Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2: Which Are You?

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Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2 Comparison: Which Are You?

What’s the difference between the Enneagram 2w3 and the 3w2? In this blog, we’re comparing the 2w3, The Host/Hostess, with the 3w2, The Charmer.

What Is An Enneagram Wing?

What is a wing in the enneagram anyway? Your enneagram wing determines your behaviors, not your core desire. The first number you say is your core enneagram type, whatever comes after the letter w is your wing.

While the Enneagram 2w3 and the 3w2 sound practically the same, there is a massive difference between the two! This blog compares these two enneagram types and what the difference is between being a 2w3 versus a 3w2.

Whatever your wing is will change how you appear to others. It’s important to know the difference between the enneagram 2w3 VS the 3w2 because your core desire will be completely different and your growth path will change.

Recognizing the difference between the 2w3 and the 3w2 will also help you avoid mistyping!

Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2
This blog compares the enneagram 2w3 to the enneagram 3w2…

Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2 Comparison

This blog is going to break down the difference between being an enneagram 2w3 versus being a 3w2.

The names of these two enneagram types summarize their differences very well. The 2w3 is called The Host/Hostess, they generally have a social, chatty, and self-assured nature. They present themselves as someone successful and giving.

Watch this video on the 2 and 3 in the shame triad!

The 3w2 is called The Charmer, they like to present themselves as charming, charismatic, attractive, and kind at times.

3w2s, whether they admit it or not, love to be the star of the show! They can’t help but want to be seen as the best, most likable, or most attractive. 3w2s are social butterflies and they love to put together community events, throw parties, volunteer, etc.

Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

The enneagram 2 is called The Helper. The 2’s core desire is to help others and be there for everyone. Often a 2 is kind, helpful, giving, polite, empathetic, and compassionate.

2s constantly find themselves being a listening ear and never talking about their feelings. Their core desire comes from the fear of not devoting themselves to helping others. Because if they didn’t they’d be unworthy of love.

Under stress, they can become bitter for acting too selfless all the time and play the martyr. They tell themselves that they will only be valued for their services and forget to be who they are.

Enneagram Type 3: The Achiever

The type 3 is called The Achiever. Their core desire is to be the best and achieve. The type 3 is generally likable, driven, ambitious, and charming.

This leaves them with a strong inner critic telling them that achievement is the only way they’ll be valued. The 3 can also often present themselves as the type 7! Because, to them, being the life of the party is to be the most liked which means they are also the best.

Both these types struggle with unworthiness however their core desires and massively different. This makes it much easier to find out if you’re a 2w3 or a 3w2. Read below and compare whether you think you are an enneagram 2w3 or 3w2…

Enneagram 2w3 The Host/Hostess
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Enneagram 2w3

The 2w3 is called “The Host/Hostess.” This is the more extroverted 2 wing variant. 2w3s want to help larger groups and bring people together.

The 2w3 takes on the appearance of The Achiever in some ways. They appear social, chatty, welcoming, and self-assured. To the 2w3, being seen as someone successful and giving is to be the best.

The type 2’s core desire to serve is combined with the 3’s desire to be the best. They want to make sure that people can tell that they are a giving person who does their very best to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2

You can often find the 2w3 bringing communities together, hosting parties, taking on leadership roles in the community, and taking care of big groups of people. While they enjoy this, they also have a deep-rooted feeling of shame that they aren’t ever enough. This makes the 2 very image-conscious.

In stress, the 2w3 becomes self-sacrificing and bitter. They will give so much to other people that they don’t take care of themselves.

This is different for the 3w2. In stress, the 3w2 will go to laziness and apathy.

Enneagram 3w2 The Charmer
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Enneagram 3w2

The 3w2 is the more extroverted 3 wing and they take on the appearance of The Helper in some aspects, meaning that they seem kind, charismatic, attractive, giving, and selfless.

The Charmer fulfills their core desire to be the best by serving others. The 3w2 does this by being a host or a performer. 3w2s, whether they admit it or not, love to be the star of the show! They can’t help but want to be seen as the best, most likable, or most attractive.

3w2s are social butterflies and they love to put together community events, throw parties, volunteer, etc. Deep down, the 3w2 wants to be liked by everyone and be the center of attention.

Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2
Check out this simple comparison of the 2w3 to the 3w2

A 3w2 biggest struggle is that they care a lot about their image. You want to be seen as successful and popular in society. 3w2s need to make time to be with people who allow them to be authentic.

Because the 3w2 is a 3 at their core, they go to apathy in stress. The 3w2 will push themselves so hard that they become exhausted and lose motivation. They feel as if “nothing matters” so they might as well be lazy, indulge, and give up.

This differs from the 2w3 because they won’t seek out comfort. Instead, they take care of everyone else to feel needed.

Enneagram 2w3 VS 3w2
Knowing if you’re a 2w3 VS 3w2 changes your core desire!

Enneagram 2w1 VS 3w4

Because each enneagram type can tap into both wings, it’s important to take them into account when figuring out if you are a 2w3 or a 3w2.

Watch our video describing both of the 2’s wings!

The Enneagram 2w3 Also Has A 1 Wing

Even if you are an enneagram 2 with a dominant 3 wing, you can tap into your 1 wing.

Known as The Servant, your 1 wing makes you quiet, anxious, disciplined, and a perfectionist.

This wing 1 gives you the desire for things to be right. You get deeply upset by the wrongs in the world and want to make sure everyone gets exactly what they deserve.

If you are an enneagram 3 with a 2 wing, this isn’t as common of a desire for you.

Watch this video where we compare the 3w2 to the 3w4

The Enneagram 3w2 Also Has A 4 Wing

As an enneagram 3 with a dominant 2 wing, you can tap into your 4 wing.

Your 4 wing, known as The Professional, makes you artistic, whimsical, and intriguing. There’s a part of you that wants to be seen as different and mysterious.

This wing 4 gives you the desire to be creative. You want to be valued for your creative expression.

If you are an enneagram 2 with a 3 wing, it is much harder for you to tap into this creative and individualistic side of you.

That’s the difference between the 2w3 and the 3w2! Did this blog help you understand the difference between the enneagram 2w3 versus the 3w2? Leave a comment below!

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