Enneagram 3 Self-Care Guide

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Enneagram 3 Self Care Guide

In need of some self-care, enneagram 3? Read this blog for our guide to self-care for the enneagram type 3 so you can find your zen again!

Enneagram 3 Overview

The enneagram type three is called The Achiever. Your core desire is achievement and to be the best. 

Common traits of a 3 are…

  • Ambitious
  • Driven
  • Competitive
  • Focused
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Professional
  • Strong-Willed
  • Like-able
  • Charming
  • And Diplomatic

As a 3, your core desire comes from the fear that if you aren’t the best then you are unworthy of love. Flaunting your authenticity and “chilling” don’t come naturally to you.

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A Stressed Enneagram 3…

In stress, enneagram 3 takes on the negative traits of enneagram 9, The Peacemaker. The normally driven and confident type 3 becomes tired and selfless. Instead of achieving their real dreams, they get pulled into people pleasing, achieve what society or others want them to, forgo their sense of self, and end up burnt out.

Another unknown sign of a 3 in stress can be people-pleasing and defensiveness, taking on the unhealthy aspects of the Enneagram 6!

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What An Enneagram 3 Needs For Self Care.

So what do Enneagram 3s need when it comes to self-care?

First, a 3 needs to fulfill their core desire for achievement by taking in intrinsically driven challenges that make them like a winner. This could be an athletic feat, a self-growth goal, or a creative pursuit.

But Enneagram 3 also needs to embrace both their wings for their self-care too. Self-care for the enneagram 3s 2 wing means taking care of loved ones (including themselves) and practicing creative self-expression for their 4 wing.

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To complete their self-care practice, an enneagram 3 needs to embrace the healthy traits of their growth numbers.

Stepping into more relaxation (, embracing the enneagram 9,) and building connections (, taking on the enneagram 6,) is extremely important for the enneagram 3 self-care.

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Self Care For Enneagram 3s

So without further ado, here’s our Enneagram 3 self-care guide!

1. Get In Your Element

Type 3, what do you love to do that gets you in the zone? Where does the world fall away and you feel fully present and at ease? Make more time to get into your element for your self-care.

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2. Practice Authenticity

3s deadly sin is deceit. Naturally, because they fear not being enough for people, they hide who they are. So for your self-care practice, make an effort to be authentic. This could be in everyday interactions, at a coffee shop, or in close connections, practicing authentic self-expression.

3. Have Fun

Permit yourself to let loose, have fun, and be playful around people you enjoy. Bring your friends together, go out, go on an adventure, have fun with people, and see how much you can get yourself to trust and relax.

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4. Spend Time With Friends

Embrace your type 6 growth number, and make time to hang out with friends you trust. 3s can easily push people away because they feel they can’t be authentic around them. Let yourself be at ease and trust other people.

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5. Relax

How To Annoy An Enneagram Type 3:

Step 1: Tell them to relax, that’s it.

Relaxation doesn’t always have to be taking a nap or taking a bubble bath. What makes you feel relaxed type 3? (Other than accomplishing a task). Walk on the beach, read a book, lay in a hammock, go for a drive, write, whatever it is that brings you zen, make time for it in your day-to-day life.

6. Plan A Weekend Adventure

To ask a 3 to take a total vacation would be ridiculous. 3s want to have direction. For your self-care, plan a weekend adventure vacation. Go bike-packing, hiking, whitewater rafting, something that’s fun for you, and don’t bring work with you.

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7. Journal Your Emotions

Enneagram 3s are very aware of what they feel but honoring what they feel is a whole other story. Get in the habit of journaling your emotions daily, recognize what’s going on internally, and respect whatever you feel. Get comfortable with having feelings, you’re not a robot and shouldn’t expect yourself to be.

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8. Self-Worth Mantras

As 3s are a part of the shame triad, they can struggle with self-worth. Create Divine Self Worth from within with self-worth mantras for your self-care.

Here are some mantra ideas for enneagram 3s…

  • “I am deserving of my desires and in alignment with my highest self, these desires flow toward me with ease.”
  • “There is no need for me to change myself for others.”
  • “I am enough.”

Check out more self-worth mantras here.

9. Tech Cleanse

How often do you have technology around you, type 3? See if you can go a whole weekend without any technology. You’ll be amazed at how much clarity you feel afterward.

