Enneagram 4 Self Care Guide

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Enneagram 4 Self Care Guide

In need of some self-care, enneagram 4? Read this blog for our guide to self-care for the enneagram type 4 so you can find your zen again!

Enneagram 4 Overview

The enneagram type four is called The Individualist. Your core desire is to be unique, remembered, and understood.

Common traits of a 4 are…

  • Artistic
  • Emotional
  • Expressive
  • Quirky
  • Possibly Melancholy
  • Creative
  • Humorous
  • Like-able
  • Eccentric
  • And Whimsical

As a 4, your core desire comes from the fear that if you aren’t unique, people will forget about you. Going with the masses and hiding your emotions don’t come naturally to you.

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A Stressed Enneagram 4…

In stress, enneagram 4 takes on the negative traits of enneagram 2, The Helper. The normally authentic and creative type 4 becomes selfless and responsible. Instead of embracing their individuality and using it to serve the world, type 4 in stress forgoes the things that make them unique and focuses on helping others.

Another unknown sign of a 4 in stress can be perfectionism and emotional disconnect, taking on the unhealthy aspects of Enneagram 1!

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What An Enneagram 4 Needs For Self Care.

So what do Enneagram 4s need when it comes to self-care?

First, a 4 needs to fulfill their core desire for individuality by doing things that make them expressive and in touch with themselves. This could be creative expression, a hobby, or spending time in thought.

But Enneagram 4 also needs to embrace both their wings for their self-care too. Self-care for the enneagram 4s 3 wing means achieving goals and spending time in their mind for their 5 wings.

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To complete their self-care practice, an enneagram 4 needs to embrace the healthy traits of their growth numbers.

Stepping into a giving role, helping others, practicing compassion (, embracing the enneagram 2,) and creating more order in their lives (taking on the enneagram 1) are extremely important for the enneagram 4s self-care.

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Self Care For Enneagram 4s

So without further ado, here’s our Enneagram 4 self-care guide!

1. Alone Time

To embrace your 5 wings for your self-care, enneagram 4, get some alone time. Sit in nature, read a book, and just recharge your social battery. You may have not realized how “peopled out” you were.

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2. Organize Your Life

In growth, you take on the good traits of type 1. Embrace this part of you for your self-care by structuring your life more. Organize your home, write out your week (don’t forget to schedule in rest), and clean out physical and mental clutter.

3. Gratitude Journaling

4s in stress can struggle with getting caught up in negative modes of thinking. Start consistently journaling your gratitude to elevate your mood. After all, our thoughts create our reality so the more positive your thinking, the more positive your world will be. (Remember that not all negative emotions are invalid.)

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4. Daily Movement

Another practice you’ll want to do is daily movement to move your energy and take care of your physical body. This will help get you out of your head and out of emotional patterns. 

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5. Dream Day Journal

4s, what would your dream day look like? When would you get up? What are you having for breakfast? Who are you with? What would you do? How do you feel on this dream day? Write this dream day down.

This exercise helps 4s become aware of the subconscious expectations they have of the world and others. While you’re writing, notice if there are simple things you can do to live more in your dream reality. Is there something you are avoiding writing because you believe it’s “unattainable”? Dream big but dream real!

6. Test Your Capabilities

4s struggle with having too much energy trapped in their sacral chakra. The best thing they can do for their growth is get into their solar plexus chakra and test their capabilities. This will provide you with a sense of empowerment you didn't know you were missing out on.

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7. Let Toxic People Go

A 4 in stress can feel the need to extend kindness to people who aren't valuing them for who they are. So for your self-care, type 4, cut ties with people who are making you feel undervalued and not enough.

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8. Detox

Don't just detox from unhealthy foods, detox from unhealthy emotions, conversations, habits, and anything that doesn't support your health. Take a break from social media, quit burning yourself out, and detox from these things for whatever amount of time you can manage.

Enneagram 4 Self Care Crossword
Do this self-care crossword and share it on Pinterest!

