe.

Enneagram 6 Romantic Compatibility

Who is an Enneagram 6 Compatible With?

The Enneagram 6 will get along the most with Enneagram 4s, 9s, and 5s. 4s have a similar core desire and are very loyal. 9s are easygoing and promote growth for the 6. And 5s are logical which can help the 6 feel stable.

The enneagram type 6 will be drawn towards other types that feel safe and they know will be loyal to them.

Enneagram 6 Compatibility
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Commonly, the enneagram 6 will seek out type 4s who want to feel understood and know what it’s like to feel alone. 4s are extremely loyal people and can bring a realm of fun to the 6s’ life that they thrive on.

6s can also commonly end up with 9s. 6s move towards qualities of the 9 in growth and having someone who possesses those traits can make it easier for the 6 to embrace them.

And 6s can enjoy the company of 5s who are analytical, orderly, and stable.

Find out more about the Enneagram 6 Compatibility (coming soon)

Best Careers For An Enneagram 6

Because Enneagram 6’s core desire is to be loyal, the type 6 can do well in any career that requires them to take care of people and make sure things are safe.

Potentially fulfilling careers for the 6 would be…

  • Nurse
  • Blogging
  • Children’s Teacher
  • Caretaker
  • Consul
  • Receptionist
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Interior Designer
  • Host/Hostess
What Are The Best Careers For An Enneagram 6?

Enneagram 6 does best using its warm and friendly personality to take care of others in a career. They make great Nurses, Public Relations Managers, Teachers, and Hosts/Hostesses. Any job where they can make sure things are safe and protect others serves them well.

What questions do you still have about the Enneagram 6? Let me know in the comments below!

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