Enneagram 3 Achiever Journal

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10. MFR/Foam Roll

Type 3s know they need rest but they only do it when it’s convenient. Get a foam roller to practice self-care. Another option is to do myofascial release, a self-massaging technique where you roll your muscles on a tennis ball.

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11. Be Creative

To embrace your 4 wings, practice creativity! Find your creative outlet and practice self-expression for your self-care. Creativity isn’t always painting if that’s not your thing. Creativity is the act of free-flowing creation. Movement can be creativity, building can be creativity, and get creative with how you are creative.

Enneagram 3 Self Care Crossword
Do this self-care crossword and share it on Pinterest!

12. Meditation

Meditation can be intimidating but there is no reason to be. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves! When we sit in silence, we allow any deep-rooted problems, emotions, thoughts, and more to come out of hiding to be healed.  

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13. Eat Without Distraction

A simple act of self-care you can do is to eat your meals without distraction. Do you tend to check your email or scroll through Instagram while you eat? Believe that there is enough time in the day to do everything you need to. So eat when you eat and work when you work, not both at the same time.

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14. Try Something New

When you truly try something new, you release the expectation to be good at it immediately. For your self-care 3s, try new things more often, let yourself be curious, fail if you have to, and just enjoy the process of learning.

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15. Vulnerability

And finally, for your self-care as an enneagram 4, remember to practice vulnerable self-expression with those you trust. Share how you’re feeling and what you are struggling with, and express your thoughts.

16. Set Goals

“Easy!” But don’t just set any goals, type 3. Set intrinsically driven goals. Not goals not to achieve some external product or result, what is a goal that will make you feel good before, during, and after achieving it?

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Enneagram 3 Self-Care Products

Now that you have plenty of self-care practices you can utilize, here are some self-care products you should have as an enneagram 4 that will help you make your self-care practice easy.

Enneagram 3 Candle 

A candle is a great self-care gift as an enneagram 3. Get yourself this Enneagram 3 candle.

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Calm Down Focus Crystals Kit

The most important part of a 3s growth is getting more time to chill. This crystal kit is great for helping 3s relax! Each kit comes with a collector card for information on each stone, a calm calm-down sticker, along a pouch for your crystals. These crystals have been curated to create a calm and tranquil space for you to access prosperity and protection from unseen realms.

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Enneagram 3 Achiever Journal

Enneagram 3: The Achiever Journal

Looking for a new journal for your morning ritual, mindfulness practice, or self-discovery journey? Get this Enneagram 3, Achiever lined journal that matches the type 3s vibe! This journal is available as a hardcover and paperback.

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The Birthdate Book

Dive into the deeper layers of yourself. Get yourself this beautiful, custom book that illustrates your unique astrological birth chart! It has over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, they uncover secrets and insights about your life and personality. Enneagram 3s, you’ll love the beauty and accuracy of this horoscope book!

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Enlightened Warrior Book Club Box

A subscription box for everyone who loves books that both inspire and create growth. The box will include a book of the month, either fiction or non-fiction, and a variety of local handmade items (soaps, teas, and candles). 3s will love having a new book delivered to their door every month to inspire their self-care practice and remind them to spend time resting.

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Artisan Chocolate Truffles From Nibble

Doesn’t chocolate make everything better? Enneagram 3s, get yourself some of these artisan chocolate truffles for your self-care! Nibble Chocolate is my favorite chocolate company ever. Their quality goes unmatched with their chocolate being 100% natural, sustainable sourcing, and insanely delicious! In this truffle box, you get 8 different, incredible flavored truffles that type 3s will love!

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Book For Enneagram 3 Self Care

Type 3s need to read Rising Strong by Brené Brown. In Brené Brown’s book, Rising Strong, she teaches us how there is power in embracing our emotions and telling our story. I loved reading this book and I think it is extremely powerful for 3s to read. Because becoming vulnerable is a huge step on the type 3 journey.

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Song For Enneagram 3 Self Care

Listen to Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine for your self-care. Let the lyrics and melody of this song become the soundtrack to your life, reminding you to let go of anything heavy. And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off”

Reminder For Enneagram 3s

Type 3s, remember that you are enough! Enjoy life, be authentic, and trust.

Screenshot this reminder and make it your wallpaper to embody your health as a 3!

Reminder For Enneagram 3

Did we miss anything? Comment below, and tell us how you practice self-care as an enneagram 3!

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