9. Reflect

As you go about your day, remember to reflect. Not just on your thoughts and being, but reflect on your reality. Question the way things are, question the things you think and feel, and be curious. This simple act of self-care keeps you from remaining stuck or distracted.

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10. Be Present

For your self-care, see how present you can be in your reality. Notice what's happening around you and see if you can fall in love with reality as it is. Do things that challenge you to be more present.

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11. Be Creative

Of course, this self-care guide for the Enneagram 4 wouldn't be complete without reminding a 4 to be creative. Psst, creativity isn't always painting and pottery, it can be anything that requires one to create!

12. Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating but there is no reason to be. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves! When we sit in silence, we allow any deep-rooted problems, emotions, thoughts, and more to come out of hiding to be healed.  

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13. Practice Neutrality

See how much you can practice feeling your emotions and letting them go, type 4, rather than letting them dictate your day or your actions. This is a huge self-growth and self-care lesson for 4s! Recognize what you are feeling, notice why you feel that way, and then remain neutral towards yourself and the world.

14. Set Goals

Embrace your 3 wings, and set goals for your self-care! These could be career goals, self-growth goals, relationship goals, etc. Just always have a goal.

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15. Vulnerability

And finally, for your self-care as an enneagram 4, remember to practice vulnerable self-expression with those you trust. Share how you're feeling and what you are struggling with, and express your thoughts.

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Enneagram 4 Self-Care Products

Now that you have plenty of self-care practices you can utilize, here are some self-care products you should have as an enneagram 4 that will help you make your self-care practice easy.

Enneagram 4 Individualist Journal

Enneagram 4, Individualist Journal

Looking for a new journal for your self-care practice? Get this Enneagram 4, Individualist blank journal that matches the type 4s vibe! This journal is available as a hardcover and paperback.

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Enneagram 4 Candle

A candle is a great self-care gift as an enneagram 4. Get yourself this Enneagram 4 candle.

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Positive Focus Crystals Kit

Type 4s will love this crystal kit that helps you boost your focus and uplift your energy. This kit comes with crystals and more that will help you think positively. It's a great addition to a self-care practice!

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30-Day Gratitude Journal

4s in stress can struggle with getting caught up in negative modes of thinking. Start consistently journaling your gratitude with this 30-Day Gratitude Journal from Best Self to elevate your frequency and practice self-care!

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The Birthdate Book

Dive into the deeper layers of yourself. Get yourself this beautiful, custom book that illustrates your unique astrological birth chart! It has over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, they uncover secrets and insights about your life and personality. Enneagram 4s, you'll love the beauty and accuracy of this horoscope book!

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Nibble Chocolate

Chocolate makes everything better, doesn't it? I love having Nibble Chocolate for my morning and evening rituals as a form of self-care. Nibble is THE BEST chocolate for making cozy drinks at home! Nibble Chocolate is a small artisan chocolate company based out of my home town and all of their chocolate is pure with no soy or syrups. It tastes amazing, to say the least!

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Book For Enneagram 4 Self Care

Type 4s need to read the 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson. This book will help 4s add some structure to their life. Jordan Peterson journeys broadly, discussing discipline, freedom, adventure, and responsibility, distilling the world's wisdom into 12 practical and profound rules for life. Perfect for helping 4s embrace their type 1 growth number.

Order 12 Rules For Life here.

Song For Enneagram 4 Self Care

Listen to Overthinker by INZO for your self-care. Let the lyrics and melody of this song become the soundtrack to your life and he;p you get out of your thoughts/feelings. As Alan Watts says in the song “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. So, he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusion”

Reminder For Enneagram 4

Reminder For Enneagram 4s

Type 4s, remember that no one is holding a microscope up to you, you are enough! Just enjoy being here fully.

Screenshot this reminder and make it your wallpaper to embody your health as a 4!

Did we miss anything? Comment below, and tell us how you practice self-care as an enneagram 4!

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