Enneagram 5 Self-Care Guide

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Enneagram 5 Self Care Guide

In need of some self-care, enneagram 5? Read this blog for our guide to self-care for the enneagram type 5 so you can find your zen again!

Enneagram 5 Overview

The enneagram type five is called The Investigator.  Your core desire is to know, and resources, and be capable.

Common traits of a 5 are…

  • Logical
  • Cerebral
  • Reserved
  • Analytical
  • Introverted
  • Methodical
  • Factual
  • Inquisitive
  • Neutral
  • Curious

As a 5, your core desire comes from the fear that if you don’t have all the knowledge then you will be incapable. Being emotionally expressive and spontaneous doesn’t come naturally to you.

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A Stressed Enneagram 5…

In stress, the enneagram 5 takes on the negative traits of the enneagram 7, The Enthusiast. The normally systematic and responsible type 5 becomes impulsive and irresponsible. A stressed 5 seeks pleasure like a 7 and forgoes their long-term plans.

Another unknown sign of a 5 in stress can be aggression and control, taking on the unhealthy aspects of the Enneagram 8!

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What An Enneagram 5 Needs For Self Care.

So what do Enneagram 5s need when it comes to self-care?

First, a 5 needs to fulfill their core desire of capability by doing things that make them feel in control and abundant in resources. This could be exercise, grocery shopping, or learning something new.

But Enneagram 5 also needs to embrace both their wings for their self-care too. Self-care for the Enneagram 5s 6 wing means building loyal connections and being creative for their 4 wing.

Don’t know your wing? Find out here!

To complete their self-care practice, an enneagram 5 needs to embrace the healthy traits of their growth numbers.

Stepping into a leadership role, building self-confidence, taking bold action (, embracing the enneagram 8,) and having fun (taking on the enneagram 7) are extremely important for the enneagram 5s self-care.

Self Care For Enneagram 5s

So without further ado, here’s our Enneagram 5 self-care guide!

1. Alone Time

If you’re feeling burnt out and tired, enneagram 5, the first thing you need to do for your self-care is get some alone time. Sit in nature, read a book, and just recharge your social battery.

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2. Daily Movement

5s need movement in their mindfulness practice to get out of their heads. Whether it is yoga, running, or Thai Chi, incorporate daily movement into your self-care.

3. Learn Something New

Type 5s core desire is to feel capable. So for your self-care, learn something new for fun to fuel that sense of capability. Take an online class, read a book you’ve been putting off, dive into your latest hobby, and learn anything new that is enjoyable for you.

Gift Ideas for Enneagram 5
Check out our gift guide for the Enneagram 5 before you go!

4. Silent Time

Make time to be in silence more often without stimulation if you’re feeling tired. 5s need their quiet time more than any other type so make time for it.

Check out this pin on journal prompts for Enneagram 5s!

5. Emotion Check-Ins

A small self-care habit 5s should practice is checking in with their emotions at the end of the day. By journaling their emotions daily, 5s practice emotional awareness and they become more comfortable with embracing feelings

6. Connect

For each enneagram type’s self-care, they have to step into each of their wings. For your 6-wing self-care, make time to connect and be yourself with a trusted friend!

Check out this idea pin for ways to practice spontaneity and release anxiety!

7. Spontaneity

Embrace the healthy aspects of an enneagram 7, and make time to be spontaneous! Schedule your day of not planning if you need to but make time to think less and act on impulse. Take the day off of work, walk around, be curious, go into random coffee shops, experience newness, and be open to new opportunities.

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8. Breathwork

Breathwork can be a great way for 5s to practice self-care! By practicing breathwork, we stay grounded in the present and clear our minds to look at why we are tense in the first place. Try incorporating breathwork into your self-care practice.

Enneagram 5 Self Care Crossword
Do this self-care crossword and share it on Instagram!

9. Small Goals

To embrace your Enneagram 8 growth number, set small, attainable goals to boost your confidence and keep moving forward. These could be career goals, self-growth goals, relationship goals, etc. Just always have a goal.

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10. Declutter

5s deadly sin is avarice and they can struggle with keeping their home tidy. Well, in their eyes, they see nothing wrong with their organization but they can tend to keep a lot of unnecessary clutter. For your self-care, declutter your space and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. You’ll be amazed by the mental clarity this can bring you!

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11. Be Creative

Everyone needs to embrace their creativity. Find your creative outlet and practice self-expression for your self-care. Creativity isn’t always painting if that’s not your thing. Creativity is the act of free-flowing creation. Movement can be creativity, building can be creativity, and get creative with how you are creative.

12. Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating but there is no reason to be. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves! When we sit in silence, we allow any deep-rooted problems, emotions, thoughts, and more to come out of hiding to be healed.  

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13. Meal Prep

Take care of yourself through the food you eat, and prep your meals for the week ahead of time to remain efficient and healthy.

14. Spend

“NOOO my resources!” We know, type 5s, that it can be really hard for you to spend money unless it’s necessary. But for your self-care, you need to practice abundance and good money mindsets. Spend money on your enjoyment (in healthy ways) more often.

Don’t forget to download the free enneagram cheatsheets for info on each enneagram type including a self-care checklist!

15. Socialize

And finally, the self-care tip you were hoping not to hear, 5s, socialize. Be around people, go out, talk to strangers, and share your energy and thoughts with others. You never know what’s waiting for you out there.

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Enneagram 5 Self-Care Products

Now that you have plenty of self-care practices you can utilize, here are some self-care products you should have as an enneagram 5 that will help you make your self-care practice easy.

Enneagram 5 Candle 

A candle is a great self-care gift as an enneagram 5. Get yourself this Enneagram 5 candle.

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Courage Over Comfort 30-Day Challenge

Self-care for the Enneagram 5 is to do more and think less. Get this Courage Over Comfort course from Best Self to expand your comfort zone with 30 days of challenges that inspire personal growth and mindset shifts!

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Mindful Gifts For Kids Journal


Ready to try a coffee detox? MUD/WTR is a great coffee substitute! I love having MUD in the morning when I’ve had too much caffeine. MUD/WTR is a superfood, chocolate, chai powder mixture that you can drink with water or milk. It tastes amazing, to say the least, and it’s the perfect addition to my Enneagram 5s self-care practice!

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Abundance Crystals Kit

Type 5s need to connect with a sense of abundance and courage. Get this kit that comes with all the crystals you need to practice feeling abundant.

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Coffee and a Classic Book Box Subscription

Treat yourself to this subscription box for your self-care! Enneagram 5s will love this monthly subscription that sends you a classic book and other items based on that novel. All book boxes include a classic novel, a beverage, two high-quality bookish items, and a bookmark that you can customize to your liking and still be surprised by!

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Book For Enneagram 5 Self Care

Type 5s need to read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This is an incredible book for 5s to read to you to take action. The Alchemist tells the story of a boy who receives a vision in his dreams telling him he needs to go to Egypt, so he follows it and goes on a journey across the desert and learns about himself in the process.

Order The Alchemist here.

Song For Enneagram 5 Self Care

Listen to Come On Be Happy by Montana for your self-care. Let the lyrics and melody of this song become the soundtrack to your life.

Reminder For Enneagram 5s

Type 5s, remember that you are always more capable than you think you are. So put yourself out there are start living!

Screenshot this reminder and make it your wallpaper to embody your health as a 5!

Reminder For Enneagram 5

Did we miss anything? Comment below, and tell us how you practice self-care as an enneagram 5!

Grab the free enneagram cheatsheets before you go to learn everything you need to know about each type.

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